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Day 14 lower division results

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There were two more juryo visits today with Shironoryu falling to make-koshi and Higonojo clinching kachi-koshi against Masuraumi and getting closer to the promised land from his current career high rank. Immediate promotion is rather unlikely as #7 in the promotion line behind Yamaguchi, Kotoyutaka, Kei, Terashita (all sure promotions), Satoyama and Arawashi. But he may still get very lucky as four demotions from juryo are pretty sure with Takanoiwa and Masakaze having tough opponents in must win bouts tomorrow. Additionally, the two kyujo Hokutokuni and Kyokushuho may get demoted.

In other makushita news Tochiyashiki clinched kachi-koshi and will enter the promotion zone for the first time next basho. Akiseyama had a good basho, getting six wins for the first time since Hatsu 2011 (including a couple of juryo basho...). Tatsu finished with a win over Seiro, getting a second consecutive 5-2 score. Other notable rikishi clinching kachi-koshi today are Saishin, Irie, Hokaho, Takatoshi and Kyokutaisei (after a 0-3 start). A new makushita next basho will be 20-year-old Aiyama from Kitanoumi-beya with the win today, giving him the 4-3 he needed.


Jk17w Tsubomi (4-3) oshidashi Jk15w Azumayama (3-4)

Jk19w Komatsu (3-4) yorikiri Jk13e Okino (2-5)

Jk11w Fujita (4-3) oshidashi Jk10w Haruminato (3-4)

Jk9w Kotomanabe (4-3) yorikiri Jk11e Sadanohana (3-4)

Jk6e Daishohama (3-5) yoritaoshi Jk14e Rikiyushi (2-5)

Jk7w Sunaga (4-3) yorikiri Jk2w Kotoomura (3-4)


Jd101w Daikoyama (4-3) yoritaoshi Jd102w Yamada (3-4)

Jd100w Tomiyama (4-3) oshidashi Jd99e Azumahana (3-4)

Jd102e Tamashinzan (5-2) shitatenage Jd97e Oseumi (4-3)

Jd91e Yamamoto (4-3) yorikiri Jd98e Koseki (3-4)

Jd89e Kotokojima (4-3) tsukitaoshi Jd93e Naramisugi (3-4)

Jd87w Amanowaka (4-3) oshidashi Jd90e Hyugaryu (3-4)

Jd87e Komatensho (6-1) yorikiri Jd92e Kisenishiki (5-2)

Jd78w Sadanosato (5-2) yorikiri Jd80e Hayate (4-3)

Jd79w Yato (4-3) sukuinage Jd77w Goto (3-4)

Jd71e Hakubizan (3-4) yorikiri Jd81w Yoshida (2-5)

Jd76w Tsugarunada (4-3) abisetaoshi Jd68e Sakaguchiyama (3-4)

Jd75w Wakahizen (4-3) okuridashi Jd66e Hasegawa (3-4)

Jd68w Miyake (3-4) uwatenage Jd64w Okunidake (2-5)

Jd76e Fukushima (6-1) yoritaoshi Jd62w Tokunoumi (5-2)

Jd63e Tsugaruumi (4-3) katasukashi Jd59w Wakagenji (3-4)

Jd56e Kumao (6-1) oshitaoshi Jd61e Oisato (5-2)

Jd53e Hamaazuma (5-2) tsukiotoshi Jd62e Masukoma (4-3)

Jd54e Wakayamada (5-2) oshidashi Jd52e Hoshikabuto (4-3)

Jd49e Kumamoto (4-3) yorikiri Jd53w Fujihisashi (3-4)

Jd44w Chikarayama (4-3) hatakikomi Jd45w Kitasatsuma (3-4)

Jd43e Kototora (3-4) kotenage Jd41e Kai (2-5)

Jd43w Hakkairyu (4-3) yorikiri Jd39e Tamaisshin (3-4)

Jd38w Gojinryu (4-3) yorikiri Jd36w Kotohayato (3-4)

Jd35e Zendaisho (4-3) yorikiri Jd33e Ishihara (3-4)

Jd26e Daigonishiki (3-4) hikiotoshi Jd31e Hazukiyama (2-5)

Jd25e Tanno (3-4) oshidashi Jd34e Kozan (2-5)

Jd28w Daitenyu (4-3) uwatehineri Jd22w Hayashi (3-4)

Jd17w Daika (4-3) yorikiri Jd22e Nioyama (3-4)

Jd17e Kirizakura (4-3) oshidashi Jd19w Hanakaze (3-4)

Jd14w Kyokuryuo (5-2) uwatenage Jd18w Kakutaiki (4-3)

Jd14e Onojo (4-3) uwatenage Jd12w Asanojo (3-4)

Jd8e Kosenho (4-3) yoritaoshi Jd11e Yamaryu (3-4)

Jd10w Okuniyama (3-4) yorikiri Jd5w Hoonami (2-5)

Jd6w Asakoki (4-3) oshidashi Jd2e Kasuganami (3-4)


Sd98e Daichi (5-2) tsukiotoshi Jd1w Higonoryu (4-3)

Sd94w Daishomune (3-4) shitatenage Sd99w Terunosato (2-5)

Sd94e Koshinonami (4-3) yorikiri Sd96e Shinzan (3-4)

