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Day 7 results and day 8 pairings, Makuuchi and Juryo

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Hakuho seemed a bit overeager in rushing Toyohibiki out of the dohyo but the Sakaigawa-beya rikishi showed surprisingly good defense at the dohyo edge, twisting the yokozuna down with a kotenage to claim the first kinboshi since the famous win of Kisenosato against Hakuho in Kyushu 2010, ending the 63 bout win streak. Going by my ratings, Toyohibiki is rated even lower than Shotenro back in Aki 2009, making it a surprise on a similar level (Hakuho is also rated lower making the rating difference smaller but still). Meanwhile Toyohibiki is having a sensational basho so far with wins over the yokozuna and two ozeki, after going 2-13 in only fifteen bouts against sanyaku rikishi before this basho.

Myogiryu isn't that big of a surprise but it's very refreshing to see a new legit rikishi in the joi-jin. Today he faced the last possible ozeki this basho in sole leader Kotoshogiku and he managed to beat him fair and square to finish 4-2 against the six ozeki after going 0-5 in the last basho. Hakuho wasn't the only pursuer falling back as Baruto lost to Goeido, and three of the maegashira also lost. Kisenosato and Kakuryu won today, making it three ozeki in the lead along with Tochiozan and makuuchi-jiri Takarafuji who managed to beat Chiyotairyu two times today, and looks headed for his first makuuchi kachi-koshi.

The juryo yusho snail race took a halt again as both leaders Tamaasuka and Homarefuji lost. Four of the seven pursuers won to make it a six rikishi leader group at 5-2. Kimurayama and Kotoyuki also were among the pursuers, but Kotoyuki had to withdraw from the basho with a knee injury giving Kimurayama the free win. Masakaze has found the juryo groove, winning again, this time over Masuraumi, while the other shin-sekitori Jokoryu won with tsukidashi against Sagatsukasa.

Day 7


J14w    Kitaharima (4-3)        oshidashi       Ms1w    Takanoiwa (2-2)
J13e    Tokushoryu (4-3)        yorikiri        J13w    Homarefuji (5-2)
J12e    Masakaze (2-5)          oshidashi       J10w    Masuraumi (2-5)
J14e    Hokutokuni (4-3)        kotenage        J10e    Satoyama (0-7)
J11e    Tokushinho (4-3)        hikiotoshi      J8e     Bushuyama (3-4)
J12w    Jokoryu (3-4)           tsukidashi      J5w     Sagatsukasa (2-5)
J5e     Kyokushuho (5-2)        hatakikomi      J11w    Kokkai (4-3)
J9w     Kimurayama (5-2)        fusen           J4w     Kotoyuki (4-3)
J7e     Sotairyu (5-2)          yorikiri        J3w     Yoshiazuma (3-4)
J9e     Nionoumi (3-4)          okuridashi      J3e     Hochiyama (3-4)
J6e     Takamisakari (4-3)      yoritaoshi      J2w     Tamaasuka (5-2)
J2e     Ikioi (4-3)             tsukiotoshi     J7w     Oiwato (3-4)
J1w     Masunoyama (5-2)        oshidashi       J6w     Tosayutaka (4-3)
J8w     Chiyootori (3-4)        tsukiotoshi     J1e     Asahisho (0-7)


J4e     Takanoyama (4-3)        yorikiri        M15e    Fujiazuma (2-5)
M12e    Kaisei (5-2)            yorikiri        M14e    Asasekiryu (3-4)
M16e    Takarafuji (6-1)        yoritaoshi      M10w    Chiyotairyu (5-2)
M13w    Kimikaze (3-4)          oshidashi       M10e    Wakanosato (3-4)
M9w     Yoshikaze (2-5)         yoritaoshi      M15w    Tamawashi (5-2)
M8e     Tochinoshin (4-3)       yorikiri        M12w    Daido (4-3)
M7e     Shohozan (3-4)          oshidashi       M13e    Tenkaiho (2-5)
M6w     Aoiyama (5-2)           tsukidashi      M11w    Sadanofuji (2-5)
M11e    Shotenro (4-3)          oshidashi       M6e     Wakakoyu (4-3)
M9e     Tokitenku (3-4)         ketaguri        M5w     Miyabiyama (1-6)
M7w     Kyokutenho (4-3)        uwatenage       M5e     Okinoumi (5-2)

M4e     Tochiozan (6-1)         oshidashi       M8w     Kitataiki (2-5)
M4w     Tochinowaka (2-5)       tsukiotoshi     M1w     Takayasu (0-7)
K1e     Homasho (1-6)           yorikiri        K1w     Aminishiki (3-4)
O3w     Kakuryu (6-1)           yorikiri        M1e     Aran (0-7)
O3e     Kotooshu (4-3)          yorikiri        M2w     Gagamaru (2-5)
M2e     Myogiryu (4-3)          yorikiri        O2w     Kotoshogiku (6-1)
O2e     Kisenosato (6-1)        oshidashi       M3w     Takekaze (1-6)
S1w     Goeido (4-3)            sotogake        O1w     Baruto (5-2)
O1e     Harumafuji (4-3)        uwatenage       S1e     Toyonoshima (4-3)
M3e     Toyohibiki (4-3)        kotenage        Y1e     Hakuho (5-2)

