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Rikishi Talk Day 11 Aki Basho 2011

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Day 11 Aki Basho September 21, 2011


Hakuho managed somehow to come up with a sukuinage to stop ever pressing Kakuryu to get his 11th straight win. In his first ozeki challenge, Gagamaru sent Baruto out of the dohyo to preserve his one loss record but ozeki candidate Kotoshogiku losing his second bout to recede into the background, beaten by Tochiozian. It was third loss for Baruto. Harumafuji downed Kisenosato to get his seventh win. Kisenosato lost three straight bout now.

Tokushoryu (Makushita East 1, 4-2) over Homarefuji by tottari


(Getting his kachikoshi at Makushita East 1, securing his Juryo promotion.)

"I don't feel like I will be a sekitori yet but I do feel it will be the start of something new from now on. I will keep going out not forgetting the beginning."

(Graduated from Kinki University and won Sandanme Yusho but spent some time in Makushita, getting behind his former Kinki University team mate Takarafuji and new Juryo this basho, Kimikaze who entered at the same time.)

"I feel I should have gotten to Juryo little quicker but I told myself I am me and I worked hard, not getting myself down."

Hokutokuni (Juryo West 13, 8-3) over Myogiryu by kaina-hineri


(Getting his kachikoshi after downing Myogiryu by kaina-hineri, after returning all the way from Banzuke-gai to Juryo, the first rikishi to do so in sumo history.)

"I am finally getting the feeling that I have come back. This time last year I was in Banzuke-gai. This is all thanks to the people who have supported me throughout. Without them, there is no me today. It means if you keep going never giving up then you will be eventually rewarded. I would like to do my best for other junior rikishi too."

(His career has been a series of battles with injuries. He made his dohyo debut at the 2001 Haru Basho and in the following Natsu Basho in a bout against Hakuho he broke a couple of fingers in his right hand as well as dislocated his shoulder and went on kyujo. He broke his right wrist in 2005 and had a surgery. While still not fully recovered he made his Juryo debut at the 2008 Haru Basho but the right wrist injury got worsen and had another surgery. It did not make him any better as he was forced to go on kyujo from 2009 Natsu Basho for six straight basho. By this time he was ready to quit when his shisho Hakkaku oyakata invited him to a dinner and told him to go for another surgery. He had the surgery January last year and started his comeback from Mae-zumo subsequently and made a comeback to Juryo.)

Hideaki Hokutokuni


Real name: Hideaki Hayashi. Born: June 7, 1985 in Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture. 26 years old. In Grade 2 was inspired by Chiyonofuji and started going to a local sumo clinic. After graduating from Tsuruoka No. 4 Junior High, joined Hakkaku Beya. Dohyo debut: 2001 Haru. Sandanme Yusho: 1, Jonokuchi Yusho: 1. 178 cm, 151 kg. Favorite: Migi-yotsu, yori.

Takamisakari (Juryo West 7, 5-6) over Hishofuji by yorikiri


(Stopping his losing skid at 3 and his fifth win this basho and likely not getting demoted even he loses all remaining bouts.)

"I couldn't hit him well but I was able to get into a yotsu. I am so happy I was able to get the win."

"I feel a little better now. I was really thinking about what if..."

"I think I was lucky today though. It's not my ability."

Kokkai (8-3) over Tamawashi by hikiotoshi


(Getting kachikoshi in his Makuuchi return basho.)

"It's been a year since I am in Makuuchi so I am definitely happy."

(Now even seeing a double digit win record.)

"I still have four days so if I can go for it,"

Takanoyama (4-7) losingto Daido by sukuinage


(Even with seven losses, trying to stay positive.)

"What it means is that I just win all my remaining bouts. There is no point in being pessimistic."

Kitataiki (9-2) over Tochinowaka by oshidashi


(Winning his ninth)

"Totally unexpected. I am not trying to be greedy."

Kyokutenho (8-3) over Goeido by yorikiri


(Despite pressed to the dohyo edge several times but endured well and did not miss a brief opening to beat Goeido.)

"Everything just clicked today. I lifted him while I was trying to stay in and used his power to beat him."

(Even though his bout was in the first half of Makuuchi bouts, selected as the top vote getter in the Kyokai's Mark Sheet.)

"I got pretty exhausted but it was well worth it. I felt it was a good sumo."

Kaisei (3-8) losing to Miyabiyama by hikiotoshi


(Getting makekoshi for two consecutive basho.)

"I am still mentally sharp but my body isn't."

Tochiozan (7-4) over Kotoshogiku by oshidashi


(Ignored Kotoshogiku's trick to get him into a yotsu as happened to Kisenosato the day before.)

"I figured he was intentionally leaving open his arm to get me into a yotsu so instead of going for mawashi, I went with Hazu. As I have been losing badly, I wanted not to get beaten easily."

Kotoshogiku (9-2) losing to Tochiozan


(Rather one side loss, pushed out by Tochiozan offering little resistance.)

