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Day 10 results and day 11 pairings, Makuuchi and Juryo

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Harumafuji suddenly is the sole makuuchi leader at 10-0 with a shitatenage win over Takayasu as Kyokutenho put up a good fight against Kakuryu but was outclassed in the end while Hakuho got unceremoniously slapped down by Tochiozan. Ozeki Kisenosato beat Goeido rather quickly and is the only pursuer to stay one win behind Harumafuji as Okinoumi was out of his league against Aminishiki and didn't look like a serious threat for Harumafuji tomorrow.

Tamawashi is the sole juryo leader now as he managed to fend off the initial attack from co-leader Jokoryu and turn the bout around to win with yoritaoshi. Tanzo also fell from the lead with a nichonage loss to Chiyonokuni. The other two pursuers Ikioi and Satoyama also won to stay in the yusho race with five more rikishi at 6-4, among them Takamisakari.

Day 10


Ms5w Akiseyama (5-1) shitatedashinageJ13w Kimikaze (2-8)

J8e Takamisakari (6-4) hikiotoshi J10e Takanoiwa (5-5)

J7e Sagatsukasa (6-4) hatakikomi J14w Oniarashi (2-8)

J14e Arawashi (3-7) ketaguri J7w Nionoumi (4-6)

J9e Hochiyama (6-4) uwatenage J6e Oiwato (3-7)

J13e Satoyama (7-3) shitatenage J5e Chiyootori (4-6)

J12w Tokushinho (6-4) kimedashi J5w Sotairyu (4-6)

J4e Tamaasuka (5-5) hikiotoshi J8w Kitaharima (3-7)

J10w Kotoyutaka (6-4) uwatenage J4w Tokushoryu (5-5)

J3e Chiyonokuni (7-3) nichonage J11w Tanzo (7-3)

J2e Tamawashi (8-2) yoritaoshi J3w Jokoryu (7-3)

J2w Tochinowaka (2-8) yoritaoshi J9w Daikiho (5-5)

J6w Kotoyuki (5-5) tsukidashi J1w Yoshiazuma (5-5)


J1e Ikioi (7-3) uwatenage M15w Sadanofuji (3-7)

M14w Kimurayama (5-5) oshidashi M12w Takarafuji (3-7)

M10w Wakakoyu (4-6) hikiotoshi M11w Wakanosato (4-6)

M9e Kitataiki (3-7) uwatenage M15e Fujiazuma (4-6)

M8e Daido (4-6) kotenage M16e Takanoyama (3-7)

M13e Asasekiryu (5-5) yorikiri M7e Miyabiyama (4-6)

M7w Shotenro (3-7) kimetaoshi M13w Tenkaiho (2-8)

M6w Masunoyama (5-5) hikiotoshi M14e Asahisho (6-4)

M5w Takekaze (6-4) yorikiri M12e Chiyotairyu (5-5)

M4e Aminishiki (7-3) hatakikomi M8w Okinoumi (8-2)

M3e Homasho (6-4) yorikiri M10e Yoshikaze (5-5)

M6e Tokitenku (4-6) yorikiri M2e Aran (1-9)

M3w Toyonoshima (3-7) katasukashi M2w Gagamaru (3-7)

M1w Kaisei (5-5) oshidashi M4w Toyohibiki (5-5)

K1e Aoiyama (2-8) hatakikomi M1e Shohozan (2-8)

K1w Tochinoshin (3-7) yoritaoshi S1e Myogiryu (7-3)

O3w Kakuryu (8-2) tsuridashi M11e Kyokutenho (9-1)

O1w Kisenosato (9-1) sukuinage S1w Goeido (6-4)

O1e Harumafuji (10-0) shitatenage M9w Takayasu (8-2)

M5e Tochiozan (7-3) hatakikomi Y1e Hakuho (9-1)

Day 11


Ms2w Masakaze (2-3) J14w Oniarashi (2-8)

J13e Satoyama (7-3) J8w Kitaharima (3-7)

J7e Sagatsukasa (6-4) J14e Arawashi (3-7)

J6e Oiwato (3-7) J13w Kimikaze (2-8)

J9e Hochiyama (6-4) J5w Sotairyu (4-6)

J5e Chiyootori (4-6) J10w Kotoyutaka (6-4)

J9w Daikiho (5-5) J4w Tokushoryu (5-5)

J4e Tamaasuka (5-5) J12w Tokushinho (6-4)

J7w Nionoumi (4-6) J3w Jokoryu (7-3)

J3e Chiyonokuni (7-3) J10e Takanoiwa (5-5)

