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Hatsu basho shonichi tickets for sale

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I quote Amanogawa's mail:

I was going to give up these tickets ( Higashi, 2nd floor, row 12, seat #15 and 16 ). Each cost 3,600 yen, but

I'd be happy with 6,000 yen for two if anyone wants these altogether...

Hopefully her "Awaiting Authorisation" status will change soon and allow her to post again. In the meanwhile, if anyone's interested please reply to this thread, and I'll act as a communication go-between if still needed.

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Thanks so much Manekineko, for taking care of this (Hugging...)

Well, it's okay too to make it separete. In this case, each will be 3,000.

My long-malfunctioned email should be working now ( thanks Exil and Manekineko! (I am not worthy...) (I am not worthy...) ), so

please email me if there is anyone interested. Thanks.

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