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Poland Sumo Club

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Is anyone here from Poland? I'm aware of the sumo club at the Towarzystwo Atletyczne Rozum in Krotoszyn, Poland. Their website is but I wish to know if they have a Facebook page?

Thank you!

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Polish Cup seniors and juniors and seniors and juniors

Fermoy, 25-26.02.2012 r


Polish Association of the Sumo,

City Hall in Krotoszyn,

District Office in Krotoszyn,

Reason Athletic Association Krotoszyn.


selection of the best riders in the group of seniors and juniors,

popularize sumo,

stage of the qualification of players to represent the ME and the World Cup 2012

popularize the sport and healthy living,

promotion of the Earth Krotoszyńska

III. Time and venue - APPLICATION FOR A COMPETITION to 20/02/2012:

25-26.02.2012r. - Hall Athletic Association "Reason" Krotoszyn

st. Small Market 13, 63-700 Krotoszyn

tel / fax 62/725 74 39, mobile 601 983 698 E-mail:

Cast JUDGES: SG-Reason D., ZSG - Wojda A., Sh-cho - Paczków M., Sobczyk W., Kurlapski R., Gy.:, M. Konieczny, Flak M., Jedynak A., Sh.: J. Lipski, Kitowska M., Lesniak L., Jurewicz B., R. Radlinski

Hearts. walk-Praczyk letter K.

The judges of the scale: Jurewicz B.., M. Konieczny, Jedynak A.


Right off the players and athletes are nominated by the PZSUMO licensed clubs, above / on time and holding a current medical examination and a valid / paid for 2012 / licensed to competing. Applications separately for each age division for boys and girls / men and women.

L.P. juniors juniors

First -60 Kg -50 kg

Second -70 Kg -55 kg

Third -80 Kg -60 kg

4th -90 Kg -65 kg

5th -70 Kg -100 kg

6th 100 kg 70 kg

L.P. seniors seniors

First -70 Kg. -55 Kg.

Second -85 Kg -65 kg.

Third -92 Kg -73 kg.

4th -100 Kg. -80 Kg.

5th -95 Kg -115 kg.

6th 115 kg + 95 kg.


- Apply 2 kg. weight tolerance

Note! Due to the training athlete has the right to take part in two weight categories, and higher in his or her and open in that age group.

At the request of coach of national team players, regardless of age, can compete in the older group.

Pursuant to the Regulations for 2012 battle will take place the following systems:

- Up to five players: a system of peer

- From 6 to 10 players: a system divided into two pools of players who in their groups and fight robin system. After selecting the top two from each pool are held semi-final battle: 1A and 1B, 2B with 2A. The winners of these fights are fighting for places I and II, and III defeated occupy two places

- Over 10 players: the combat system (ISF) with double Repechage.


In case of a player when in / on time or changes in weight class applies PZSUMO fee of PLN 100 each change a player. These changes can be made only before the weight.

The draw will be fighting on Saturday after the weight.

A player who does not limit the weight during the second weight will be able to start in the higher category after paying 100 zł for PZSUMO.

- Players are bound seniors groups compete only in white mawashi (no shorts). In exceptional cases, the younger players, in consultation with the Chief, is allowed to start the players in black, tight shorts (leginsach). Players are required to compete in the white mawashi and one-piece outfit, preferably in black.

Competitive and club licenses must earn and pay at least 7 days before the event by sending completed applications with photographs to the address 04-926 Warszawa, ul. 25 Horn, Andrew Wojda. In the case of production of the license before the weight of competition fee of PZSUMO increased by 100%.

In the case of renewal of a license applies the same procedure - should be at the aforesaid address to send licensed riders together with printing license renewal.

For the year 2012 license fee for clubs is 100 PLN, for the players / check: groups of juniors and cadets - 20 PLN, młodzieżowców and seniors - 30 PLN license applications for download at


Organisation costs are covered organizer, home insurance covers players clubs.


Boarding school - Krotoszyn Street. Mickiewicz - Tel: 694 278 537, 62/725 32 75

(Cost of 30 to 40 PLN for os.)

Hotel Krotosz - Krotoszyn Street. Mickiewicz - tel 62/725 43 06 (cost about 50 - 60 zł to os.).

The organizer provides refreshments for race day


Players occupying the place 1-3 (2/3) will receive diplomas and medals.


Saturday: 25.2.2012, the

for hours. 16:00 Arrival of teams and accommodation,

from h. 16:30 to 17:30 and weight competitors,

from h. 17:30 to 18: 00 - draw the struggles and print crosswords

from h. 18:15 - The Extraordinary Assembly of Delegates PZSUMO the enactment of amendments to the Statute and Rules of Disciplinary Association.

Sunday: 26/11/2011

from h. 8:30 to 9:00 II Weight competitors,

from h. Mass 9:15. Peter and Paul Church at Little Square

from h. 10:30 Polish Junior Cup

hours. 13:30 official opening event, greeting guests,

hours. 13:45 Polish Cup seniors


Medalists to come in costume decoration, ie starting in the mawashi. Competitors not complying with this condition do not receive medals.

Ceremony will take place during the race after the individual weight classes.

Organizer: Reason Dariusz

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