Sd88e Daijo (4-3) oshidashi Sd87w Fukamiyama (3-4)

Sd86e Hayabusa (3-4) yoritaoshi Sd90e Hamamiryu (2-5)

Sd84e Daishoko (3-4) tsukiotoshi Sd78e Hatachijo (2-5)

Sd80e Kasugashima (2-5) tsukiotoshi Sd76e Tosa (1-6)

Sd81w Kiritora (6-1) oshidashi Sd74w Takatenshu (5-2)

Sd77e Kainoryu (4-3) oshidashi Sd72w Kaisho (3-4)

Sd76w Koriyama (4-3) sukuinage Sd72e Gonoumi (3-4)

Sd71w Isenohana (5-2) uwatehineri Sd67w Sadanishiki (4-3)

Sd59e Teraosho (4-3) oshidashi Sd60w Nishiyama (3-4)

Sd55w Daishonada (3-4) yorikiri Sd60e Hokutogo (2-5)

Sd61e Sumanoumi (2-5) yorikiri Sd54e Naniwaryu (1-6)

Sd54w Wakahikari (3-4) yoritaoshi Sd52w Akatsuki (2-5)

Sd56w Kototsubasa (4-3) hatakikomi Sd49w Hamaminato (3-4)

Sd49e Daishoei (4-3) tsukidashi Sd56e Kawaraumi (3-4)

Sd47w Maenofuji (4-3) oshidashi Sd44w Daishowaka (3-4)

Sd42e Hanasegawa (3-4) oshidashi Sd42w Ryuseio (2-5)

Sd38e Daigoyama (4-3) yorikiri Sd43w Hokutowaka (3-4)

Sd37e Takamisato (4-3) hatakikomi Sd35e Isamizuki (3-4)

Sd32w Obamaumi (3-4) hatakikomi Sd41e Yoshifuji (2-5)

Sd27e Hatogasaki (3-4) uwatedashinage Sd32e Tenroku (2-5)

Sd23e Miyamaru (6-1) yorikiri Sd33w Chiyoraizan (5-2)

Sd26e Gorikiyama (4-3) yorikiri Sd20w Goshi (3-4)

Sd16e Kaorufuji (4-3) oshidashi Sd19e Hokuoryu (3-4)

Sd14w Hakunishiki (2-5) hikiotoshi Sd16w Fujinohana (1-6)

Sd12w Yamashita (6-1) oshitaoshi Sd17w Tokizakura (5-2)

Sd8w Torugawa (4-3) fusen Sd7w Inoue (3-4)

Sd7e Aiyama (4-3) yorikiri Sd4e Kotokawazu (3-4)

Sd3e Daishoryu (3-4) hatakikomi Sd6e Shibahara (2-5)


Ms59e Notoazuma (4-3) oshidashi Ms60w Okoryu (3-4)

Ms57w Takatoshi (4-3) oshidashi Ms55e Kotokino (3-4)

Ms51e Onami (3-4) oshidashi Ms48w Chiyoshoma (2-5)

Ms48e Kyokutaisei (4-3) oshidashi Ms53e Chiyosakae (3-3)

Ms45w Kansei (3-4) oshidashi Ms49e Hitachigo (2-5)

Ms44w Hokaho (4-3) hatakikomi Ms41w Amatsu (3-4)

Ms39e Hokkairyu (5-2) hatakikomi Ms37e Ryuo (4-3)

Ms41e Asatenmai (6-1) oshidashi Ms34w Musashiumi (5-2)

Ms38e Buseizan (4-3) oshidashi Ms31w Akinokawa (3-4)

Ms29e Hishofuji (2-5) yoritaoshi Ms32w Maeshinpu (1-6)

Ms30w Irie (4-3) oshidashi Ms24w Tenichi (3-4)

Ms24e Kotokuni (4-3) oshidashi Ms23w Hakiai (3-4)

Ms22e Matsumoto (2-5) hatakikomi Ms26w Wakakeisho (1-6)

Ms17w Saishin (4-3) yorikiri Ms21w Aozora (3-4)

Ms16e Sakigake (4-3) sukuinage Ms15e Wakamisho (3-4)

Ms19w Tatsu (5-2) yorikiri Ms13w Seiro (4-3)

Ms13e Akiseyama (6-1) yoritaoshi Ms10w Tochihiryu (5-2)

Ms9w Kaonishiki (4-3) tsukiotoshi Ms8w Ryuden (3-4)

Ms6e Tochiyashiki (4-3) oshidashi Ms7e Kagamio (3-4)

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If it wasn't for Dairaido's strong basho, 18-year-old Tatsu would already be Takadagawa-beya-gashira in Aki. I wonder what Ryuden thinks about getting passed by him...

And what's gotten into 31-year-old Asatenmai lately? He already looked good in May, and added a really strong all-around performance this basho, nothing fluky about his 6-1 (near his career-high!) at all.

Edited by Asashosakari

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Hokahooooo, yes he made it and could get a kachi koshi again. He looked very confident this basho. It will still be a long hard way to sekitori, but I'm sure we will make it. :-)

Wakamisho had his first makekoshi and seems to be a bit embarrassed. I hope he finally realizes that he can't do everything with power but should have some technical skills too.

And happy for Seiro with another kachikoshi. He is getting stronger and better and has the skills I miss for Wakamisho.

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