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Kaikitsune Makoto

Natsu 2010 - Day 2 comments

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Gagamaru is a nice exhibition sample of a reasonably stereotypical rikishi body but without excessive middle body prominence. He does resemble Musashimaru in some ways. Strange thing is that it is difficult to determine how major are his weaknesses. Having had rather limited access to juryo bouts lately, I haven't been able to analyze his sumo much. When he wins, it is usually the same way keeping his 200mg mass of liver, muscle, fat, connective tissue and stuff in front of his foe pushing and pushing. There is certain beauty in the simplicity of his sumo and his body also looks very good in such sumo. Today he did his sumo by keeping in front of Wakakoyu and being stronger in such sumo, he naturally won. Simple as that. Of Gagamaru stays on his feet, he will bring a new aspect to makuuchi. Good addition.

Hokutoriki's dream bout today being able to do exactly what he likes to do. Tamanoshima's style suits Hokutoriki perfectly. If Hoku didn't win this bout, then he could admit he didn't win despite having all his major weapons in full use. Tamanoshima gives such a clear target for his pushes and Hokutoriki did his thing and had a good win. Tamanoshima doesn't have a good record against Hoku for obvious reasons.

Also Koryu did his sumo and showed his best against Yoshikaze who didn't have a chance today.

When Shimotori gets his left hand outside against Sakke, it is difficult for Sakke to pivot as Shimotori is tall and has squeezing left uwate. Therefore today Shimotori getting that grip, it was his main goal to suppress Sakke's inevitable pivot and better reach means better suppression stance and hence the one-sided win.

Tochinonada's quick tsukiotoshi at the tachi-ai dropped Takekaze.

Okinoumi has a good sumo body with reach and power. Needs some honing and needs to have less problems with his lower back in order to proceed to new heights and becoming more rubsut. Today Kimurayama was in control utilzing his high level skill of timing his pushes. This sometimes results in overwhelming finishes as his strong push sends foe airborne. Today Kimurayama managed to go with his flow and kept pushing before finishing off with typical well timed big push that sent Okinoumi tumbling down.

Mokonami had another strong bout despite giving Tosayutaka morozashi. With only left hand outside grip, he did well to throw Tosayutaka down. Perhaps some of the cause was Tosayutaka's slip or balance problem but nevertheless 2-0 for Mokonami after 2 solid wins over Okinoumi in yotsu and Tosayutaka today.

Goeido looks light still and is not that stable with his sumo yet after knee cap fracture (probably the diagnosis). He has his kubinage weapon which worked nicely today against Tokusegawa. 1-1 but a long basho for him ahead.

Aran had reportedly always eaten like a horse, had mouth cancer at one point but is now at 162kg!? How did that happen. 1-14 in Haru was very bad but this basho a good start with wins over Sakaigawa rikishi. Today he was able to stop Toyohibiki's charge well and forced him to the edge where Toyohibiki tried to hang on and even do some sotogake stuff. Aran kept his pressure at full force and Toyohibiki then dropped off in a spectator pleasing manner. Aran 2-0, Toyohibiki 0-2 but with respectable efforts to the end.

Kakizoe benefitted a lot from the tachiai as it looked like matta and Kakizoe just pushed upright Tamawashi out without problems.

Kokkai is the first real sekitori veteran who comes from ex-Soviet or Eastern Europe area. He may be wreck physically but doesn't show that much on the dohyo. Today a solid win over Tenho who on the other hand looks somehow tired.

Kitataiki brings visible fighting spirit, good basic yotsu-tenacity into sumo and has deserved his shot at high maegashira. Even with migiyotsu he outpowered Tokitenku today. Kitataiki is usually better at hidariyotsu. Tomorrow a good challenge facing Kisenosato against whom he can't win in hidariyotsu.

Quick dashinage-win at the tachi-ai from Asasekiryu against Hakuba.

Shogun looks very genki. Hopefully he doesn't aggravate his groin pulls (which can't be that bad really) and can do t his kind of sumo the whole basho. Stomach thrusts in half hidariyotsu and Wakanosato didn't have an answer to that. 2-0 and genki start indeed.

O3 pushed and pulled Kakuryu down. Mundane bout.

Harumafuji must have knee injury but it is not easy to put everything on that in this bout either. Tochinoshin is good at taking pushes and got into position he really can't lose from. Tsuridashi was a formality after he got a hold of Harumafuji's thigh. Bad landing on the injured leg and it could have done some aggravation. Hard to say how his knee feels but Aminishiki has often done good sumo even when limping around. The nature of his knee injury is not reported? Menisci crap?

Baruto has big advantage due to his reach. He has enourmous power but what makes it so special in his case is the fact that once he gets a grip, he has twice the leverage to use that power than a 185cm rikishi has. As a foe one should always try to read which side Baruto tries to pivot. If you can react to that, then the advantage gets smaller. Homasho had a good pushiing attack and tried to force Baruto out from migiyotsu but when close to edge Baruto got his migiyotsu and managed to use that power+leverage golden combination to turn him around with tsuridashi. As they say in Japanese he has "megumareteiru" body for yotsu. Good start as a new ozeki. Homasho went of a shift at the tachi-ai too.

U and Miyabiyama showed some mobility, or KaioU actuallty showed that more. Great dohyo sense and amazingly good turns and escapes. There were plenty of stances and angles of defence that put a lot of burden on his lower body and lower back (even a pressure peak from side) but he looked quite comfortable even when sitting down heavily after yanking down Miyabiyama bit before stepping out with his heel. Great stuff and showed he doesn everything he can to get wins. Hopefully he can do reasonably health sumo despite this burden.

Kisenosato had 3-1 in last 4 bouts against Kotomitsuki. Today light Kotomitsuki had tremendously godo tachi-ai beating Kise 100-0 in that. Physical power is good to have as Kise wasn't bulldozed even with such a loss at the tachi-ai. One of the no no-moves of Kisenosato came into play again as he did that tsukiotoshi move which is quite a reflex from him but this time he managed to turn Kotomitsuki around and easily jerk his out. Not convincing sumo but these kind of wins are important. Bad tachi-ai loss and bad tsukiotoshi move habit coming into play and yet a solid win at the end.

Typical smart sumo by Aminishiki keeping low and watching Kotooshu's moves. Kotooshu looked very sharp though with good countermoves by using nimble footwork. Good display of agility. kotooshu is genki. 2-0 against difficult foes at the start of the basho is promising. Aminishiki looks genki too. Good sekiwake and brings excitement to all bouts.

Hakuho won a sumo bout well.

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:-( :-(

Still, typical of you- as usual, you purposely left out Asashouryuu's bout.

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Still, typical of you- as usual, you purposely left out Asashouryuu's bout.


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