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Day 15 results, yusho and sansho

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Goeido shocked Kakuryu right from the tachi-ai, storming the designated ozeki out of the dohyo before he could react - maybe yusho jitters slowed his reaction time enough. Hakuho took full advantage of the sudden opportunity, beating Baruto and a few minutes later Kakuryu in the yusho kettei-sen, keeping a Asashoryu-Hakuho streak of never losing a playoff to an sekiwake or lower alive (last sekiwake to beat a yokozuna in a playoff was Dejima against Akebono in Nagoya 1999). Goeido earned himself a kanto-sho and probably a sekiwake slot in the next banzuke. Toyonoshima also will return to sekiwake with his 11-4 in addition to a sansho for him too, the gino-sho. Kakuryu most likely will get promoted to ozeki along with the two sansho for him, despite the bad outcome of today. Aminishiki beat Aran in a wily matchup to soften his fall to a komusubi slot, while Homasho should claim the other komusubi rank.

There are only three sure demotions to juryo with Takanoyama, Hochiyama and Ikioi, but Fujiazuma, Takarafuji and Chiyonokuni are all right at the brink with similar landing spots on a projected banzuke, resulting in the dilemma who to save or solving it by saving all three or demoting all three. Looking to juryo, there also are only three clear promotions with yusho winner Kimikaze (another henka on a pursuer, this time Oiwato), runner-up Chiyotairyu and returnee Kaisei. Asahisho had his third consecutive loss which might result in "only" the J1e spot on the next banzuke.

Day 15


J13e    Satoyama (8-7)          shitatenage     J14w    Arawashi (7-8)
J12e    Hokutokuni (6-9)        hikiotoshi      J10e    Tokushinho (7-8)
J7w     Kimikaze (12-3)         tsukiotoshi     J12w    Oiwato (10-5)
J7e     Masunoyama (10-5)       oshidashi       J9e     Bushuyama (8-7)
J9w     Kyokushuho (9-6)        yorikiri        J6e     Yoshiazuma (8-7)
J5e     Nionoumi (6-9)          yorikiri        J5w     Kokkai (4-11)
J4w     Kaisei (10-5)           oshitaoshi      J10w    Kitaharima (5-10)
J13w    Masuraumi (8-7)         tsukiotoshi     J4e     Asahisho (9-6)
J3w     Sotairyu (6-9)          tsukidashi      J8e     Takamisakari (8-7)
J11e    Chiyootori (9-6)        oshidashi       J2e     Sagatsukasa (6-9)
J11w    Kimurayama (8-7)        tsukiotoshi     J1w     Kotoyuki (6-9)
J1e     Chiyotairyu (11-4)      hatakikomi      J6w     Tamaasuka (9-6)


M12e    Daido (7-8)             uwatenage       M14w    Ikioi (5-10)
M11e    Asasekiryu (5-10)       uwatedashinage  M15e    Tamawashi (7-8)
M10w    Aoiyama (8-7)           sukuinage       M15w    Hochiyama (4-11)
M10e    Sadanofuji (6-9)        tsukidashi      M13w    Wakanosato (8-7)
M9e     Okinoumi (8-7)          tsukitaoshi     M16w    Takanoyama (4-11)
M8w     Takekaze (9-6)          oshidashi       M11w    Tenkaiho (6-9)
M7w     Toyohibiki (9-6)        tsukiotoshi     M14e    Takarafuji (6-9)
M7e     Takayasu (10-5)         yorikiri        M16e    Shotenro (9-6)
M5w     Homasho (11-4)          oshidashi       M9w     Miyabiyama (8-7)
M4e     Toyonoshima (11-4)      yorikiri        M13e    Kitataiki (9-6)

M3w     Tochinoshin (5-10)      hatakikomi      M12w    Fujiazuma (5-10)
M6e     Shohozan (7-8)          oshidashi       M1w     Tochinowaka (5-10)
M1e     Myogiryu (7-8)          hikiotoshi      M2e     Tokitenku (3-12)
M5e     Wakakoyu (7-8)          kimedashi       K1w     Tochiozan (5-10)
K1e     Gagamaru (6-9)          yorikiri        M3e     Kyokutenho (5-10)
S1w     Aminishiki (7-8)        oshidashi       M4w     Aran (9-6)
M6w     Goeido (12-3)           yorikiri        S1e     Kakuryu (13-2)
O3w     Kotoshogiku (9-6)       oshitaoshi      O2e     Kisenosato (9-6)
O1w     Harumafuji (11-4)       uwatenage       O2w     Kotooshu (8-7)
Y1e     Hakuho (13-2)           yorikiri        O1e     Baruto (10-5)

Makuuchi Yusho Playoff

Y1e     Hakuho                  uwatenage       S1e     Kakuryu

List of Yusho

Makuuchi:  Hakuho (22nd)
Juryo:     Kimikaze (1st)
Makushita: Kairyu
Sandanme:  Kihonoumi
Jonidan:   Aokishin
Jonokuchi: Daishoei

List of Sansho

Gino-sho:   Kakuryu (7th), Toyonoshima (4th)
Shukun-sho: Kakuryu (2nd)
Kanto-sho:  Goeido (3rd)

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From the "odd stuff" file:

M4e     Toyonoshima (11-4)      yorikiri        M13e    Kitataiki (9-6)

The fourth straight basho that these two faced off on senshuraku.

Also, Kakuryu's promotion-clinching win on Day 14 was exactly the 400th of his career.

Edited by Asashosakari

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This is apparently the first time anyone has come from one win behind to claim the yusho on the final day since Asahoryu did it against Hokutoriki in May 2004. And the rikishi that beat Hokutoriki back then, giving Asa the chance to get in that playoff? Hakuho, then in his debut makuuchi tournament.

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