Day 8


J14e    Hokutokuni (4-3)                        J13w    Homarefuji (5-2)
J10e    Satoyama (0-7)                          J10w    Masuraumi (2-5)
J9e     Nionoumi (3-4)                          J11w    Kokkai (4-3)
J12e    Masakaze (2-5)                          J9w     Kimurayama (5-2)
J14w    Kitaharima (4-3)                        J8w     Chiyootori (3-4)
J7e     Sotairyu (5-2)                          J13e    Tokushoryu (4-3)
J11e    Tokushinho (4-3)                        J7w     Oiwato (3-4)
J5e     Kyokushuho (5-2)                        J12w    Jokoryu (3-4)
J3e     Hochiyama (3-4)                         J8e     Bushuyama (3-4)
J2e     Ikioi (4-3)                             J6e     Takamisakari (4-3)
J6w     Tosayutaka (4-3)                        J2w     Tamaasuka (5-2)
J1e     Asahisho (0-7)                          J5w     Sagatsukasa (2-5)
J4e     Takanoyama (4-3)                        J1w     Masunoyama (5-2)


M16e    Takarafuji (6-1)                        J3w     Yoshiazuma (3-4)
M14e    Asasekiryu (3-4)                        M15w    Tamawashi (5-2)
M12e    Kaisei (5-2)                            M15e    Fujiazuma (2-5)
M13w    Kimikaze (3-4)                          M11w    Sadanofuji (2-5)
M10e    Wakanosato (3-4)                        M12w    Daido (4-3)
M13e    Tenkaiho (2-5)                          M9w     Yoshikaze (2-5)
M7e     Shohozan (3-4)                          M9e     Tokitenku (3-4)
M10w    Chiyotairyu (5-2)                       M7w     Kyokutenho (4-3)
M6e     Wakakoyu (4-3)                          M8e     Tochinoshin (4-3)
M11e    Shotenro (4-3)                          M6w     Aoiyama (5-2)
M5e     Okinoumi (5-2)                          M8w     Kitataiki (2-5)

M2e     Myogiryu (4-3)                          M4e     Tochiozan (6-1)
M4w     Tochinowaka (2-5)                       M2w     Gagamaru (2-5)
M5w     Miyabiyama (1-6)                        M1w     Takayasu (0-7)
M1e     Aran (0-7)                              K1w     Aminishiki (3-4)
O1e     Harumafuji (4-3)                        M3w     Takekaze (1-6)
O3e     Kotooshu (4-3)                          K1e     Homasho (1-6)
M3e     Toyohibiki (4-3)                        O2w     Kotoshogiku (6-1)
O2e     Kisenosato (6-1)                        S1e     Toyonoshima (4-3)
O3w     Kakuryu (6-1)                           O1w     Baruto (5-2)
Y1e     Hakuho (5-2)                            S1w     Goeido (4-3)

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Late addition: I forgot to mention that Kyokutenho now is tied with yokozuna Takanohana for 10th place in career wins at 794. Wakanosato actually isn't far behind at 788 with Hakuho in distant third place among active rikishi at 671 (54th overall). And I missed Hakuho overtaking Miyabiyama for most makuuchi wins among active rikishi earlier this basho due to Miyabiyama's more than expected badness. Hakuho now is 20th overall in makuuchi wins at 577 with Miyabiyama in his rear mirror at 575. Expect an announcement in a year (maybe even Haru) for Hakuho entering top ten in makuuchi wins (he needs 70 more to catch the Futagoyama factors Takanonami and Akinoshima).

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On the other hand, today's kinboshi means Hakuho has failed to catch Taiho's record for most consecutive wins against maegashira, ending his streak at 61.

Nonetheless, his yokozuna record against maegashira is now 190-6, or a winning percentage of 96.9% - I wonder how that compares to the first 200 maegashira bouts of other long-term yokozuna?

Edit: Might as well answer my own question...

Chiyonofuji 15 losses (two of them fusen)

Taiho 18 losses (one fusen)

Kitanoumi 20 losses

Asashoryu 21 losses (two fusen)

Takanohana 22 losses

Wajima 29 losses (three fusen)

Tochinishiki 30 losses (one fusen)

Kashiwado 32 losses (four fusen)

Akebono 32 losses (two fusen)

Edited by Asashosakari

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I've obviously been a bit enthusiastic with my 'likes' today since I have run out, but I did want to add a 'like' to Doitsuyama's opening post of this thread for sheer interestingness of comment.

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