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Day 4 results and day 5 pairings, Makuuchi and Juryo

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It's going downhill pretty fast for the ozeki group which went a collective 0-4 today, meaning a drop from Kotoshogiku from the leaders and a 2-2 score the other three ozeki. Of course wins from Baruto and Goeido over ozeki hardly are big surprises, and Myogiryu is always good for a win here too leaving Aminishiki aikido mastery against Kakuryu as the biggest surprise. The three remaining maegashira rikishi at 4-0 look quite well so far with Tochinoshin, Tochinowaka and Kitataiki, the latter deploying a well-executed and rarely seen kotehineri against Asahisho.

The juryo lead group quadrupled overnight from two to eight rikishi which still is not that much considering that they are all at a modest 3-1. Takamisakari also is in this group as he is fighting against demotion from the sekitori ranks.

Day 4JuryoJ12e    Takamisakari (3-1)      abisetaoshi     J12w    Kotoyutaka (1-3)J14e    Kagamio (2-2)           yorikiri        J11e    Tokushinho (2-2)J13e    Takanoiwa (3-1)         sukuinage       J11w    Hochiyama (1-3)J14w    Nionoumi (2-2)          oshidashi       J9e     Kyokushuho (2-2)J9w     Tanzo (3-1)             oshitaoshi      J13w    Shironoryu (1-3)J8e     Chiyootori (2-2)        oshitaoshi      J10w    Akiseyama (2-2)J10e    Azumaryu (2-2)          ashitori        J7e     Tokushoryu (3-1)J8w     Homarefuji (3-1)        oshitaoshi      J5e     Takanoyama (2-2)J5w     Oiwato (3-1)            tsukidashi      J7w     Yoshiazuma (0-4)J4e     Sotairyu (2-2)          oshidashi       J6e     Tenkaiho (2-2)J4w     Kimurayama (1-3)        tsukiotoshi     J2e     Chiyonokuni (2-2)J1e     Jokoryu (3-1)           uwatenage       J3e     Wakakoyu (1-3)J1w     Daikiho (2-2)           hatakikomi      J3w     Satoyama (1-3)MakuuchiM15e    Tochinowaka (4-0)       oshidashi       J2w     Sagatsukasa (3-1)M14w    Takarafuji (3-1)        hikiotoshi      M14e    Shotenro (3-1)M13e    Daido (1-3)             hatakikomi      M16e    Miyabiyama (0-4)M16w    Tamaasuka (2-2)         hikiotoshi      M12e    Sadanofuji (2-2)M12w    Tamawashi (2-2)         tsukidashi      M15w    Kotoyuki (1-3)M10e    Kitataiki (4-0)         kotehineri      M13w    Asahisho (1-3)M9e     Tokitenku (1-3)         yorikiri        M11e    Wakanosato (2-2)M8w     Chiyotairyu (3-1)       oshidashi       M11w    Fujiazuma (2-2)M7e     Takayasu (3-1)          tsukiotoshi     M10w    Okinoumi (2-2)M7w     Masunoyama (2-2)        oshidashi       M9w     Takekaze (0-4)M6e     Tochinoshin (4-0)       yorikiri        M8e     Yoshikaze (0-4)M4e     Gagamaru (2-2)          yorikiri        M6w     Aoiyama (3-1)M4w     Aran (1-3)              katasukashi     M3e     Toyohibiki (0-4)M3w     Kaisei (3-1)            yorikiri        M5w     Ikioi (1-3)K1w     Shohozan (1-3)          oshidashi       K1e     Tochiozan (2-2)M1w     Myogiryu (2-2)          hatakikomi      O2e     Kotooshu (2-2)M1e     Aminishiki (2-2)        hatakikomi      O1w     Kakuryu (2-2)S1w     Baruto (2-2)            sukuinage       O1e     Kisenosato (2-2)S1e     Goeido (3-1)            tsukiotoshi     O2w     Kotoshogiku (3-1)Y1e     Hakuho (3-1)            oshidashi       M2e     Toyonoshima (1-3)Y1w     Harumafuji (4-0)        yorikiri        M2w     Kyokutenho (1-3)
Day 5JuryoJ14e    Kagamio (2-2)                           Ms1w    Sadanoumi (1-1)J12w    Kotoyutaka (1-3)                        J11w    Hochiyama (1-3)J11e    Tokushinho (2-2)                        J13w    Shironoryu (1-3)J12e    Takamisakari (3-1)                      J10w    Akiseyama (2-2)J10e    Azumaryu (2-2)                          J14w    Nionoumi (2-2)J9e     Kyokushuho (2-2)                        J13e    Takanoiwa (3-1)J7e     Tokushoryu (3-1)                        J9w     Tanzo (3-1)J6e     Tenkaiho (2-2)                          J8w     Homarefuji (3-1)J8e     Chiyootori (2-2)                        J5w     Oiwato (3-1)J5e     Takanoyama (2-2)                        J7w     Yoshiazuma (0-4)J6w     Asasekiryu (0-1-3)                      J4w     Kimurayama (1-3)J2e     Chiyonokuni (2-2)                       J4e     Sotairyu (2-2)J2w     Sagatsukasa (3-1)                       J1w     Daikiho (2-2)J1e     Jokoryu (3-1)                           J3w     Satoyama (1-3)MakuuchiM16e    Miyabiyama (0-4)                        J3e     Wakakoyu (1-3)M16w    Tamaasuka (2-2)                         M14w    Takarafuji (3-1)M15w    Kotoyuki (1-3)                          M13w    Asahisho (1-3)M14e    Shotenro (3-1)                          M12w    Tamawashi (2-2)M12e    Sadanofuji (2-2)                        M15e    Tochinowaka (4-0)M13e    Daido (1-3)                             M11w    Fujiazuma (2-2)M11e    Wakanosato (2-2)                        M9w     Takekaze (0-4)M8e     Yoshikaze (0-4)                         M10w    Okinoumi (2-2)M10e    Kitataiki (4-0)                         M7w     Masunoyama (2-2)M7e     Takayasu (3-1)                          M8w     Chiyotairyu (3-1)M6e     Tochinoshin (4-0)                       M9e     Tokitenku (1-3)M6w     Aoiyama (3-1)                           M5w     Ikioi (1-3)M4e     Gagamaru (2-2)                          M3w     Kaisei (3-1)M4w     Aran (1-3)                              M2w     Kyokutenho (1-3)K1w     Shohozan (1-3)                          S1w     Baruto (2-2)M1e     Aminishiki (2-2)                        O2w     Kotoshogiku (3-1)O2e     Kotooshu (2-2)                          S1e     Goeido (3-1)M2e     Toyonoshima (1-3)                       O1w     Kakuryu (2-2)O1e     Kisenosato (2-2)                        M1w     Myogiryu (2-2)M3e     Toyohibiki (0-4)                        Y1w     Harumafuji (4-0)Y1e     Hakuho (3-1)                            K1e     Tochiozan (2-2)
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