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Are we too quiet in our appreciation?

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I'm happy to know someone else has soon the dubious privilege to decide about this and I can be free from the rest of humankind. I should have done this far earlier.

Well, I really hope your success in getting grips on reality by choosing isolation is much greater than my own. The couple or three attempts I have made thus far were spectacular failures that did everything much worse at least for a period of time. I wish you luck, but I'm very worried for you, because it sounds very dangerous. (In a state of confusion...)

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Fragile was not a prod of any type but I had no other way to put things delicately.As I said I am not a man of letters and it is quit possible that my posts are, um...lacking in a friendly type of style and I really have no idea how to change that.I honestly have no beef with you and have tried not to mention politics since my one post in the off topic forum so many moons ago and as far as I remember haven't mentioned religion.My post in the feedback section was as per the sub head for that forum and I have little idea as to what you took such exception to.

Anyway...I do regret causing you any undue worries, if I have at all done so.

So I think I understand the metre now.Is it like this;we all have it but I can only see my own?

Edit:no need to answer the q above.I just read my PM's.

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Yubi-san ,you are probably right but thats the problem with posts like that.Who knows?I suppose some do.

Drop it I have.

Hey  Ada-san, didn't you get the metre too?

Am I the only person under threat of persecution for expressing an opinion then?

Seeing the fragile position of Rijicho right now I will not persue it but I would like to understand this one.There has been no explanation thus far.

Edit:Have you tried to talk to him yet?


indeed the warnometer thingy has been stalking me for some time recently.

Think it is at 33% just now so it isn't only your opinions that get that sort of reaction - mine too at times although I too fail to understand which / why as nothing is explained and no reasons are given that I recall - may be wrong here.

Think you're right in not pushing it just now.


PS - when were you last at Takasago because in that you even were seems to be, just my thinking out loud so no other readers take offence please in what is a reply to Ryu-san, that the experience 'in-theatre' may be what riles the most and causes some friction.

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