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Day 5 lower division results

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Seiro lost in his juryo visit, so Kitaharima on day 1 is the sole lower division winner in the five cross-division bouts, but the lead makushita also got his first loss today, losing to Kamei by a mighty uwatenage. These two losses mean no undefeated rikishi in the juryo promotion zome and a rather open race. Even the sole winless rikishi isn't out of it as lead makushita Kawanari is ranked high enough to stand a good chance with four wins. Wakamisho won against Osunaarashi as the Mongolian was strong enough to withstand the stormy initial attack and then worked the Egyptian slowly out of the dohyo.

JonokuchiJk13w   Morimune (2-0)          sukuinage       Jk12w   Ogata (1-2)Jk9w    Hamagami (1-2)          oshidashi       Jk13e   Shikinokawa (0-3)Jk8e    Kotoseigo (3-0)         sukuinage       Jk10w   Umetsu (2-1)Jk7e    Onosho (2-1)            oshidashi       Jk8w    Shimada (1-2)Jk6w    Ishiura (3-0)           hatakikomi      Jk1w    Miyakojima (2-1)JonidanJd93w   Azumayama (1-2)         yorikiri        Jk2e    Okino (0-3)Jd93e   Takachihonomine (1-2)   oshidashi       Jd91e   Sadaisamu (0-3)Jd92e   Kidai (2-1)             hatakikomi      Jd90e   Yamada (1-2)Jd86w   Hakubizan (3-0)         oshidashi       Jd88w   Komatsu (2-1)Jd87e   Ginseizan (2-1)         yorikiri        Jd85w   Kotofubuki (1-2)Jd85e   Koseki (3-0)            oshidashi       Jd83e   Miyake (2-1)Jd84e   Haruminato (1-2)        oshidashi       Jd81w   Oshio (0-3)Jd80w   Hokuto (3-0)            hatakikomi      Jd79e   Hidano (2-1)Jd77w   Kotonoshima (2-1)       hikiotoshi      Jd80e   Nakano (1-2)Jd75w   Takasaito (3-0)         yoritaoshi      Jd76w   Hisatsukasa (2-1)Jd73e   Masutenryu (2-1)        okuridashi      Jd74w   Naramisugi (1-2)Jd70w   Daigonishiki (3-0)      tsukiotoshi     Jd72e   Imafuku (2-1)Jd68w   Kototaiko (1-2)         oshidashi       Jd71w   Hokutosho (0-3)Jd66w   Kotoyamato (2-1)        oshidashi       Jd69e   Matsuki (1-2)Jd65w   Setonishiki (1-2)       tsukitaoshi     Jd67w   Yoshimura (0-3)Jd63e   Kirimaru (2-1)          hatakikomi      Jd64w   Hokutonami (1-2)Jd60e   Kitanomine (2-1)        okuridashi      Jd61w   Masunoumi (1-2)Jd59e   Hayate (3-0)            tsukiotoshi     Jd61e   Ranbo (2-1)Jd56w   Moriurara (1-2)         yorikiri        Jd57w   Daishohama (0-3)Jd57e   Wakatoohashi (2-1)      oshidashi       Jd55e   Toseima (1-2)Jd52w   Teraofuji (2-1)         oshidashi       Jd53w   Kotomanabe (1-2)Jd51e   Shobimaru (3-0)         yorikiri        Jd52e   Dewataikai (2-1)Jd50e   Hokutoryu (1-2)         yorikiri        Jd48e   Wakayamanaka (0-3)Jd47e   Tokutaiho (3-0)         yorikiri        Jd48w   Kotomyozan (2-1)Jd46e   Hikarugenji (1-2)       okuridashi      Jd44w   Issei (0-3)Jd43e   Hakkairyu (2-1)         sukuinage       Jd42e   Kato (1-2)Jd41e   Koju (1-2)              oshidashi       Jd39w   Fujita (0-3)Jd41w   Kawashita (3-0)         hikkake         Jd36e   Hitenryu (2-1)Jd37e   Dewadaiki (2-1)         oshidashi       Jd35e   Daiyushi (1-2)Jd34w   Hirose (3-0)            uwatenage       Jd33e   Kotomatsuo (2-1)Jd30e   Kotoyoshikane (1-2)     yorikiri        Jd32e   Echizenyama (0-3)Jd31w   