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Rikishi Talk Day 12 Aki Basho 2011

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Day 12 Aki Basho September 22, 2011


Hakuho showing little resistance to Kisenosato and lost his first bout this basho. Kisenosato avoided fourth straight loss and earned his ninth win this basho. Ozeki candidate Kotoshogiku overwhelmed Gagamaru in their first encounter to get his 10th win.Harumafuji beat Tochiozan with oshi-dashi and got kachikoshi but Baruto was fooled by Kakuryu's henka and suffered his fourth loss. Kotoshogiku, Kitataiki and Gagamaru are chasing Hakuho with one loss.

Takanoyama (4-8) losing to Kyokutenho by yoritaoshi


(Unable to move after firmly grabbed in a yotsu by Kyokutenho.)

"I needed to go on offensive from the start. I still lack overall strength."

(Stayed in hard against 60 kg heavier Kyokutenho.)

"Rather than that I want to go on offensive. I still have three more days so I will do my best."

(Despite losses, cheers and applauses are getting louder every day and 98 kg Takanoyama is becoming one of the most popular rikishi in Makuuchi.)

"I want to go with a sumo that can lead to the next basho. I will be training so much harder so that I can display powerful sumo in the Kyushu."

Kyokutenho (9-3) over Takanoyama


(On facing one of the lightest opponent he ever faced in Makuuchi)

"I never took him lightly. He has good leg moves you know so I tried to go rather deliberately."

Tochinowaka (8-4) over Kokkai by yorikiri


(Getting kachikoshi at the highest rank in his career.)

"You won't believe how absolutely happy I am now! So much so that I am almost ready to cry all over here. Now all the load came off my shoulders."

Kitataiki (10-2) over Wakakoyu by yorikiri


(Achieving his second double digit win record.)

"I am happy but at the same time I really need to keep myself focused."

"Oh, a boring comment? You mean that's what everyone says?"

Gagamaru (10-2) losingto Kotoshogiku by yorikiri


(Unable to extend his winning streak.)

"The power he lashed out was incredible. (Top rank rikishi) are really different. I really need to get myself accustomed to their power, skills."

Kotoshogiku (10-2) over Gagamaru


(Even though back stepped a couple after getting hit by 199 kg giant, quickly came back to step in even harder and got into his Gaburi to put Gaga out.)

"I tried not to get too conscious about how successful he has been doing this basho but I couldn't erase it totally out of mind. But I feel great as I was able to display a good sumo."

(Actually he became so tense that he almost forgot how to do shiko move on the dohyo today.)

"My mind went totally blank. I just told myself to calm down, calm down. Then I saw the emergency sign at the back of corridor and I got back to normal."

(Saying on the day Typhoon hit Tokyo, getting involved in serious traffic congestion and that additional time in the car (over three and half hours) provided him the time to think through his sumo.)

"Yeah, it gave enough time to look deeply into myself again.. and as well we dropped by to the Yoshino-ya restaurant and I had two extra large bowls of Gyu-Don (Shredded beef over rice)."

(There are only three sekiwake who recorded double digit win record four straight basho in sumo history - Kimigahama, Konishiki and Asahifuji. All three eventually became ozeki.)

Harumafuji (8-4) over Tochiozan by oshidashi


(Finally getting kachikoshi in a basho he was supposed to go for yokozuna promotion.)

"This is a result of myself working so hard. I want to keep going and displayh sumo that can lead into the next basho."

Kisenosato (9-3) over Hakuho by kotenage


(Never letting Hakuho to start any move, won decisively, back in the dressing room, more talkative than usual.)

"I had a good tachiai. I was able to go with quality sumo in some while. I tried not to let him get the right in. I was only thinking about going on offensive. It turned out best defense was offense after all "

(Was on a three bout losing streak.)

"It was like I was running on empty, getting no traction at all but getting emotionally hyper. I kept thinking why I couldn't get it altogether and remembered what I was doing back on Day 1. Basically what I have been missing most was Tsuki-oshi. Today I kept telling myself, stay calm, stay calm."

(Since stopping Hakuho's historical consecutive win record at 63 at the Kyushu Basho last year, his record against Hakuho is 3 win and 2 loss.)

