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Day 12 results and day 13 pairings

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Toyonoshima is still trying to become the second rikishi ever to win consecutive yusho in juryo and makuuchi as he downed co-leader ozeki Baruto with a shitatehineri. Ryogoku managed that feat in 1914, and the yusho just didn't have the same ring to it like it does today - for example the last bout of Ryogoku (the yusho decider so to speak) was against the lowest ranked maegashira, not against his pursuer, yokozuna Tachiyama against whom he most likely would have lost.

Today's yokozuna Hakuho and the eternal ozeki Kaio also won their bouts, sending Tochiozan and Hakuba to make-koshi. They meet tomorrow to take down another rikishi from the leaders while Toyonoshima is up against Kakuryu and Baruto must beat fellow ozeki Kotooshu to stay within one win. Goeido is the sole rikishi at 9-3 while Tamawashi beat Shotenro for the single makuuchi kachi-koshi of the day. Kotoshogiku beat Kisenosato to get close to a sanyaku return as Homasho and Aminishiki hurt their chances with losses.

Juryo had even two bouts between leaders with Wakakoyu and Toyohibiki emerging victorious over Sakaizawa and Kaisei. Tochinowaka stayed in the leader group but veteran Tamanoshima lost to Kyokunankai. Two other veterans Tosanoumi and Jumonji are a double digit losses already with Jumonji sure to get demoted along with Ryuho while Tosanoumi can still stay in juryo if he wins out which seems unlikely by now. Tsurugidake and Chiyohakuho also are in danger ans get an encounter with the two very motivated lead makushita at 3-3 tomorrow. Masunoyama lost to Daido to get the make-koshi and has only room for one more loss to stay in juryo.

Day 12


J13e   Akiseyama (8-4)	 oshidashi	  J13w   Tsurugidake (5-7)
J12w   Daido (7-5)		 hikiotoshi	 J11w   Masunoyama (4-8)
J10e   Tochinowaka (9-3)   hikiotoshi	 J12e   Chiyohakuho (6-6)
J10w   Tamaasuka (4-8)	 uwatenage	  J8e	Tosanoumi (2-10)
J5e	Kyokunankai (7-5)   oshidashi	  J8w	Tamanoshima (8-4)
J5w	Masatsukasa (6-6)   yorikiri	   J9w	Sadanoumi (6-6)
J4e	Asofuji (5-7)	   katasukashi	J6w	Hochiyama (5-7)
J4w	Toyohibiki (9-3)	yorikiri	   J6e	Kaisei (8-4)
J3e	Hoshikaze (3-9)	 sukuinage	  J14e   Jumonji (2-10)
J7w	Takarafuji (8-4)	oshidashi	  J3w	Wakatenro (6-6)
J2e	Toyozakura (7-5)	hikiotoshi	 J7e	Kakizoe (6-6)
J14w   Ryuho (4-8)		 yorikiri	   J2w	Sadanofuji (3-9)
J1e	Wakakoyu (9-3)	  tsukidashi	 J9e	Sakaizawa (8-4)
J11e   Takayasu (8-4)	  hatakikomi	 J1w	Shironoryu (4-8)


M14e   Goeido (9-3)		yorikiri	   M13e   Sokokurai (5-7)
M16w   Okinoumi (7-5)	  yorikiri	   M13w   Tochinonada (4-8)
M15e   Koryu (6-6)		 oshidashi	  M12e   Takamisakari (6-6)
M11w   Tokitenku (7-5)	 ketaguri	   M14w   Miyabiyama (7-5)
M8e	Tamawashi (8-4)	 hikiotoshi	 M16e   Shotenro (8-4)
M15w   Kasugao (3-9)	   kotenage	   M7e	Kotokasuga (3-9)
M10w   Tosayutaka (7-5)	oshidashi	  M7w	Kimurayama (4-8)
M6e	Kokkai (4-8)		kirikaeshi	 M12w   Bushuyama (2-10)
M11e   Mokonami (7-5)	  yorikiri	   M6w	Tokusegawa (7-5)
M5e	Yoshikaze (6-6)	 tsukiotoshi	M9e	Kyokutenho (7-5)

