Takanohana-beya will become the first stable ever to have two pairs of twins simultaneously with the introduction of 15-year-olds Tsuyoshi 剛 and Satoshi 賢 Kamiyama 上山. They're from Sakai-machi in Ibaraki and represented their prefecture nationally in basketball, reaching third place. Their 22-year-old sister Eri also used to play soccer in national competitions during high school, so they're from a very sportive family background. No sumo experience for the brothers yet, but their father really wanted them to go into Ozumo and apparently it's been clear for some five years that they'd be taking this path eventually. They've chosen Takanohana-beya (or maybe their father has...) due to his reputation from his active days. Older brother Tsuyoshi (distinguished by a mole near his upper lip) measures 186 cm / 120 kg and "wants to become a sumotori who can win both with technique and with power", while 187 cm / 125 kg Satoshi "wants to do sumo that takes advantage of my height and athleticism". They'll be the sixth pair of twins currently active. Takatoshi, Satoshi, Tsuyoshi, Takageppo: Edit: Do they look like 120 kg to you?
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