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Day 14 results and day 15 pairings, Makuuchi and Juryo

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Harumafuji clearly beat Kakuryu for his 30th consecutive win and only Hakuho's following up hatakikomi win over Kisenosato kept a modicum of suspense on a now very likely ride to yokozunahood for the Mongolian with the equestrian shikona. If the incumbent yokozuna manages to beat Harumafuji twice tomorrow and Harumafuji still gets the promotion, this would be the first time without two consecutive yusho since Onokuni's promotion in 1987.

Takanoyama fell to make-koshi at last, becoming the second demotee after Sadanofuji with a lot of candidates getting wins today. Chiyotairyu lost though and is up in against Kimurayama in a must-win bout for both of them. Possible fourth and fifth demotions could be Takarafuji and Tenkaiho who must win tomorrow. If they do win it's time for some tough decisions though. Takarafuji's opponent Chiyonokuni is a nice match-up as he can justifiably stay in juryo with nine wins, but the other four promotion candidates do have good enough records already.

Ikioi and Jokoryu were the only winners among the four leaders as Kotoyutaka and Yoshiazuma stayed in the yusho race, catching their aite Tamawashi and Chiyonokuni. Kotoyuki also has a small chance to get into a kettei-sen as he stayed one win behind the leaders. If both leaders lose tomorrow, the kettei-sen will be no earlier than after four makuuchi bouts. Well, if both leaders win the kettei-sen will be after the first makuuchi bout, giving Ikioi a pretty big advantage in recovery time from the regular bout.

Daikiho was the sole juryo rikishi clinching kachi-koshi today (drawing possibly the easiest opponent with not-right Kimikaze) as the other five candidates all lost (shin-sekitori Tanzo even suffering his fifth failed attempt at kachi-koshi), giving us a throng of eight 7-7 rikishi with only one pairing between two of those.

Day 14


J9w Daikiho (8-6) okuridashi J13w Kimikaze (3-11)

J8w Kitaharima (6-8) oshidashi J9e Hochiyama (7-7)

J6e Oiwato (5-9) hatakikomi J14w Oniarashi (2-12)

J6w Kotoyuki (9-5) okuridashi J7w Nionoumi (6-8)

J5e Chiyootori (7-7) shitatenage J12w Tokushinho (6-8)

J5w Sotairyu (6-8) oshidashi J14e Arawashi (5-9)

J4e Tamaasuka (7-7) yoritaoshi J11w Tanzo (7-7)

J4w Tokushoryu (7-7) oshidashi J8e Takamisakari (7-7)

J3w Jokoryu (10-4) kotenage J10e Takanoiwa (7-7)

J10w Kotoyutaka (9-5) yorikiri J2e Tamawashi (9-5)

J1e Ikioi (10-4) uwatenage J7e Sagatsukasa (7-7)

J1w Yoshiazuma (9-5) okuritaoshi J3e Chiyonokuni (9-5)


M15w Sadanofuji (4-10) hikiotoshi J2w Tochinowaka (4-10)

M14w Kimurayama (6-8) oshidashi M13e Asasekiryu (7-7)

M12w Takarafuji (5-9) oshitaoshi M14e Asahisho (8-6)

M11w Wakanosato (7-7) yorikiri M11e Kyokutenho (10-4)

M15e Fujiazuma (7-7) yorikiri M10w Wakakoyu (6-8)

M9e Kitataiki (5-9) sotogake M16e Takanoyama (6-8)

M8e Daido (7-7) uwatenage M13w Tenkaiho (5-9)

M8w Okinoumi (10-4) yorikiri M12e Chiyotairyu (5-9)

M10e Yoshikaze (7-7) oshidashi M6e Tokitenku (5-9)

M4e Aminishiki (9-5) yorikiri M9w Takayasu (10-4)

M3w Toyonoshima (6-8) oshidashi M7e Miyabiyama (5-9)

M2e Aran (3-11) yorikiri M7w Shotenro (5-9)

M1e Shohozan (6-8) tsukiotoshi M2w Gagamaru (4-10)

M1w Kaisei (7-7) yoritaoshi M6w Masunoyama (7-7)

K1e Aoiyama (4-10) tsukitaoshi M3e Homasho (8-6)

K1w Tochinoshin (5-9) hatakikomi M4w Toyohibiki (6-8)

S1e Myogiryu (10-4) okuridashi M5w Takekaze (7-7)

M5e Tochiozan (9-5) okuridashi S1w Goeido (7-7)

O1e Harumafuji (14-0) yorikiri O3w Kakuryu (10-4)

Y1e Hakuho (13-1) hatakikomi O1w Kisenosato (10-4)

Day 15


J14e Arawashi (5-9) Ms5w Akiseyama (5-1)

J14w Oniarashi (2-12) J13w Kimikaze (3-11)

Ms4e Tochiyashiki (3-3) J12w Tokushinho (6-8)

J9e Hochiyama (7-7) J7w Nionoumi (6-8)

J6e Oiwato (5-9) J7e Sagatsukasa (7-7)

J5e Chiyootori (7-7) J8w Kitaharima (6-8)

J6w Kotoyuki (9-5) J4w Tokushoryu (7-7)

J4e Tamaasuka (7-7) J8e Takamisakari (7-7)

J10e Takanoiwa (7-7) J2w Tochinowaka (4-10)

J2e Tamawashi (9-5) J11w Tanzo (7-7)

J9w Daikiho (8-6) J1w Yoshiazuma (9-5)

J1e Ikioi (10-4) J10w Kotoyutaka (9-5)


M16e Takanoyama (6-8) J3w Jokoryu (10-4)

J5w Sotairyu (6-8) M15w Sadanofuji (4-10)

M13e Asasekiryu (7-7) M14e Asahisho (8-6)

J3e Chiyonokuni (9-5) M12w Takarafuji (5-9)

M12e Chiyotairyu (5-9) M14w Kimurayama (6-8)

M15e Fujiazuma (7-7) M11w Wakanosato (7-7)

M10e Yoshikaze (7-7) M13w Tenkaiho (5-9)

M9w Takayasu (10-4) M6w Masunoyama (7-7)

M10w Wakakoyu (6-8) M5w Takekaze (7-7)

M5e Tochiozan (9-5) M8w Okinoumi (10-4)

M8e Daido (7-7) M4w Toyohibiki (6-8)

M7w Shotenro (5-9) M2w Gagamaru (4-10)

M2e Aran (3-11) M9e Kitataiki (5-9)

M3e Homasho (8-6) M1w Kaisei (7-7)

M1e Shohozan (6-8) M3w Toyonoshima (6-8)

M7e Miyabiyama (5-9) K1w Tochinoshin (5-9)

K1e Aoiyama (4-10) M6e Tokitenku (5-9)

M11e Kyokutenho (10-4) S1w Goeido (7-7)

S1e Myogiryu (10-4) M4e Aminishiki (9-5)

O3w Kakuryu (10-4) O1w Kisenosato (10-4)

Y1e Hakuho (13-1) O1e Harumafuji (14-0)

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Here's a nice query for all yokozuna promotions since 1909.

Interesting to note that in the last 30 years only Takanohana and Takanosato were able to claim the yusho in their first basho wearing the tsuna. (With Takanosato being the first since Futabayama to do it zensho style.)

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