"Ah....S*?! He really got me well. I know exactly what I did wrong. I had to step in harder."

(Now needing to win three of his remaining four bouts to meet the ozeki promotion stanadard of 33 wins in the three consecutive basho.)

"I will really need to come back with a firm resolve. I can't afford to take anything for granted."

Sadogatake oyakata, Kotoshogiku's shisho


"He looked a bit tense. His back was too high. He needed to go with an Ottuke from below."

Nakamura oyakata, Deputy Director of Judging


"We must realize his opponent was a Hiramaku. He cannot permit a complete loss like today. This is the most important time and he is making a detour."

Okinoumi (4-7) losing to Homasho by makiotoshi


(Losing ugly)

"I wasn't fully alert. My winning form has now totally collapsed. I am losing too easily."

Gagamaru (10-1) over Baruto by okuridashi


(Unstoppable running train even pushing out an ozeki to notch his ninth straight win.)

"It was my dream to face an ozeki. I wanted to display a good sumo even if I lost the bout but really really I am happy. I just can't believe it. When I won it, I felt like dancing a Lady Gaga dance at the dohyo."

(On the yusho race)

"I am not even thinking about it for now."

(Losing his father when he was one year old and raised solely by his monther. She is suffering from serious diabetes and needs to be treated at a hospital three or four times a week. Gagamaru is sending about 500,000 yen every month to his mother for treatment.)

"She once got so excited watching my bout on TV and lost consciousness so right now my older brother is letting her know the result after checking the Internet. I want to dedicate this victory to her."

(Also not forgetting his first shisho Kise oyakata who lost his heya after his relation with an organized crime member was reported.)

"He called me 10 times last night. He told me to keep going offensive. To tell you the truth, it's a bit of pressure but obviously I could not tell him that. But I sure want to meet him now to tell him the good news myself."

(Will be facing Sekiwake Kotoshogikur tomorrow.)

"Again I will think tomorrow as Day 1 and will do my best. I won't really think about him but I will focus on my sumo."

Kitanoumi oyakata, Gagamaru's shisho


"The factor that's making him so successful this basho is, regardless of what it is, he just keeps moving forward, pushing out, pushing down, pressing his opponents any way possible."

Baruto (8-3) losing to Gagamaru


(Tried to get the mawashi but bounced off by his opponent's tsuppari.)

"He was coming at me from a distance, I wasn't sure how I should have responded to him. I never faced him before so I really didn't know him. I guess he is in a good condition. But I sure like to do it all over again."

Kisenosato (8-3) losing to Harumafuji by uwate-dashinage


(Failed to execute a good tachiai and never recovered from it and shaken around by Harumafuji.)

"It was all tachiai as I lost it. I was more or less floating after."

(Won nine straight from Day 1 and then losing three straight against ozeki and sekiwake, will be facing Hakuho on Day 12.)

"Ah...the flow is all bad."

Harumafuji (7-4) over Kisenosato


"I knew there were a lot of people who were really looking forward to this bout. He is a good rival and obviously I never wanted to lose to him. I always want to display a good sumo against him as both of us know each other's sumo so well."

Kakuryu (5-6) losing to Hakuho by sukuinage


(Despite getting into Migi-yotsu and pushed Hakuho to the edge but let him get to a sukuinage.)

"I should have never let the hidari mawashi go at the end. That was it, There was nothing else left, I could have really beaten him right there."

(While losing all his nineteen bouts against Hakuho, displaying consistently quality sumo.)

"At least I was pleased to hear the crowd really get into the bout."

Izutsu oyakata, Kakuryu;s shisho


(On Kakuryu losing to Hakuho for 19th time.)

"I said it before but before he can go for ozeki promotion, he will need to beat the yokozuna first."

Hakuho (11-0) over Kakuryu


(Almost getting pushed out by Kakuryu.)

"I was thinking of just watching his move a little and then...I was able to stay in and had a good timing when I executed the throw. I am a bit relieved."

(And now there is only one rikishi left chasing him with one loss.)

"I get an impression he got stronger. Anyway we still got some time left in the basho so I will need to stay focused."

Yusho Race Board



No loss - Hakuho

1 loss - Gagamaru

2 losses - Kotoshogiku, Kitataiki


2 losses: Myogiryu, Matsutani

With a major typhoon descending straight to Tokyo, the Kyokai went to a full preparation mode to do their best to reduce danger to the fans coming to the basho today. They have pull down all their flags as well as putting sand bags in areas where there was danger of flooding. They were prepared to keep the customers in the arena if all trains stopped running after 6 pm. While JR line stopped their train, Oedo subway line fortunately kept their service though at a minimum level and they were able to guide the fans out of the building smoothly and there was no major disturbances or complaints from the spectators.

The Kyokai announced that they would hold another study session on October 5. It is a series of session initially held to prevent recurrence of yaocho sumo. The next session theme is for meals to make you healthy and stronger.

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