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Rikishi Talk Day 13 Aki Basho 2011

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Day 13 Aki Basho September 23, 2011


Ozeki candidate Kotoshogiku displayed a perfect yori move and downed Hakuho. Hakuho suffered consecutive losses and now tied with Kotoshogiku with two losses. Kisenosato kept his three loss record by setting aside Gagamaru. Maegashira Gagamaru and Kitataiki fell down to three losses. Baruto beat Harumafuji by yorikiti in the battle of ozeki to get his ninth win. The holiday Friday had the third Maiin-Onray, sell out, this basho.

Asahisho (Makushita West 12) over Bungonishiki by oshidashi


(Winning his seventh and with no loss, ensured his promotion to Juryo at the Kyushu basho. Won All Japan Wrestling Tournament during his Junior High School years but felt it was almost impossible to be selected for the Olympics and turned to Ozumo after he graduated from university. At the time he only weighed 75 kg and passed the secondary exam.)

"I was so nervous last night that I almost couldn't sleep. But I am so happy. This is really like a dream. Right now I feel like I am the happiest man in the world."

(Made his dohyo debut at the 2005 Haru Basho, 22 year old feeling so envious of his junior mate Kyokushuho making Juryo ahead of him.)

"Obviously I was so upset at myself. But right now I want to become a sekitori loved by everyone."

Myogiryu (Juryo East 3, 11-2) over Matsutani by hatakikomi


(Though certain of his Makuuchi promotion)

"The two remaining bouts are the most important ones for me this basho. I will be keeping focus solely on my sumo."

Takamisakari (Juryo West 7) over Tochinonada by yorikiri


(Somehow managing to get a win and avoiding makekoshi today.)

"I was able to get into a yotsu well after hitting him hard. I had some bouts I have not done well this basho but this one was the best I had this basho."

(On facing a prospect of makekoshi)

"Honestly I have been so scared by it(jokingly said)."

"There is no point in worrying about what's ahead. Right now all I can do is what I can do now. If I can display good sumo, that will give me more motivation."

Yoshiazuma (5-8) losing to Tosayutaka by yorikiri


(Suffering makekoshi in his Makuuchi debut basho)

"I have not been able to win because I have been becoming too conscious of trying to win and not being able to go on offensive. I guess there is no other way than simply learning from all my errors and start all over again."

Sagatsukasa (5-8) losing to Tamaasuka by yorikiri


(Losing his third straight and suffering makekoshi.)

"I am not responding well. I am behind my opponent by a millisecond. It's a lack of my ability."

"I have been displaying the worst sumo for the last three days. I am more upset about the quality of my sumo than the fact I lost them. I want to stay focus on my sumo for the next two days by building the image clearly and go with offensive minded sumo."

Kyokutenho (9-4) losingto Kokkai by yorikiri


(Seeing his tsukebito Asahisho winning the Makushita Yusho and certain of Juryo promotion.)

"Actually today I was more concerned of his sumo than mine."

"He was being interviewed by NHK and I had to ask someone else to help me with my mawashi. I couldn't focus on my bout because of all that happenings."

Takanoyama (5-8) over Kaisei by Uchigake


(Went to straight on to big Kaisei and displayed a brilliant leg hook.)

"It's not my favorite move when I was doing Judo but it worked well for me today. I basically wanted to go after him quickly as once I slow down I will start feeling his weight on me. "

Shotenro (8-5) over Takayasu by oshidashi


(Getting his first kachikoshi after getting married.)

"I want to see my wife as soon as possible and tell her the news. I can tell her the good news."

Homasho (8-5) over Kitataiki by oshitaoshi


(Getting kachikoshi against very healthy Kitataiki)

"I was able to go on offensive in my own form."

(The first kachikoshi at Maegashira East 4.)

"I have not been able to win at the East side up to now and others were pointing out that to me as well so I really wanted to blow that argument away."

(Got married this spring and it is making a difference.)

"Obviously once I get home, I can really be myself and being taken good care of. I can report back the good news."

(Certain to be Sanyaku next basho)

"I am happy knowing everyone who supported me throughout will be happy too."

Kitataiki (10-3) losing to Homasho


(Unable to keep his two loss record)

"I couldn't keep going after him. Not much I can do now. It's all my fault."

Gagamaru (10-3) losing to Kisenosato by yorikiri


(Coould have easily beaten Kisenosato)

"Ah...I really wanted to win this one. I just needed one more step. But you know what. What makes me the happiest is that I can compete against strong opponents now."

Kisenosato (10-3) over Gagamaru


(Showing he is why where he is ranked at.)

"I could not take anything for granted. I felt the full weight of him at the dohyo edge, that I have not experienced with any other rikishi."

"I believed in my Oshi-zumo, I was able to gain confidence in my ability to go through with Oshi."

(The next two days.)

"To lead into the next basho I really want to finish strong."

Toyonoshima (6-7) over Takekaze by oshidashi


(From the point of his back behind the cliff edge with seven losses, winning five straight and try to be still a komusubi.)

