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Rikishi Talk Day 10 Aki Basho 2011

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Day 10 Aki Basho September 20 2011


Hakuho all alone atop the Yusho Race Board defeated Tokitenku with yorikiri to remain with no loss, winning 10 consecutive bouts. The battle of two one loss sekitori was won by ozeki candidate Kotoshogiku pushing his rival Kisenosato out with yorikiri. Maegashira Gagamaru preserved his one loss record by downing Goeido. Baruto beat Tochiozan to get kachikoshi. Harumafuji got his sixth win by setting aside Tochinoshin. Komusubi Aran suffered makekoshi.

Tamanoshima (Juryo East 7, 3-7) over Sadanofuji by uwatenage


(Getting hit on his face by Sadanofuji's head at tachiai and suffered severe nosebleed so much so that the bout was stopped by dohyo judge with a gyoji "matta" so he could be treated before continuing. Somehow overcoming the loss of blood and won the bout. Winning also "Mark Sheet" survey for getting 561 points, the top in Juryo, followed by his opponent Sadanofuji with 414 points.)

"I am happy to hear I was the top rikishi in Juryo today. Hopefully I was able to give them some sort of encouragement."

"Not only I had things stuffed in my nose to stop bleeding, the blood was coming into my mouth too and I could have hardly breathed at all."

(His record so far has been rather miserable.)

"At the time surprisingly I was pretty calm. After seeing my own blood though, I was starting to get really psyched up."

Takanoyama (4-6) over Tamawashi by hikkake


(Gaining his fourth win after exchanging tsuppari with Tamawashi but was mostly on the receiving end.)

"I had a bad flow. I could not really finish off my opponent after I went after him with tsuppari."

Kitataiki (8-2) over Kimurayama by oshidashi


(His first kachikoshi since the Hatsu Basho.)

"I am happy about it but we are still far from over."

Gagamaru (9-1) over Goeido by kotenage


"I am not sure what I did today but I am pleased about the win. I was ready to do anything to go against him today. Actually I am most pleased about the bout today as he is really a formidable opponent and I was able to beat him."

(Preserving one loss record and selected to face an ozeki tomorrow.)

"This is the first time I will face a top rank rikishi so I am really looking forward to it. But I can't tell you about how it will go. But then I have nothing to lose as far as I am concerned."

(On the yusho)

"I'd rather not think about it at all as I will get really nervous if I start thinking about it."

Wakanosato (2-8) losing to Takekaze by hatakikomi


(Suffering makekoshi on his Makuuchi 1,000th bout.)

"If I won 1,000 bouts then I can say it's a magnificent feat and want to celebrate but all I have been doing for this appearance record is just showing up here."

Homasho (6-4) losing to Kakuryu by katasukashi


(Even though going hard against Kakuryu but tripped over by katasukashi. Got the gyoji decision but lost on mono-ii.)

"I just didn't complete the move cleanly and fully at the end."

(Two more win to kachikoshi.)

"Today I was able to move forward. I will take good care of each of my remaining bouts."

Toyonoshima (3-7) over Aran by oshidashi


(Prevailing over the battle of seven loss Komusubi.)

"I was able to utilize my opponent's power well. I remained calm even when he was trying to come at me hard."

Aran (2-8) losing to Toyonoshima


(Suffering Makekoshi as Komusubi and a farewell to Sanyaku.)

"The is the end. I reached the limit."

(Asked if he was thinking of going with a henka for third straight day.)

"Never, absolutely No."

Kisonosato (8-2) losing to Kotoshogiku by yorikiri


(Now suffering second loss and no longer a possibility of 14 win which was a borderline mark for his ozeki promotion.)


Kotoshogiku (9-1) over Kisenosato


(Rapidly bulldozing out his opponent, mentioning the key was to empty all extra thought out of his mind.)

"I did what I had to do. That's all. There is no point in thinking about things you cannot do."

"With Kise, there is something more than simply winning or losing at stake. I am happy I was able to display good sumo today. I shouldn't get too conscious of him but today I was able to get the good result."

(On seen listering to iPod prior to his bout.)

"Oh I am listening to "ff" (fortesimo) by Hound Dog. It just gets me really up mentally but calm me down at the same time."

Sadogatake oyakata, former Sekiwake Kotonowaka, Kotoshogiku's shisho


"The best thing to do is to forget all that distraction out of your mind,"

Naruto oyakata, former Yokozuna Takanosato, Kisenosato's shisho


"To go out as hard as you can with everything you have with a determination that you will even risk broken elbows or neck. That's the state of mind you need."

Takanohana oyakata, Director of Judging


"Kotoshogiku was perfect from the tachiai. He stayed low, far and heavy."

Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman


"Basically Kisenosato's sumo is predicated by getting the mawashi while Kotoshogiku won't need to get to the mawashi so he could step forward and quickly turn to his offensive."

(On Kotoshogiku's Ozeki magic number is now 3.)

"I am sure as we get close, more and more promotion mood will be generated."

Baruto (8-2) over Tochiozan by yorikiri


(To be facing Maegashira 11 Gagamaru on Day 11.)

"I guess there will be a different level of tension but I am looking forward to the bout."

Hakuho (10-0) over Tokitenku


(Not worrying about Tokitenku's foot/leg tricks.)

"I really had a great feeling the moment I jumped out of tachiai. Actually you always need to be a bit vigilant as you never know what he would do. You will need to really watch him carefully."

(On getting a double digit win record.)

"For a yokozuna, winning 10 is equivalent to kachikoshi. For him a double digit win record is 12."

(On a possibility of winning 20th yusho.)

"You never know until it's over."

Yusho Race Board



No loss - Hakuho

One loss - Kotoshogiku, Gagamaru


One loss - Myogiryu

Juryo West 9 Kaonishiki, 33, of Azumazeki Beya has withdrawn from the Aki Basho as of Day on September 20. Kaonishiki injured his right knee on Day 6 and went on kyujo for two days but re-entered on Day 8. He has further aggravated his injury in his Day 9 bout. His opponent on Day 10 Masuraumi will get a fusen win.

Rookie oyakata,former Ozeki Kaio now Asakayama oyakata, 39, has made his oyakata debut this basho by working as one of the security staff who guards at the entrance of the corridor leading up to the dressing room from Hanamichi.

"I have been a rikishi for 23 years but as an oyakata, everything is new to me," said Asakayama oyakata. "I wan to learn the trade as much as I can as quickly as I can" said former Kaio adding he is being helped by his shisho Tomozuna oyakata.

He says he is reducing food intake but as he no longer trains as before he is unable to lose any significant weight. "I know I should reduce my weight but..."

His dream is to go independent and found his heya but with the Kyokai still working through a variety of reform measures, he admits he feel some anxiety over Ozumo's future. "But I still believe we will still be growing and developing recruits as a Shisho working as a surrogate parent. I am not sure how long it will take but right now I will keep building what I can do now a little by little."

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