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Kintamayama    18,158

In case anyone was wondering -ex-Hayateumi (36, he who flies) has entered local politics and won the regional elections in his hometown of Itayanagimachi, Aomori. (I'm not really sure, but I think he was elected to the town council or something like that..) He left sumo in 2006 and returned home in 2009 where he worked in a security firm. "I will do my best," he said, without using the GBR word.

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Yubinhaad    6,378

(Clapping wildly...) (Sign of approval...) Thank you! This is great news, I'm glad to hear he is doing well.

An article I saw mentioned something about amateur sumo too, but I'm not sure if it meant HE was doing it (or planning to) or whether he was simply planning to support it in his new role.

Edit: Right, I think it meant he will promote and support sumo in elementary and junior high schools. A total of 8,767 votes were cast, of which Saito received 846, the second-most among the 12 winners. He has been elected to a four-year term, at the end of which there is a possibility he will consider stepping up to national level. He weighs more or less the same as he did when he was in ozumo, which wasn't that much anyway. Apparently he was divorced in 2003, has a son and a daughter and got married again in 2009.

With his old Nichidai team-mate Takamisakari, shortly before the election:


Celebrating the win:


Future Prime Minister Saito:


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