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Rikishi Talk Day 3 Aki Basho 2011

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Hokutokuni (Juryo West 13, 3-0) over Chiyozakura by tsukiotoshi


(Winning his third straight by pushing down Juryo debut Chiyozakura. Forced to go on kyujo for one year and resumed his career all the way from Mae-zumo and made it back to Juryo, a feat never achieved before in sumo history.)

"I have been able to get up on the dohyo with just right amount of tension. I am feeling great physically too."

Sotairyu (Juryo West 4m 2-1) over Masuraumi by hikiotoshi


(Placing first on Day 1 and second on Day 2 on the so-called Mark Sheet, Kyokai's fan survey)

"I am seeing my opponent well this basho. I am moving well too. I am always trying to display sumo that will make the fans happy."

(Having visited his home in Fukushima Prefecture last May and doing his best to help in any way to bring back normal life there)

"Obviously I want do all my best for my home town but I also want to bring back more life to Ozumo overall as well."

Yoshiazuma (1-2) over Daido by tsukiotoshi


(Making his Makuuchi debut at the age of 34 years old and getting his first Makuuchi win)

"I am little bit relieved. They really won't let you do as you would please up here in Makuuchi you know."

Shotenro (0-3) losing to Asasekiryu by uwatehineri


(Getting married to Kyokutenho's sister)

"Actually I was happy to face such a great senior from my home country every basho. Now he will become my brother so I am really happy."

(It also means Kyokutenho and Shotenro will not face each other in the regular basho except for a yusho kettei-sen.)

Kyokutenho (3-0) over Toyohibiki by uwatenage


(Celebrating his 37 year old birthday with a win)

"This is the twentieth birthday as a rikishi. Actually I can tell you I never expected I would be competing till this age."

Kisenosato (3-0) over Toyonoshima by tsukidashi


(Moving forward and winning his third straight)

"I feel I am far more stable than than the last basho (where he won 10 bouts)."

Kotoshogiku (3-0) over Aran by yorikiri


(Even using his well known Gaburi to get his third straight win)

"I feel like I can ride on the groove now."

"I was able to move out without having any fear today. But it's only the third day. What matters is what's ahead of us."

Oguruma oyakata, former Ozeki Kotokaze


(On Kotoshogiku)

"He will need to start winning with his own style as quickly as possible as once we get into the last half, he won't be no match against the top ranking rikishi unless he has a firm style to rely on. Those rikishi aiming for yokozuna and ozeki will also need to be conscious of the quality of their techniques and moves as well."

Kakuryu (1-2) losing to Tochiozan by oshidashi


(Down after exchanging fierce tsuki with Tochiozan and losing his second bout in three days, resulting in his ozeki aspiration dissipating rather quickly.)

"I am just jumping around all over the place without having any focus. I guess I want to win so badly and as a result not focusing on my own sumo."

Hanaregoma oyakata, Kyokai chairman


(On Kakuryu)

"I feel he just should start moving forward. The question is how many more wins he can garner from now on."

Yoshikaze (1-2) over Baruto by yorikiri


(Beating Baruto for the first time in their six encounters)

"I don't remember the bout too well but I kept pushing him. All I was thinking about was to hit him hard. That's all."

(After a bout of disarray yesterday, feeling mighty fine today)

"Tomorrow I want to display a sumo like today."

Baruto (1-2) losing to Yoshikaze


"I don't know what it is but I really cannot get into my sumo. I have no idea what's wrong with me."

Homasho (2-1) over Kotooshu by oshidashi


(Beaten Baruto on Day 1 and now Kotooshu)

"It appears that my sumo style of keep going after from below is working great against him. It's basically not let him grab the mawashi and when he starts pulling I will go in."

"Up to now I have a good flow so I am hoping I can keep going with it till the end."

(On having married)

"I used to skip breakfast but now I am starting to eat a breakfast, still light like yogurt and some protein. She takes care of nutritional values for me and eating well balanced meals."

(On his wife expecting their first child by the end of year)

"I was told it would be a boy. Obviously I want him to be a rikishi. His shikona? How about Terao (the second)?"

Kotooshu (0-3) losing to Homasho


(Usual no comment after a bad loss)


Hanaregoyma oyakata, Kyokai chairman


(On the two struggling ozeki)

"Baruto's sumo is kind of unpolished mess right now. Kotooshu should just go out with confidence but he appears to be so unsure of himself."

Harumafuji (2-1) over Wakanosato by yorikiri


(Moving quickly and decisively and not letting the loss he suffered on the previous day to drag on.)

"I am moving well since the Day 1. Yesterday I went out too hight so I tried to go lower today. All I can do is to focus on my sumo and do my best. I hope to reach a peak as I go along

Okinoumi (2-1) losing to Hakuho by uwatenage


(Beaten two ozeki but the yokozuna was another story even though it was a valiant effort giving all kinds of problems to Hakuho)

"I was able to get the left in so cleanly, actually when I think about it now, too cleanly as I ended up rushing myself too much. I feel so bad now as I know I would never get the opportunity like that again. Ahh...if I was able to get the win, it would have been so cool too. I guess I gotta wait for the next basho."

(Talking about his story of "Sensational Okinoumi" beating the yokozuna the previous day)

"I know I know. I realize now it was just dust in the wind."

Hakuho (3-0) over Okinoumi


(Prevailing over a rather trying bout)

"Well you know, a part of yokozuna sumo is to persevere even in the most difficult situations."

"I realized I needed to stay calm and not rush myself. I was thinking of a lot of things like going for Chongake or Uchigake but I just decided to stay calm and wait for an opening."

"I feel my mental and physical sides are merging into one."

Today's Makuuchi and Juryo Stars as selected by the Kokuigkan fans



1. Yoshikaze - 648

2. Hakuho - 533

3. Kotoshogiku - 504


1. Sadanofuji - 318

Attendance: 5,300

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