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Day 8 results and day 9 pairings, Makuuchi and Juryo

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Both yokozuna won again to keep the yusho race basically unchanged. Takarafuji's declared goal for this year is to reach sanyaku which at first sounded a bit too boastful but considering that his sole make-koshi below makuuchi was a single 3-4 in his first appearance in the makushita joi and his generally sound sumo style it might not be impossible for him. He is off to an excellent start of course, staying one win behind the lead with a good win over Tamawashi today. Harumafuji already is kachi-koshi at 8-0 which should silence his critics after his bad shin-yokozuna basho - at least for now. Kisenosato is the only ozeki at a respectable 6-2 with the other three ozeki and both sekiwake all at 5-3 as Kakuryu lost to Goeido.

Miyabiyama was komusubi as recently as Hatsu 2012, but it was going mainly downhill since then, hitting the low spot with the make-koshi clinching loss from the lowest makuuchi rank. An intai announcement today wouldn't surprise me to say the least.

Juryo leader Oiwato had a nice brawl going with Jokoryu at first but quickly lost when the bout went to the belt, leaving both rikishi at 6-2. Sotairyu and Mongolian Takanoiwa are the only rikishi to join them as the other four pursuers fell to 5-3. Takamisakari had anothe loss against Hochiyama, one of the few rikishi who looked worse than him so far, so it isn't looking good for him either.

Day 8JuryoMs3w    Tochihiryu (4-1)        oshidashi       J12w    Kotoyutaka (2-6)J11w    Hochiyama (2-6)         yorikiri        J12e    Takamisakari (3-5)J10e    Azumaryu (4-4)          uwatenage       J10w    Akiseyama (5-3)J9e     Kyokushuho (5-3)        yorikiri        J13w    Shironoryu (2-6)J11e    Tokushinho (3-5)        kimedashi       J9w     Tanzo (4-4)J8e     Chiyootori (5-3)        yorikiri        J14w    Nionoumi (5-3)J8w     Homarefuji (5-3)        oshidashi       J14e    Kagamio (4-4)J13e    Takanoiwa (6-2)         oshidashi       J7e     Tokushoryu (5-3)J3e     Wakakoyu (3-5)          hatakikomi      J6e     Tenkaiho (4-4)J7w     Yoshiazuma (3-5)        yorikiri        J3w     Satoyama (3-5)J2e     Chiyonokuni (4-4)       uwatenage       J6w     Asasekiryu (2-3-3)J4w     Kimurayama (2-6)        hatakikomi      J2w     Sagatsukasa (5-3)J1e     Jokoryu (6-2)           yorikiri        J5w     Oiwato (6-2)J5e     Takanoyama (4-4)        shitatedashinageJ1w     Daikiho (4-4)MakuuchiJ4e     Sotairyu (6-2)          oshidashi       M16w    Tamaasuka (3-5)M13e    Daido (2-6)             okuridashi      M13w    Asahisho (3-5)M15w    Kotoyuki (3-5)          hikiotoshi      M12e    Sadanofuji (5-3)M14w    Takarafuji (7-1)        oshidashi       M12w    Tamawashi (3-5)M11w    Fujiazuma (4-4)         oshidashi       M16e    Miyabiyama (0-8)M14e    Shotenro (6-2)          sukuinage       M10e    Kitataiki (5-3)M10w    Okinoumi (5-3)          yorikiri        M15e    Tochinowaka (6-2)M11e    Wakanosato (3-5)        tsukihiza       M8w     Chiyotairyu (5-3)M9e     Tokitenku (4-4)         uwatenage       M7w     Masunoyama (2-6)M7e     Takayasu (6-2)          tsukidashi      M6e     Tochinoshin (5-3)M6w     Aoiyama (5-3)           tsukidashi      M9w     Takekaze (2-6)M8e     Yoshikaze (3-5)         hikiotoshi      M5w     Ikioi (3-5)M2w     Kyokutenho (2-6)        sukuinage       M3e     Toyohibiki (0-8)M1w     Myogiryu (4-4)          oshidashi       M4w     Aran (3-5)S1w     Baruto (5-3)            oshidashi       M1e     Aminishiki (3-5)O2e     Kotooshu (5-3)          oshidashi       K1e     Tochiozan (3-5)S1e     Goeido (5-3)            oshidashi       O1w     Kakuryu (5-3)O1e     Kisenosato (6-2)        yorikiri        K1w     Shohozan (2-6)O2w     Kotoshogiku (5-3)       tsukiotoshi     M2e     Toyonoshima (3-5)Y1e     Hakuho (7-1)            uwatenage       M3w     Kaisei (4-4)Y1w     Harumafuji (8-0)        hikiotoshi      M4e     Gagamaru (2-6)
Day 9JuryoJ14w    Nionoumi (5-3)                          J13w    Shironoryu (2-6)J11e    Tokushinho (3-5)                        Ms3e    Nishikigi (2-2)J13e    Takanoiwa (6-2)                         J10w    Akiseyama (5-3)J11w    Hochiyama (2-6)                         J9w     Tanzo (4-4)J9e     Kyokushuho (5-3)                        J12e    Takamisakari (3-5)J12w    Kotoyutaka (2-6)                        J8w     Homarefuji (5-3)J8e     Chiyootori (5-3)                        J14e    Kagamio (4-4)J10e    Azumaryu (4-4)                          J5w     Oiwato (6-2)J6e     Tenkaiho (4-4)                          J4w     Kimurayama (2-6)J4e     Sotairyu (6-2)                          J7w     Yoshiazuma (3-5)J3e     Wakakoyu (3-5)                          J7e     Tokushoryu (5-3)J6w     Asasekiryu (2-3-3)                      J2w     Sagatsukasa (5-3)J2e     Chiyonokuni (4-4)                       J3w     Satoyama (3-5)J1e     Jokoryu (6-2)                           J5e     Takanoyama (4-4)MakuuchiM15e    Tochinowaka (6-2)                       M13w    Asahisho (3-5)M13e    Daido (2-6)                             J1w     Daikiho (4-4)M16e    Miyabiyama (0-8)                        M12w    Tamawashi (3-5)M11e    Wakanosato (3-5)                        M15w    Kotoyuki (3-5)M14e    Shotenro (6-2)                          M10w    Okinoumi (5-3)M9e     Tokitenku (4-4)                         M16w    Tamaasuka (3-5)M14w    Takarafuji (7-1)                        M8w     Chiyotairyu (5-3)M7e     Takayasu (6-2)                          M12e    Sadanofuji (5-3)M11w    Fujiazuma (4-4)                         M6w     Aoiyama (5-3)M6e     Tochinoshin (5-3)                       M10e    Kitataiki (5-3)M7w     Masunoyama (2-6)                        M4w     Aran (3-5)M4e     Gagamaru (2-6)                          M9w     Takekaze (2-6)M3e     Toyohibiki (0-8)                        M8e     Yoshikaze (3-5)M5w     Ikioi (3-5)                             M2w     Kyokutenho (2-6)M1w     Myogiryu (4-4)                          K1w     Shohozan (2-6)K1e     Tochiozan (3-5)                         M1e     Aminishiki (3-5)M3w     Kaisei (4-4)                            O2w     Kotoshogiku (5-3)O2e     Kotooshu (5-3)                          O1w     Kakuryu (5-3)O1e     Kisenosato (6-2)                        M2e     Toyonoshima (3-5)S1e     Goeido (5-3)                            Y1w     Harumafuji (8-0)Y1e     Hakuho (7-1)                            S1w     Baruto (5-3)
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