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Day 11 results and day 12 pairings, Makuuchi and Juryo

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Harumafuji stayed undefeated after surviving a strong counter attack from Okinoumi, resulting in a close call as both fell from the dohyo at the same time. But the yokozuna candidate made the better effort to stay up as long as possible, according to a mono-ii which confirmed the gyoji's decision. Hakuho had a safe win today to stay close, along with Kyokutenho who showed a good bout against Homasho to move to 10-1. Kisenosato was too lethargic against a speedy Aminishiki and deservedly lost, falling back into a group with Kakuryu and Takayasu at 9-2.

Myogiryu is kachi-koshi already while both komusubi are make-koshi with Tochinoshin following his heyamate Aoiyama with a loss today. Goeido is the only undecided sanyaku by now but his chance for kachi-koshi is good at 6-5 and only Harumafuji is left for hime above M3. Kaisei and Homasho are doing best among the joi-jin and may well achieve kachi-koshi to claim a komusubi slot. Below them Aminishiki, Tochiozan or Takekaze look ready to step in if needed.

The sole juryo leader Tamawashi had a good start against Takamisakari but to his visible dismay the veteran managed to turn the bout with his own sumo. Ikioi, Chiyonokuni and Jokoryu capitalized on the opportunity to get a share of the lead at 8-3, all four seemingly bound for makuuchi next basho. Hochiyama was the only other rikishi to improve to 7-4, while Tanzo and Satoyama stayed one win back with their losses.

Day 11


Ms2w Masakaze (3-3) yoritaoshi J14w Oniarashi (2-9)

J8w Kitaharima (4-7) oshidashi J13e Satoyama (7-4)

J14e Arawashi (4-7) yoritaoshi J7e Sagatsukasa (6-5)

J6e Oiwato (4-7) hikiotoshi J13w Kimikaze (2-9)

J9e Hochiyama (7-4) tsukiotoshi J5w Sotairyu (4-7)

J5e Chiyootori (5-6) oshidashi J10w Kotoyutaka (6-5)

J9w Daikiho (6-5) oshidashi J4w Tokushoryu (5-6)

J4e Tamaasuka (6-5) oshidashi J12w Tokushinho (6-5)

J3w Jokoryu (8-3) tsukidashi J7w Nionoumi (4-7)

J3e Chiyonokuni (8-3) tsukitaoshi J10e Takanoiwa (5-6)

J6w Kotoyuki (6-5) oshidashi J2w Tochinowaka (2-9)

J8e Takamisakari (7-4) hikiotoshi J2e Tamawashi (8-3)

J1e Ikioi (8-3) yorikiri J11w Tanzo (7-4)


J1w Yoshiazuma (6-5) oshidashi M14w Kimurayama (5-6)

M16e Takanoyama (4-7) kakenage M12w Takarafuji (3-8)

M11w Wakanosato (5-6) hatakikomi M15w Sadanofuji (3-8)

M10w Wakakoyu (5-6) yorikiri M13e Asasekiryu (5-6)

M13w Tenkaiho (3-8) yorikiri M9e Kitataiki (3-8)

M7w Shotenro (4-7) tsukidashi M15e Fujiazuma (4-7)

M10e Yoshikaze (6-5) yorikiri M7e Miyabiyama (4-7)

M6w Masunoyama (6-5) yorikiri M12e Chiyotairyu (5-6)

M6e Tokitenku (5-6) yoritaoshi M8e Daido (4-7)

M5w Takekaze (7-4) hikiotoshi M14e Asahisho (6-5)

M9w Takayasu (9-2) uwatenage M4w Toyohibiki (5-6)

M11e Kyokutenho (10-1) hatakikomi M3e Homasho (6-5)

M2e Aran (2-9) hatakikomi M3w Toyonoshima (3-8)

M1e Shohozan (3-8) oshidashi K1w Tochinoshin (3-8)

K1e Aoiyama (3-8) yorikiri M2w Gagamaru (3-8)

S1e Myogiryu (8-3) oshidashi M5e Tochiozan (7-4)

O1e Harumafuji (11-0) uwatenage M8w Okinoumi (8-3)

O3w Kakuryu (9-2) uwatenage M1w Kaisei (5-6)

M4e Aminishiki (8-3) yorikiri O1w Kisenosato (9-2)

Y1e Hakuho (10-1) yorikiri S1w Goeido (6-5)

Day 12


J14e Arawashi (4-7) Ms5e Azumaryu (4-2)

J14w Oniarashi (2-9) J7w Nionoumi (4-7)

J6e Oiwato (4-7) J8w Kitaharima (4-7)

J12w Tokushinho (6-5) J6w Kotoyuki (6-5)

J5e Chiyootori (5-6) J10e Takanoiwa (5-6)

J9w Daikiho (6-5) J5w Sotairyu (4-7)

J4e Tamaasuka (6-5) J10w Kotoyutaka (6-5)

J13e Satoyama (7-4) J4w Tokushoryu (5-6)

J3e Chiyonokuni (8-3) J9e Hochiyama (7-4)

J11w Tanzo (7-4) J3w Jokoryu (8-3)

J13w Kimikaze (2-9) J2w Tochinowaka (2-9)

J1e Ikioi (8-3) J8e Takamisakari (7-4)

J7e Sagatsukasa (6-5) J1w Yoshiazuma (6-5)


M15e Fujiazuma (4-7) M15w Sadanofuji (3-8)

J2e Tamawashi (8-3) M13w Tenkaiho (3-8)

M10e Yoshikaze (6-5) M16e Takanoyama (4-7)

M12e Chiyotairyu (5-6) M10w Wakakoyu (5-6)

M11e Kyokutenho (10-1) M9w Takayasu (9-2)

M8e Daido (4-7) M14w Kimurayama (5-6)

M14e Asahisho (6-5) M8w Okinoumi (8-3)

M7e Miyabiyama (4-7) M12w Takarafuji (3-8)

M9e Kitataiki (3-8) M7w Shotenro (4-7)

M6e Tokitenku (5-6) M11w Wakanosato (5-6)

M13e Asasekiryu (5-6) M6w Masunoyama (6-5)

M3e Homasho (6-5) M4e Aminishiki (8-3)

M1e Shohozan (3-8) M2e Aran (2-9)

M5w Takekaze (7-4) M1w Kaisei (5-6)

K1e Aoiyama (3-8) M3w Toyonoshima (3-8)

M2w Gagamaru (3-8) K1w Tochinoshin (3-8)

M4w Toyohibiki (5-6) O1w Kisenosato (9-2)

O1e Harumafuji (11-0) S1w Goeido (6-5)

M5e Tochiozan (7-4) O3w Kakuryu (9-2)

Y1e Hakuho (10-1) S1e Myogiryu (8-3)

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Well done for Takamisakari... I really like how in a basho were everyone considered him as intai-bound, he managed to actually do good, and even play a part in the yusho race :-)

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