Daitenyu (2-1)          hikkake         Jd28w   Okinoiwa (1-2)Jd27w   Azumanami (2-1)         okuridashi      Jd25w   Hazukiyama (1-2)Jd24w   Sato (2-1)              yorikiri        Jd26w   Sharinoumi (1-2)Jd27e   Tsubakifuji (1-2)       abisetaoshi     Jd23e   Azumasho (0-3)Jd20w   Kaneko (2-1)            yorikiri        Jd22w   Itadaki (1-2)Jd21w   Kirizakura (1-2)        okuritaoshi     Jd18w   Oisato (0-3)Jd16w   Tamakaizan (2-1)        hikiotoshi      Jd19e   Hamamiryu (1-2)Jd14w   Amamidake (1-2)         hatakikomi      Jd17w   Juban (0-3)Jd13w   Hakunoryu (3-0)         sukuinage       Jd13e   Hokuyozan (2-1)Jd11w   Kasugaiwa (1-2)         tsukiotoshi     Jd10w   Kotokudo (0-3)Jd8w    Toofuji (2-1)           yoritaoshi      Jd8e    Kanryu (1-2)Jd6e    Daikosei (1-2)          oshidashi       Jd9e    Kozan (0-3)Jd7e    Fukushima (2-1)         yorikiri        Jd5e    Tochitensho (1-2)Jd2w    Chiyohayate (1-2)       okuridashi      Jd3w    Zendaisho (0-3)SandanmeJd1w    Sumanoumi (2-1)         oshidashi       Sd100w  Kototaiki (1-2)Sd100e  Taketoba (1-2)          hatakikomi      Sd99e   Morigaki (0-3)Sd96w   Takatenshu (2-1)        yorikiri        Sd97w   Teraoumi (1-2)Sd96e   Masuryu (1-2)           sukuinage       Sd95e   Daishomune (0-3)Sd94e   Saio (3-0)              oshidashi       Sd93e   Dainin (2-1)Sd89w   Torinzan (1-2)          oshidashi       Sd92e   Terunosato (0-3)Sd90e   Daishodo (3-0)          hikiotoshi      Sd87w   Kotorikuzan (2-1)Sd90w   Shinzan (2-1)           sukuinage       Sd86e   Kirinofuji (1-2)Sd84w   Tosayutaka (3-0)        yorikiri        Sd87e   Suekawa (2-1)Sd82e   Onojo (2-1)             yorikiri        Sd85e   Fujiarashi (1-2)Sd80e   Barikimaru (2-1)        oshidashi       Sd81e   Isenohana (1-2)Sd80w   Daitenpaku (1-2)        oshidashi       Sd77e   Tsugaruumi (0-3)Sd79e   Tokiarashi (2-1)        hikiotoshi      Sd76e   Shunba (1-2)Sd74w   Rikito (2-1)            oshidashi       Sd73w   Satonofuji (1-2)Sd73e   Dangan (2-1)            yorikiri        Sd72e   Hatachijo (1-2)Sd71e   Manazuru (2-1)          yoritaoshi      Sd69w   Takashoma (1-2)Sd68e   Takakasuga (1-2)        tsukiotoshi     Sd70e   Koryuyama (0-3)Sd65w   Yotsugamine (2-1)       okuridashi      Sd67w   Kasugashima (1-2)Sd63w   Obamaumi (1-2)          yorikiri        Sd67e   Arajishi (0-3)Sd65e   Chiyokiryu (2-1)        yorikiri        Sd62e   Asakoki (1-2)Sd59e   Wakahikari (3-0)        sukuinage       Sd62w   Sadanokuni (2-1)Sd56w   Shibahara (2-1)         okuridashi      Sd58e   Hokutotsuru (1-2)Sd55e   Asanojo (1-2)           yorikiri        Sd59w   Isoazuma (0-3)Sd53w   Kakutaiki (2-1)         yorikiri        Sd52w   Gorikiyama (1-2)Sd51e   Hokutogo (1-2)          oshidashi       Sd54w   Nishiyama (0-3)Sd49w   Daichi (2-1)            tsukidashi      Sd48w   Takamiryu (1-2)Sd50e   Wakanofuji (1-2)        yorikiri        Sd47e   Daishokaku (0-3)Sd45e   Masumiura (2-1)         shitatehineri   Sd46e   Uno (1-2)Sd43w   Komanokuni (2-1)        yorikiri        Sd43e   Kotonoshu (1-2)Sd41w   Ogifuji (2-1)           hatakikomi      Sd40e   Daishokai (1-2)Sd39e   Oruri (1-2)             oshidashi       Sd42e   Haruzakura (0-3)Sd36w   Aoimaru (3-0)           yorikiri        Sd36e   Kisenowaka (2-1)Sd34w   Kamiyutaka (1-2)        