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勝 Katsu

Temporary Request RE: Forum members actually in Japan

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Would like to hear from you pm or at my yahoo address (wachwurd@)

RE: Info job opportunities

As I may've mentioned, I've been teaching ESL English in Baydjing for 6 years.

Of course the obvious choice is to find a school that wants foreign teachers

(and is willing to pay more for ESL experience)

However, I was actually hoping I might make some kind of arrangement with the Kyokai

and get those wrestlers some 'nglish lurnin'!

My prefered option, if anyone has contacts, is Ise Jingu or another

large Shinto shrine might like to have an in-house English teacher. ;)


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I'm sure a letter sent to both of the above will reap multiple rewards.

Tried that. Ise Jingu is unreachable and the Kyokai has a faulty contact form on their site. :(

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