"One day at a time, one bout at a time. Definitely I have a strong resolve to get the kachikoshi. I guess being in Sanyaku and really wanting to stay in the post."

Baruto (9-4) over Harumafuji by yorikiri


(Beating his fellow ozeki Harumafuji)

"Since I only have one encounter (against an ozeki) I sure wanted to win this one."

Kotoshogiku (11-2) over Hakuho by yorikiri


(Tightening his mawasho so tight that Harumafuji once commented that even a nail wouldn't be able to hook into it and obviously intent on not letting Hakuho to grab into him.)

"I focused only on the tachiai today and psyched myself up more than anything else. If I could do the perfect tachiai then I believed everything else would take care of itself. I felt I was moving so naturally but I really can't remember anything else."

"To learn from successful athletes I am reading books by Ichiro and Kaio so that may be helping me mentally as well."

(Still needs to keep his focus as he beat Hakuho last basho only to lose two straight and lose his ozeki promtion chance.)

"From here on, I am on a battle to take the lesson from the last basho."

Takanohana oyakata, Director of Judging


(On Kotoshogiku)

"This one was huge. If he can keep the form till the Senshuraku, obviously there will be the call (of the promotion)."

Hakuho (11-2) losing to Kotoshogiku


(Easily pushed out by Kotoshogiku and losing to the same opponent two basho in a row. Asked if Kotoshogiku is deserving of ozeki promotion.)

"You can see it yourself. He showed it."

(Losing two straight now)

"Well I did lose to two sekiwake in pretty condition this basho, so I can figure, well it's OK then."

(Tied with Kotoshogiku on the yusho race)

"All I can do is to follow him."

Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman


(On Hakuho)

"It's as if he turned into a receiving end."

Yusho Race Board



2 losses: Hakuho, Kotoshogiku

3 losses: Kisenosato, Kitataiki, Gagamaru


2 losses: Myogiryu

Makushita West 12 Asahisho (from Chiba Prefecture, Oshima Beya) won his his seventh bout with no loss and ensured his promotion to Juryo at the Kyushu Basho. At Sandanme Karatsuumi (from Saga, Tamanoi) and at Jonokuchi, Wakayama (from Chima, Onomatsu) also won their division yusho on Day 13. There will be a Jonidan Yusho Kettei-sen on the Senshuraku,


Asahisho (7-0) West 12, Real name: Hirota Matsushima from Chiba Prefecture, Oshima Beya. 22 years old. Dohyo debut: 2005 Haru Bassho. 172 cm, 135 kg. Favorite: Oshi


Karatsuumi (7-0) West 11, Real name: Seiji Sasaki from, Saga Prefecture. Tamanoi Beya. 23 years old. Dohyo debut: 2004 Hatsu Basho. 182 cm, 183 kg. Favorite: Migi-yotsu, Yori.


Wakayama (7-0) East 16. Real name: Satoshi Wakayama. from Chiba Prefecture, Onomatsu Beya. 19 years old. Dohyo debut: 2011 Nagoya basho. 173 cm, 144 kg. Favorite: Tsuki,oshi. Wakayama quit Daitodai University in his first year and joined Ozumo last basho.

Jonidan Yusho will be fought between former College Yokozuna at Nihon University Sakumayama of Kitanoumi Beya and Meiji University grad Watanabe from Takanohana Beya on the senshuraku.

The Kyokai's so called Mark Sheet, the fan evaluation of rikishi and voting for the rikishi of the day is becoming a fixture at the Kokugikan this basho. The Kyokai is distributing 1,000 sheets per day and fans coming later often asking for the sheet after they handed out all of them.

The survey asks the spectators to rate each rikishi based on their performance and the Kyokai is announcing the top three vote getters in Makuuchi and Juryo each day.

Up to today 98 kg Takanoyama has been awarded the top spot four times. "I am happy to know if the fans judged I have been displaying good sumo," Takanoyama said. Another small rikishi, Toyonoshima got third place on Day 1 even though he lost to Hakuho. "Even I lost the bout, they felt I have done well and deserving of recognition. I want to display a sumo they find worth watching regardless of I lose or win," Toyonoshima commented.

Retiring Isenoumi oyakata (fomer Sekiwake Fujinogawa) came up with the idea of fan survey. "I note that those rikishi who never gave up till the end placed top spots as well. I wanted to have those rikishi showing fighting spirit to be recognized so it is working as I envisioned it," the oyakata said. "Obviously we just started it and there are areas we can still improve upon." "In future we are hoping to include TV viewers as well," the oyakata added.

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The Kyokai's so called Mark Sheet, the fan evaluation of rikishi and voting for the rikishi of the day is becoming a fixture at the Kokugikan this basho. The Kyokai is distributing 1,000 sheets per day and fans coming later often asking for the sheet after they handed out all of them.

The voting system is changing this basho - it will be done by mobile phone- registration on the Kyokai's mobile page (??) where a code will be given and will target not only stadium visitors but fans at large.

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