"All I can do is go with everything I have from now on, with the confidence I was able to gain today and never quitting till the end."

Hakuho (11-1) losing to Kisenosato


(Once again losing to Kisenosato and unable to hide the shock.)

"On the dohyo I felt just like always, nothing different......"

"He had strong otsukke, My right elbow? No problem, I am OK."

"Nothing has changed. I will just need to keep going, that's all."

Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman


(On Hakuho)

"It's quite apparent he (Kisenosato) is an opponent Hakuho finds so much difficulty with. If Hakuho is facing any another opponent, he can even try to grab the mawashi from left but with Kisenosato, he gets real finicky and insists on grabbing with right only. Go figure."

Naruto oyakata, Kisenosato's shisho


(Reprimanded his recruit, Kisenosato, the night before, so furious that others took cover and stayed away, in turn likely waking up Kisenosato from a stupor he was in.)

"If he (Kisenosato) could have even showed the half of what he did today yesterday.....consistency is what gets you to the top you know."

Miyagino oyakata, former Makuuchi Chikubayama, Hakuho's shisho


(On Hakuho)

"He is not hitting hard at all at tachiai, nothing after was effective either. At this point I am not even sure about Kotoshogiku bout."

Hakkaku oyakata, former Yokozuna Hokutoumi, Kyokai PR Director


(On Kisenosato)

"It was quite an impressive display. If I could, I would have given him two Shukun-sho award. It was definitely worth that much."

"Mark Sheet", Kyokai's Fan survey - Makuuchi Top Vote Getter: Kisenosato


Yusho Race Board



One loss - Hakuho

Two losses - Kotoshogiku, Kitataiki, Gagamaru


One loss - Myogiryu, Matsutani

The list of rikishi who have no loss record in Makushita and below as of Day 12:


Asahisho (from Chiba, Oshima Beya)

Bungonishiki (from Oita, Dewanoumi Beya)


Karatsuumi (from Saga, Tamanoi)

Shoho (from Osaka, Kasugayama) - Yumitori rikishi

Hanasegawa (from China, Asahiyama)


Sakumayama (from Tokyo, Kitanoumi)

Watanabe (from Yamanashi, Takanohana)

Tochidaiho (from Tochigi, Kasugano)


Wakayama (from Chiba, Onomatsu)

The Tate Gyoji, the 35th Shonosuke Kimura, 64, will receive Honorary Prefecture award from his birth place, Miyazaki Prefecture. He made his dohyo debut in 1962 and has been promoted to the highest rank in 2007, the first gyoji from Miyazaki Prefecture to do so. This basho will be his last basho as he reaches the Kyokai's mandatory retirement age after the basho. "I feel very honored. I also feel that what I have been persevering to maintain my optimum health for all these 50 years has been rewarded," commented Shonosuke Kimura. (Some may recall before his promotion to Shonosuke Kimura, he was JONOSUKE Kimura.)

This date in history: September 23, 2001


Maegashira East 2 Kotomitsuki downed Maegashira Kaiho with a shitatenga and recorded his 13th win on this Day 14 of Aki Basho to earn his first yusho. A hiramaku yusho was the first since the Haru Basho in the previous year by Takatoriki. Since 1909 Natsu Basho, Kotomitsuki became 25th rikishi to win the yusho as Hiramaku (26th Hiramaku yusho recorded sicne 1909). He became the third quickest rikishi to win the Makuuchi yusho (in 9 basho) since his dohyo debut since 1958 when the current six basho a year format was adopted.

Typhoon 15/Roke Effect:


Tamawashi, East M10: I got drenched just trying to get into a taxi. Once in the car, I noticed that the floor was flooded.

Tochnoshin, East M4: My umbrella broke, I couldn't walk with our footwear as they kept slipping so I walked back to the heya in barefoot.

Takekaze, East M3: I waited over an hour for a cab but none came and no prospect for one coming so I decided to walk back to the heya (Oguruma Beya) - I guess the last time I did that was about nine years ago.

Attendance: 6,300

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Thanks very much for your rikishi talk Jonosuke-san. It has been fascinating to read, as usual.

Edited by Naganoyama

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