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Day 13 results and day 14 pairings, Makuuchi and Juryo

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Hakuho and Harumafuji won again to make it the 13th time with two rikishi starting 13-0, the first since Haru 2004 (the last before that was Kyushu 1987, a rather large gap), partially thanks to the torikumi makers who placed the match between the two yusho candidates on senshuraku, so we might see the seventh occurence of two 14-0 rikishi on senshuraku (the last was Aki 1983 with Takanosato beating Chiyonofuji with tsuridashi).

Goeido and Myogiryu fared differently today, but both sanyaku rikishi are 7-6 and in good position to stay there opposed to Tochiozan and Toyonoshima who are certain to drop. Aran and Gagamaru looks like the best candidates if yet a bit weak cases. Maybe Aoiyama or Shohozan can complete the turnaround for a kachi-koshi in the joi-jin ranks. Yusho defender Kyokutenho certainly is setting records again, but of a different kinds as he 0-13 by now.

Tochinowaka and Tamaasuka have enough losses now to join Hochiyama on the way down to juryo, a bit puzzling in the case of the big Kasugano-beya rikishi of Korean origin. Ikioi, Tamawashi and Sadanofuji are getting close as well and need to win out while Czech Takanoyama again failed to get kachi-koshi and needs one more win to stay.

The juryo yusho leaders Jokoryu and Chiyonokuni certainly will be in makuuchi but probably not next basho as they are ranked too low (Jokoryu still can get it with a 12-3 I think). Asasekiryu, Asahisho, Fujiazuma and Kimurayama are the best promotion candidates (sure thing for Asasekiryu actually) with Tenkaiho needing one more win for the kachi-koshi.

Day 13


Ms1w Kei (5-2) hatakikomi J14w Homarefuji (5-8)

Ms2e Terashita (5-2) yorikiri J12w Oniarashi (5-8)

J13w Masuraumi (5-8) oshidashi J12e Tokushinho (6-7)

J11e Chiyonokuni (10-3) yorikiri J10w Tokushoryu (9-4)

J14e Takanoiwa (6-7) okuridashi J7e Kokkai (3-10)

J5w Fujiazuma (9-4) hatakikomi J10e Nionoumi (8-5)

J13e Masakaze (6-7) yorikiri J5e Yoshiazuma (6-7)

J4w Asahisho (9-4) hikiotoshi J9e Oiwato (7-6)

J4e Sotairyu (6-7) yorikiri J6w Takamisakari (5-8)

J3w Sagatsukasa (6-7) oshidashi J8e Kitaharima (6-7)

J3e Kimurayama (8-5) okuridashi J11w Chiyootori (9-4)

J9w Jokoryu (10-3) yorikiri J2e Tenkaiho (7-6)

J1e Asasekiryu (8-5) yorikiri J7w Kotoyuki (6-7)


M13e Daido (9-4) yorikiri M11w Kitataiki (7-6)

M11e Tamawashi (3-10) uwatedashinage M14e Tochinowaka (4-9)

M10w Takarafuji (6-7) yorikiri M12w Takanoyama (5-8)

M13w Masunoyama (9-4) oshidashi M10e Tamaasuka (2-11)

M9e Miyabiyama (7-6) hikiotoshi M12e Sadanofuji (4-9)

M8e Yoshikaze (7-6) oshidashi M9w Tokitenku (8-5)

M7w Toyohibiki (8-5) oshitaoshi M16e Ikioi (6-7)

M7e Gagamaru (9-4) oshidashi M14w Wakanosato (7-6)

M15w Chiyotairyu (7-6) sukuinage M6e Homasho (7-6)

M5w Takayasu (5-8) uwatedashinage M15e Hochiyama (1-12)

M4w Takekaze (7-6) hatakikomi M3e Wakakoyu (3-10)

M3w Shohozan (6-7) uwatenage M2w Okinoumi (3-10)

M2e Aoiyama (6-7) oshidashi M6w Shotenro (7-6)

M1w Aminishiki (4-9) yorikiri M1e Kyokutenho (0-13)

K1e Myogiryu (7-6) oshidashi M5e Aran (9-4)

K1w Toyonoshima (4-9) katasukashi S1w Tochiozan (3-10)

M4e Tochinoshin (8-5) uwatenage S1e Goeido (7-6)

O3w Kakuryu (7-6) uwatedashinage O3e Kotooshu (8-5)

O2w Harumafuji (13-0) oshitaoshi M8w Kaisei (9-4)

O1e Kisenosato (10-3) yorikiri O1w Kotoshogiku (9-4)

Y1e Hakuho (13-0) uwatenage O2e Baruto (8-5)

Day 14


J14e Takanoiwa (6-7) Ms5w Shironoryu (3-3)

Ms4w Higonojo (3-3) J13w Masuraumi (5-8)

J13e Masakaze (6-7) J10w Tokushoryu (9-4)

J9e Oiwato (7-6) J11w Chiyootori (9-4)

J11e Chiyonokuni (10-3) J9w Jokoryu (10-3)

J7e Kokkai (3-10) J12w Oniarashi (5-8)

J7w Kotoyuki (6-7) J6w Takamisakari (5-8)

J5e Yoshiazuma (6-7) J14w Homarefuji (5-8)

J5w Fujiazuma (9-4) J4w Asahisho (9-4)

J3e Kimurayama (8-5) J10e Nionoumi (8-5)

J12e Tokushinho (6-7) J3w Sagatsukasa (6-7)

J1e Asasekiryu (8-5) J8e Kitaharima (6-7)


M15e Hochiyama (1-12) J4e Sotairyu (6-7)

J2e Tenkaiho (7-6) M12w Takanoyama (5-8)

M11w Kitataiki (7-6) M10w Takarafuji (6-7)

M9e Miyabiyama (7-6) M10e Tamaasuka (2-11)

M8e Yoshikaze (7-6) M14e Tochinowaka (4-9)

M7e Gagamaru (9-4) M15w Chiyotairyu (7-6)

M9w Tokitenku (8-5) M7w Toyohibiki (8-5)

M14w Wakanosato (7-6) M6w Shotenro (7-6)

M5e Aran (9-4) M13w Masunoyama (9-4)

M16e Ikioi (6-7) M5w Takayasu (5-8)

M4e Tochinoshin (8-5) M8w Kaisei (9-4)

M13e Daido (9-4) M4w Takekaze (7-6)

M3e Wakakoyu (3-10) M11e Tamawashi (3-10)

M1e Kyokutenho (0-13) M12e Sadanofuji (4-9)

M2w Okinoumi (3-10) M1w Aminishiki (4-9)

K1e Myogiryu (7-6) M6e Homasho (7-6)

M2e Aoiyama (6-7) K1w Toyonoshima (4-9)

M3w Shohozan (6-7) S1w Tochiozan (3-10)

S1e Goeido (7-6) O3w Kakuryu (7-6)

O3e Kotooshu (8-5) O2w Harumafuji (13-0)

O2e Baruto (8-5) O1w Kotoshogiku (9-4)

Y1e Hakuho (13-0) O1e Kisenosato (10-3)

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Bit of an odd scheduling with the yusho-chasing Kise and Kokonoe pairs in juryo. It was already odd enough that they're occupying 4 of 5 successive slots but hadn't faced each other at all until Day 12, but now it looks like Chiyootori will definitely only face one of the Kise guys.

After Chiyonokuni-Tokushoryu for Day 13 I was sure they'd do Chiyootori-Jokoryu on Day 14, and the two other matches on senshuraku... So now it's just Chiyonokuni-Jokoryu on Day 14, oh well.

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