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Hoshitori Game Nagoya 2012

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Another hoshitori game is in the books with the last day of Nagoya 2012 and it was a close finish as Kaiomitsuki stayed only in first place because of the yusho bonus for Harumafuji, and it's a deserved yusho as the Frenchman was one of only three players to put the Mongolian yusho winner on 12 points.

Osakanohana stayed in second place though which was just the place he needed to clinch yokozuna promotion in his short, but stellar hoshitori career, congrats! One of the kadoban ozeki got demoted, with no sekiwake getting close to an ozeki promotion.

The Aki banzuke shows that ozeki Meyeryu will be in the same position like Oskanohana this basho (but any 14-1 would be enough for the Meyer has he already got a jun-yusho). Also, all five sekiwake east need just the minimum score to get the ozeki promotion with Takanorappa leading the field with two consecutive 14-1.

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