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Hoshitori Game

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Well, to continue being slightly off topic here, I fizzled out spectacularly in UDH, probably getting my first makekoshi ever. However, with the unlikely 15-0 co-yusho in Hoshitori, I fully qualify for the Ozeki promotion there. Unless, of course, the Hoshitori Kyokai have some objections. Do they?

Both Kintaro and Sokkenaiyama finished with the same points (ahead of six more players within 20 points) and get a 15-0 score. The hoshitori yusho however is decided in a tie-breaker with Kintaro choosing Paper and Sokkenaiyama countering with Scissors, so Sokkenaiyama wins the yusho and Kintaro has to be content with his third jun-yusho (along with one yusho).

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