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Taiho honored

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I don't know if this belongs under the Ozumo category - moderators? - but I just LOVE this:

From the NRCU

30-05-2011 16:30 State award presented to sumo wrestler of Ukrainian descent

Ukrainian Ambassador to Japan Mykola Kulinich, on behalf of the Ukrainian President, has presented the Order of Merit (third degree) to famous sumo wrestler of a Ukrainian descent, Koki Naya (Taiho).

The state award had been presented to the wrestler for his significant personal contribution to strengthening the international authority of Ukraine and developing humanitarian relations between Ukraine and Japan. The ambassador also praised Naya's contribution to deepening friendship and mutual understanding between the Ukrainian and Japanese peoples.

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This took place on the occasion of Taiho's 71st birthday party on Sunday, which saw over 100 guests sumo and otherwise in attendance, with the sumo side represented by Hakuho, Magaki-oyakata and Kitanoumi-oyakata among others.

Taiho and Ukrainian ambassador Frank Cannon:


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