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Aim For Yokozuna

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Aim of the game:

To pick one rikishi for the wins, another for the losses, add them together and get the highest total. For example last basho, the best score in Makuuchi in this game under these beta rules would have been a Kyokutenho (12 wins) and Hokutoriki/Ryuo (12 losses) pairing. You just have to do this for Makuuchi and Juryo (last basho would have been a Baruto and Daimanazuru pairing for the win).

How to enter:

Pick 4 rikishi, 2 from Makuuchi (not including Yokozuna/Ozeki) and 2 from Juryo. Post whether you want the wins or losses to count for that rikishi. Those kyujo before you make your entry will make your pick invalid. I'll contact you about a replacement as soon as I see the problem, or just post (please no edits) your replacement in this thread if you spot it first.

For the purposes of the beta test, like last time you can enter 3 groups each. :)

Makuuchi Wins:

Makuuchi Losses:

Juryo Wins:

Juryo Losses:

The deadline for this game is 2pm JST on the first day of the basho, the same as most of the other games based on the sekitori.


These are just an idea for the sansho. If anyone has any other ideas please feel free to post them. I tried to make them in a way that would represent the meaning of the real prizes...

To get a prize, you must have a KK, and a quartet that have fought on all 15 days.

Outstanding Performance Award (Shukun-sho): Rikishi who gets more separate wins/losses than the rikishi who wins the basho.

Technique Award (Gino-sho): Get the best choice in 3 of the 4 groups, or the best sole options for the same division.

Fighting Spirit Award (Kanto-sho): Take the numerical rank of the real rikishi on the banzuke, and compare with the numerical rank from their records after the basho.

(Banzuke rank

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Makuuchi wins: Toyohibiki

Makuuchi losses: Miyabiyama

Juryo wins: Shotenro

Juryo losses: Hoshikaze

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Mak W: Goeido

Mak L : Hakuba

Jur. W: Shotenro

Jur. L : Kasugao


Mak W: Yoshikaze

Mak L : Kitataiki

Jur. W: Bushuyama

Jur. L : Asofuji


Mak W: Kakuryu

Mak L : Koryu

Jur. W: Yamamotoyama

Jur. L : Kaiho

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Conscripting my Cibersumo trio again, maybe I'll manage to be first and last this basho, too... BTW, if this game goes further I'd strongly advise reworking that W-L calculation you used on last basho's results.


MW: Kisenosato

ML: Wakakoyu

JW: Tamaasuka

JL: Kanbayashi


MW: Goeido

ML: Koryu

JW: Sakaizawa

JL: Tokushinho


MW: Takekaze

ML: Kitataiki

JW: Futeno

JL: Kotokasuga

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Only 7 entries this time, but I might try to find a way to boost that using some Hoshitori/UDH/Juryo Game dummy entries if I can find them.

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