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Kaikitsune Makoto

Day 3 comments

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Tochinoshin outpowered Kotooshu in a battle of migiyotsu specialists. Both had firm grip after some grip changes, Kotooshu exerted all his power to drive Tochinoshin who neatly lifted and pivoted Kotooshu around and maintained pressure in fully convincing way. Remarkable sumo by Tochinoshin, probably in top 3 of all his bouts ever in oozumo. Everything worked perfectly in this bout and Kotooshu was able to do his own sumo too.

Harumafuji is not one-legged. He can put pressure on it but of course it is painful and not good. Most likely meniscus injury. Today he looked light at times when left leg was supposed to do the work but he also did put pressure on it more at times and had a decent win over Homasho. Kotomitsuki repeated his tachi-ai speed from yesterday but couldn't blow away Toyonoshima, still worked his way to good inside position and had his first win too.

Hokutoriki's was at his absolute best today. Immaculate tachi-ai and follow-up. Koryu was completely destroyed. Outstanding. It is like seeing a huge tackle in hockey where the receiver gets destroyed by a clean hit (but not die). Great stuff.

Look at Tamanoshima the Ironbar today. Quite funny actually. Stiffness in defence maximized. Lower back problems undoubtedly a part of the reason. He just stood there taking Wakakoyu's tsuki-attack before getting pulled down.

Takamisakari avoided the tachi-ai loss which is common sight in his bouts against Takekaze, wrapped him and escorted out. Good sumo.

Aran had very good tachi-ai and right hand push which was enough to derail Mokonami in 2 seconds. Strong start 3-0.

Goeido looked stable in yotsu but Okinoumi didn't even hand one hand on the belt. Still hard to say how Goeido's sumo will be this basho. 2-1 is a good start while Okinoumi is somehow lacking something. Nothing that clear what it is.

Kakizoe got morozashi and lifted Tosayutaka out with tsuridashi.

Toyohibiki succeeded today in hitting as hard as he can and the momentum took Tenho out.

Asasekiryu and Wakanosato ended up in hidariyotsu which Wakanosato handled better. Asasekirty lost his right hand outside grip but performed a beautiful and clean chongake which is often seen. 3-0 start for him while Wakanosato is 0-3.

Aminishiki had another wild bout movement-wise. He already had a nimble one against Kotooshu but today even more so. Kakuryu's missed push was almost his downfall but somehow found a way to wriggle out of Aminishiki's hold, then did susoharai attempts twice before losing his own balance and falling onto his ass while Aminishiki aided with a little push. Erratic bout.

Kisenosato had a normal bout where he easily beat a weaker foe in hidariyotsu.

YMY looks very bad, Daido looks good, Matsutani had killer uwatenage against soon retiring Kaiho, Sadanofuji does burly sumo and is 3-0.

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I officially pass the Kaikitsune "I do not exist" torch from Asashouryuu to Baruto/Hakuhou. In any case, a very brilliant analysis as usual, pointing out stuff I never notice yet are glaringly visible after you point them out..

Thank you.

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Perhaps I'm overreacting, but I think Kasuganishiki's nearing the end of the rope...guy just doesn't seem to have the mental and physical speed to keep up at the juryo level any longer. I've had that feeling for a while now, but the last three days that impression has been even more pronounced than in previous tournaments.

On a more positive note, Daido keeps rocking in juryo. Based on what he showed in his extended stay in high makushita I never would have thought him capable of what he's showed in his first 18 juryo bouts. Of course, the same went for Kotokuni once upon a time... (Minus the extended high makushita stay, which made his early juryo success even more surprising.)

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