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Guest Kaikitsune

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Guest Kaikitsune

Kaio is not that bad. Dohyo rust all over him but power is there. He has had 2 good bouts. Tomorrow the verbally legendary premier Kaio-Kaiho which he should win.

Kaiho has more and more mature sumo. He is suffering from his abdominal/waist injury but seems very smart and tenacious. Interesting to see his bouts this basho against the mean and less mean high rankers!

Kotonowaka is in good shape. Technically pursued for migi-uwate in both bouts and easily got it too. Against Dejima his leg twisted in a strange manner causing his surprising loss after dominating Deji on the belt. Tamanoshima had no chance.

Tosanoumi is back! Great sumo so far. 12 kg leaner and very stable balance! Strength is respectable and he seems relatively injury free. Locking horns with Musoyama tomorrow (as some NHK commentator likes to say) is 50-50 I think.

Takamisakari has had a good return to Juryo. Torn ACL injury is probably now healed as well as it ever will. It would be nice to see him Makuuchi soon!

Wakanosato has perhaps trained too much again.

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