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Superbanzuke Haru 2013

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The Haru Superbanzuke is online. Apart from Salarycap Sumo (which is on the very brink of extinction), all game masters have made a Haru Banzuke available in time.

And we have some breaking news. Three basho ago, he was a lowly Maegashira, then he climbed steadily and entered the Ozeki ranks in Hatsu basho. And now he broke into the phalanx of old gaming geezers Norizo, Doitsuyama, and Randomituski - of course I am talking about Pandaazuma who moves up into the very top spot of the Haru Superbanzuke. Congratulations, Simon! "The only way is up" seemed to be your gaming motto over the last few years. Now we'll see how you will adapt when this saying simply doesn't apply anymore!

Norizo regained the Yokozuna West position.

Hatsu leader Randomitsuki dropped to third place.

Even worse was the fate of Yw Doitsuyama who has his lowest point score in eight years and was overtaken by Frinkanohana.

Andoreasu rounds out the Ozeki, his second stint at this rank (and he sets a new personal points record).

Kitakachiyama debuts in Sekiwake and breaks the 4000 points barrier.

Gonzaburow sets a new points record at M1 (a rank that s/he held twice before).

Oskanohana improves highest rank from M4 to M1, also setting a new points record.

And Pitinosato gets a new career high at M13 (with a points record in tow).

DeRosa, Metzinowaka, and ScreechingOwl were re-promoted to Makuuchi.

Finally, a welcome to shin-Juryo Miruto, kuroimori, and Saruyama.

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