M10e   Gagamaru (6-6)	  oshidashi	  M5w	Wakanosato (4-8)
M4w	Takekaze (5-7)	  oshidashi	  M8w	Shimotori (5-7)
M2w	Asasekiryu (5-7)	hatakikomi	 M2e	Aminishiki (6-6)
M1w	Kotoshogiku (7-5)   yorikiri	   M1e	Kisenosato (8-4)
K1e	Aran (3-9)		  hatakikomi	 M3w	Kitataiki (3-9)
K1w	Tochinoshin (4-8)   shitatenage	M3e	Homasho (6-6)
S1w	Kakuryu (6-6)	   tsukiotoshi	O1e	Kotooshu (8-4)
O2w	Kaio (11-1)		 yorikiri	   M4e	Hakuba (4-8)
M9w	Toyonoshima (11-1)  shitatehineri  O1w	Baruto (10-2)
Y1e	Hakuho (11-1)	   kotenage	   S1e	Tochiozan (4-8)

Day 13


Ms1w   Sagatsukasa (3-3)				  J13w   Tsurugidake (5-7)
J12e   Chiyohakuho (6-6)				  Ms1e   Kiyoseumi (3-3)
J8e	Tosanoumi (2-10)				   J11w   Masunoyama (4-8)
J11e   Takayasu (8-4)					 J6w	Hochiyama (5-7)
J6e	Kaisei (8-4)					   J10e   Tochinowaka (9-3)
J9e	Sakaizawa (8-4)					J5w	Masatsukasa (6-6)
J5e	Kyokunankai (7-5)				  J13e   Akiseyama (8-4)
J10w   Tamaasuka (4-8)					J4w	Toyohibiki (9-3)
J4e	Asofuji (5-7)					  J12w   Daido (7-5)
J9w	Sadanoumi (6-6)					J3w	Wakatenro (6-6)
J3e	Hoshikaze (3-9)					J14w   Ryuho (4-8)
J7e	Kakizoe (6-6)					  J2w	Sadanofuji (3-9)
J2e	Toyozakura (7-5)				   J8w	Tamanoshima (8-4)
J14e   Jumonji (2-10)					 J1w	Shironoryu (4-8)
J1e	Wakakoyu (9-3)					 J7w	Takarafuji (8-4)


M15w   Kasugao (3-9)					  M13w   Tochinonada (4-8)
M16w   Okinoumi (7-5)					 M11w   Tokitenku (7-5)
M14w   Miyabiyama (7-5)				   M10w   Tosayutaka (7-5)
M10e   Gagamaru (6-6)					 M13e   Sokokurai (5-7)
M9e	Kyokutenho (7-5)				   M15e   Koryu (6-6)
M16e   Shotenro (8-4)					 M8w	Shimotori (5-7)
M12w   Bushuyama (2-10)				   M7w	Kimurayama (4-8)
M7e	Kotokasuga (3-9)				   M11e   Mokonami (7-5)
M14e   Goeido (9-3)					   M6w	Tokusegawa (7-5)
M6e	Kokkai (4-8)					   M12e   Takamisakari (6-6)

M8e	Tamawashi (8-4)					M4w	Takekaze (5-7)
M3e	Homasho (6-6)					  M5w	Wakanosato (4-8)
M2w	Asasekiryu (5-7)				   M1w	Kotoshogiku (7-5)
M1e	Kisenosato (8-4)				   M2e	Aminishiki (6-6)
M3w	Kitataiki (3-9)					K1w	Tochinoshin (4-8)
K1e	Aran (3-9)						 M4e	Hakuba (4-8)
M9w	Toyonoshima (11-1)				 S1w	Kakuryu (6-6)
S1e	Tochiozan (4-8)					M5e	Yoshikaze (6-6)
O1e	Kotooshu (8-4)					 O1w	Baruto (10-2)
Y1e	Hakuho (11-1)					  O2w	Kaio (11-1)

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I yelled loudly and woke up my girlfriend when I saw Toyonoshima beating Baruto. I've been secretly hoping that the emperor's cup would go to Kaio or Toyonoshima this basho and my hopes just might become reality!

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I was watching too, can't believe it! I know people don't agree but I much prefer a basho where the makuuchi yusho is a race rather than a parade. This is great stuff, no matter how odd some of it may be... I believe (Sign of approval...)

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