J6w Kotoyuki (5-5) J2w Tochinowaka (2-8)

J2e Tamawashi (8-2) J8e Takamisakari (6-4)

J1e Ikioi (7-3) J11w Tanzo (7-3)


J1w Yoshiazuma (5-5) M14w Kimurayama (5-5)

M16e Takanoyama (3-7) M12w Takarafuji (3-7)

M15w Sadanofuji (3-7) M11w Wakanosato (4-6)

M13e Asasekiryu (5-5) M10w Wakakoyu (4-6)

M9e Kitataiki (3-7) M13w Tenkaiho (2-8)

M15e Fujiazuma (4-6) M7w Shotenro (3-7)

M7e Miyabiyama (4-6) M10e Yoshikaze (5-5)

M12e Chiyotairyu (5-5) M6w Masunoyama (5-5)

M6e Tokitenku (4-6) M8e Daido (4-6)

M14e Asahisho (6-4) M5w Takekaze (6-4)

M9w Takayasu (8-2) M4w Toyohibiki (5-5)

M3e Homasho (6-4) M11e Kyokutenho (9-1)

M2e Aran (1-9) M3w Toyonoshima (3-7)

M1e Shohozan (2-8) K1w Tochinoshin (3-7)

K1e Aoiyama (2-8) M2w Gagamaru (3-7)

S1e Myogiryu (7-3) M5e Tochiozan (7-3)

O1e Harumafuji (10-0) M8w Okinoumi (8-2)

M1w Kaisei (5-5) O3w Kakuryu (8-2)

M4e Aminishiki (7-3) O1w Kisenosato (9-1)

Y1e Hakuho (9-1) S1w Goeido (6-4)

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Would be fun if Robo had a makuuchi return or even a visit.

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I forget if and how it might be possible to use the database for checking on winning streaks. Where is Harumafuji standing historically, would be the question.

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The short answer: It isn't easily possible. Long answer: Just check all zensho yusho and make tabs of the longest streaks (you are certain to get everything with at least 29 wins). Actually, I believe Asashosakari already did that? If we find this thread it could be updated now.

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I probably did that at some point, but I don't think I posted anything since win-streak tables are available in lots of places. Or at least used to; my favourite one (at Yubi's old site) is no longer there.

I don't seem to have a list ready in my local trivia folder either, unfortunately. I did find this rather odd bit of trivia while searching... Hakuho's Natsu streak ended up running to 34 wins, and afterwards he also posted an Aki streak of 35 and a Haru streak of 38 (if we ignore the lack of a 2011 basho). He also had a streak of 29 at Nagoya.

BTW, while looking at zensho yusho just now I noticed that the none of the big four have the complete set, and oddly enough each of them is missing exactly one basho and each a different one (Hatsu for Hakuho, Natsu for Chiyonofuji, Nagoya for Taiho, Kyushu for Kitanoumi).

Edited by Asashosakari

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none of the big four have the complete set,

Career Zensho grand slam? That brings up other ideas, like career yusho grand slam, single year yusho grand slam, single year zensho grand slam(no one yet in the modern era)

Edited by Gusoyama

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Where is Harumafuji standing historically, would be the question.

I think you're talking about the regular winning streaks, where Harumafuji is at 26. Most of the Dai-Yokozunas had longer streaks: Hak, Asa, Takanohana. But not Akebono, Musa, Wakanohana had not.

But if he never gets Y promotion, he will likely be on top of the list of winning streaks for Ozeki (never being Yokuzuna). He may be already on top for Ozeki winning streaks.

In any case, it smells like history what Harumafuji is doing.

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Career yusho grand slam(Winning yusho in Makuuchi in all 6 bashos over their career)









Takanohana III(only won ONCE in Kyushu)



Single Year yusho grand slam:(Winning all 6 bashos in a single calendar year)


Non-Calendar Year yusho grand slam: (Winning 6 consecutive bashos, not in a single calendar year)




Career Zensho Grand Slam: (15-0 in each of the 6 bashos)


Asashoryu missed Nagoya and Aki

Chiyonofuji missed Natsu

Hakuho is missing Hatsu

Kitanoumi missed Kyushu

Taiho missed Nagoya

Takanohana only zensho-ed in Aki and Kyushu

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Good to see Homasho going for kachikoshi in the meatgrinder again. His overcautious attitude could have cost him a win today, but he nailed it. Kaisei also has a chance, but should take a look at his schedule.

The lowpoint of the day was Takayasu. He was having a good basho, with some lucky wins and other good ones, and now this. Another man down likely, but hopefully he can recover well.

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