yorikiri        Sd35w   Hokutowaka (0-3)Sd33e   Tochinoyama (2-1)       oshidashi       Sd32e   Sotenryu (1-2)Sd34e   Goshi (3-0)             oshidashi       Sd30e   Fukunokuni (2-1)Sd28e   Kotodairyu (1-2)        katasukashi     Sd32w   Kainoryu (0-3)Sd24w   Kosei (2-1)             yorikiri        Sd26w   Ota (1-2)Sd23w   Kasugamine (1-2)        hikiotoshi      Sd25w   Kawaraumi (0-3)Sd20w   Daishoiwa (2-1)         okuridashi      Sd23e   Ryusei (1-2)Sd21e   Owaka (1-2)             oshidashi       Sd18w   Watanabe (0-3)Sd19e   Haruhikari (2-1)        katasukashi     Sd17w   Hamaeiko (1-2)Sd16w   Takamisato (3-0)        yorikiri        Sd14e   Ominato (2-1)Sd13e   Sadanohama (2-1)        kimedashi       Sd15e   Azumasato (1-2)Sd14w   Kasuganami (1-2)        oshidashi       Sd10w   Yoshinokuni (0-3)Sd11e   Tokushuzan (2-1)        oshidashi       Sd9w    Kasugaryu (1-2)Sd7e    Torugawa (2-1)          yorikiri        Sd8w    Aiyama (1-2)Sd6e    Kotokuzan (2-1)         oshidashi       Sd5w    Tochihayate (1-2)Sd5e    Miyamaru (3-0)          yorikiri        Sd3e    Migikataagari (2-1)Sd2e    Kisenoyama (2-1)        oshidashi       Sd1e    Daiseiho (1-2)MakushitaMs58e   Tochiminato (1-2)       yorikiri        Sd1w    Daionami (0-3)Ms58w   Daishoryu (2-1)         yorikiri        Ms57e   Tokizakura (1-2)Ms54e   Kotootori (1-2)         hatakikomi      Ms55w   Ikinoshima (0-3)Ms54w   Teraomaru (2-1)         oshidashi       Ms53e   Kaorufuji (1-2)Ms50w   Aonosho (2-1)           oshidashi       Ms52w   Sasayama (1-2)Ms50e   Sasanoyama (2-1)        oshidashi       Ms49e   Daieisho (1-2)Ms48w   Fujinoumi (2-1)         kotenage        Ms46w   Katsunofuji (1-2)Ms45e   Kansei (2-1)            yoritaoshi      Ms45w   Akinokawa (1-2)Ms42w   Amatsu (1-2)            oshidashi       Ms44e   Shiroryu (0-3)Ms41w   Nishikikaze (2-1)       tsukiotoshi     Ms41e   Chiyoshoma (1-2)Ms40w   Kotoeko (2-1)           tsukiotoshi     Ms38w   Matsumoto (1-2)Ms38e   Wakaryusei (2-1)        yoritaoshi      Ms37e   Hokuo (1-2)Ms35w   Asatenmai (2-1)         oshidashi       Ms33w   Inoue (1-2)Ms31w   Kotofukuju (1-2)        uwatenage       Ms36e   Towanoyama (0-3)Ms30w   Kotokobai (1-2)         oshidashi       Ms35e   Ryuo (0-3)Ms30e   Musashiumi (2-1)        oshidashi       Ms29e   Aozora (1-2)Ms28w   Iwasaki (1-2)           hatakikomi      Ms27e   Aisaka (0-3)Ms25e   Maeta (3-0)             hatakikomi      Ms26w   Takageppo (2-1)Ms24e   Toyonokuni (1-2)        oshidashi       Ms22e   Nankairiki (0-3)Ms20w   Wakamisho (3-0)         yorikiri        Ms23e   Osunaarashi (2-1)Ms19w   Takatoshi (1-2)         hikiotoshi      Ms18e   Masunosho (0-3)Ms17e   Higoarashi (3-0)        tsukiotoshi     Ms20e   Dewahayate (2-1)Ms16w   Saishin (2-1)           kotenage        Ms15e   Fukugoriki (1-2)Ms14e   Masakaze (2-1)          yorikiri        Ms13e   Wakanoshima (1-2)Ms10w   Sakaguchi (1-2)         uwatenage       Ms11w   Hokaho (0-3)Ms8e    Kairyu (2-1)            oshidashi       Ms8w    Kotoyutaka (1-2)Ms4e    Chiyoarashi (2-1)       yoritaoshi      Ms2e    Arawashi (1-2)Ms3e    Kotokuni (1-2)          hikkake         Ms1w    Kawanari (0-3)Ms7e    Kamei (3-0)             uwatenage       Ms1e    Kitaharima (2-1)
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