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Toshiyori-kabu and related systems

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One of the 105 coaching licenses which sekitori can buy or inherit from

his father or father-in-law


Ten two-year waiting rights for the retired sekitori during which former

sekitori has to arrange himself a toshiyori-kabu or resign from kyokai's

membership; nobody is using a jun-toshiyori right now because re-introduction

of borrowing has decreased its significance greatly


Rented toshiyori-kabu; during the lease the renter aims to collect the

money to either buy the rented kabu or some other kabu about to become

available for the right price


fixed name and license collection of 105 toshiyori (and also any single


ichidai toshiyori

personal and lifelong toshiyori-kabu outside regular myoseki that can be

rarely privileged to an exceptionally successful yokozuna (dai-yokozuna)

whose shikona is also the name of the ichidai-toshiyori; lost in its

occupant's death or his 65th birthday; currently ex-yokozuna Kitanoumi,

Taiho and Takanohana have ichidai toshiyori

The basic concept is that toshiyori-kabu is a license to coach and a

prerequisite for setting up a new heya. Myoseki means the actual elder

name whereas kabu means the financially valuable stock that entitles to

that name. There are 105 toshiyori-kabu and 3 additional ichidai

toshiyori. Retiring rikishi must acquire toshiyori-kabu in order to be

qualified for continuing in Kyokai after intai. Nowadays when elders live

longer and often reach the mandatory retirement age of 65, there tends to

be a shortage of kabu so price has gone up considerably during the last

couple of decades. There are also ten jun-toshiyori waiting rights during

which one must either acquire a kabu or leave sumo. Yokozuna has special 5

year right to stay in Kyokai without having either toshiyori-kabu nor

jun-toshiyori but after that period he too must leave sumo in case he

hasn't been able to acquire toshiyori-kabu.

The following long thread has a lot of information on how this system

works. You can find answers to many questions here and in general get

familiar with the system. It can be considered as a sort of toshiyori-kabu

FAQ covering the lending system, ways of purchasing it, changes in the

field etc.

List of present toshiyori kabu and their owners can be found for example

at Bandey's excellent site that is updated often.

Toshiyori-kabu part of a sumo FAQ-page:

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Of course the best place to get familiar with the current status of kabu-holders is to pay a visit to this excellent site:

The message I wrote last year in March may have errors as it was sort of a summing up of the system written after I had read other threads and asked people who know more than I do. If there are mistakes or old information, please do correct it. Toshiyori-kabu system is interesting as such so this thread could serve many people if maintained with love and care!

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Life is life and sometimes it can be good to go through a whole website at one sitting. So it is time for a repeated recommendation ladies and gentlemen. If you read all material from Tamanogijima's site, you will gain a solid understanding of this toshiyori kabu system, oyakata faces, loaned kabu etc. and also you can review all the major incidents regarding kabu from the past 10 years or so. Especially the last chapter "Oddities and scandals" is a crash course to those:

Because the whole site is very good, I will benevolently bring up a sentence which may have a mistake in English: "During his shisho's illness he was already "acting oyakata", and he led the ship well through the ramblings aroung a sekitori of the heya, who hit a peasant when he drove a car". This very unfortunate incident naturally doesn't have anything funny as such but was the victim really a peasant? (Eh?) Or maybe a pedestrian.

Yes, read all from this site with a sip of your favourite beverage in a glass on your desk:

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Yes, read all from this site with a sip of your favourite beverage in a glass on your desk:

Not quite all... The false friend :-D -- "Passant" means "pedestrian" in German -- has been removed. But the rest is still there.

Thanks for advertising my site. It makes me happy that you like it and think it is of some value as well. I'll take my favourite beverage on that! (Blushing...)

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