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Kaikitsune Makoto

Kimarite stats in 2003

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Here are the kimarite stats of year 2003. In parenthesis are the

differences compared to year 2002. There are no copyrights protecting this

post but if you make a lot of money with this article, please send me 20


yorikiri 389 (+2)

oshidashi 393 (same!)

Yorikiri lost to oshidashi for the second time in a row. It already looked

like oshidashi was doomed in this duel as after Natsu basho yorikiri was

leading with 219 to 165 but amazing touchdowns by oshidashi was enough to

cause a big upset for the second year in a row. Still it could be a random

event that just occurred twice in a row but it looks good for

oshi-rikishi. Oshidashi was exactly as frequent in 2003 as it was in 2002

and yorikiri was the winning kimarite only two more bouts than in 2002.

Amazing stability!

hikiotoshi 133 (+20)

hatakikomi 130 (+4)

This looks sad. Hikiotoshi is now insanely common winning technique.

Considering the fact that in 1990s the peak was in 1997 with 99

hikiotoshi, this development looks worrysome. Intuitively it is clear too

though. More and more we see sudden abrupt anticlimaxes to anticipated


Toki is the master of hikiotoshi as has been analyzed many times. 17

hikiotoshi wins. Toki isn't that bad perpetrator though as his hikiotoshi

tend to be well-refined and skilled in both technique and timing.

Kyokushuzan comes second as expected. Other frequent hikiotoshi winners

are pushers like Hokutoriki (9), Chiyotaikai (6), Tosanoumi(6) and a

clowner Asanowaka who managed 7 hikiotoshi in only 3 bashos in makuuchi.

Tosanoumi with his slender calves was naturally the most prone rikishi to

hatakikomi-losses. 12 times he met the dohyo palms and face first but also

won 7 times with hatakikomi. Gojoro is the ultimate hatakikomi king and

deserves a slap on wrist resulting in wrist hatakikomi. Are you ready for

this? Gojoro the "I am so tall and I like hatakikomi" won 10 times with

hatakikomi in only about 3.5 basho! Toki had 8 hatakikomi wins. KaioU's

tailbone had 4 hatakikomi wins on consecutive days in Kyushu basho which

brought KaioU to 7 hatakikomi wins altogether in 2003.

uwatenage 101 (+9)

Uwatenage graciously returns to 100+ category after 4 years of slight

slump. Nobody was especially active in uwatenage. Kyokutenho lead the pack

narrowly with 7 uwatenage wins. Tamarikido and Kotonowaka both had 6

uwatenage wins. Kotonowaka was active only in 4 basho so his reign would

have continued if he would have been healthy the whole year. Asashoryu was

dumped twice with strong uwatenage. First against KaioU on day 14 in

Natsu basho and then against Wakanosato on day 9 in Aki basho. Tosanoumi

had some very strong uwatenage wins against Takanowaka and Musoyama.

Otsupotsu lost 7 times with uwatenage.

tsukiotoshi 75 (-18)

okuridashi 57 (+4)

oshitaoshi 55 (+8)

For a big guy Miyabiyama is quite often oshitaoshied. 5 losses by

oshitaoshi and 2 of them against Toki who himself had 5 wins by

oshitaoshi. That is a good easy exercise for attention and folcus..that

sentence I mean. Close your eyes now and answer this question now: How

many different bouts put together did Toki and Miyabiyama participate in

2003 and which ended with oshitaoshi? If you got it right the first time,

good work!

yoritaoshi 51 (-14)

tsukidashi 44 (-1)

Hokutoriki is the purest tsuki-rikishi I have ever seen. That is all he

knows and wants from good sumo. 12 wins by tsukidashi and his spinal cord

is set to do tsuki-sumo as priority always. Nobody else is even close to

such figures. Chiyotaikai won 5 times with tsukidashi and solely against

maegashira rikishi.

sukuinage 40 (+8)

shitatenage 37 (+5)

All basic throws increased in frequency in 2003. Wakanosato, Asashoryu and

Tochinonada all had 5 sukuinage. Especially Nada's left handed sukuinage

was powerful every time. Takamisakari's upper body power comes into play

in his sukuinage victories (4) where he twists attacking rikishi around

and down.

Tochinonada used his left hand inside grip efficiently in 6 shitanage

wins too. Asashoryu (5) and Kaiho (4) are well-known shitate-experts.

kotenage 29 (-4)

Kasugao is the main kotenage rikishi in the whole ozumo at the moment. He

has made art of this technique and can execute it from strange positions.

Certainly one of his main weapons and much needed too as he still looks

extremely vulnerable in basic sumo stance battles. Oddly gives so much

advantage to his foes and then needs his kotenage brilliance to survive.

He was in makuuchi only 4 basho and still had clearly the most kotenage

victories (6). Also he caused the only loss to Kokkai in Kyushu with his

trademark kotenage. Hopefully he will return to makuuchi as soon as

possible! Asashoryu had 3 wins with kotenage and two against Tokitsuumi

who always gives Shoryu lot more problems than people think. He has been

forced into defensive many times by Tsuumi and has escaped defeats even

with some dose of luck. Very interesting match-up. KaioU was kotenageless

in 2003. One of the famous bouts in 2003 was Kotonowaka's kotenage against

Asashoryu in Haru. In Kyushu Musoyama underlined the word gachinko with

bloody letters as he dumped kachi koshi hunting Wakanosato on senshuraku

causing him a substantial salary decrease unless he really stays at

sekiwake which seems highly unlikely.

fusensho 23 (same)

Basically 20 injury related withdrawals and of these 20, two were by

ailing yokozuna who wanted rest. Some quite mild injuries or aggravation

of old injuries. Shimotori's rib injury and Iwakiyama's lower back

aggravation were mildest ones. Kotonowaka had couple of more serious

injuries in form of biceps tendon long head tear and collateral ligament


Bodyparts causing fusenpai losses and fusensho wins:

Shoulder 4 (Takanohana, Tochiazuma, Musoyama, Takanotsuru)

Knee 5 (meniscus: Tamakasuga, Tamarikido I think, ligaments: Takekaze ?,

Kotonowaka collateral ligament, bone: Takanowaka)

Brain = Retirements 3 (Takanohana, Akinoshima and Musashimaru)

Ankle, foot 2 (Aminishiki foot, Miyabiyama ankle)

Elbow 2 (Kotomitsuki aggravation of old injury, Musoyama fracture)

Thigh flexors 2 (Gojoro, Tokitsuumi - the famous split against Nami)

Mystery combination 1 (Asashoryu..neck, elbow, shoulder ..nobody knows)

Rib 1 (Shimotori)

Lower back 1 (Iwakiyama)

Biceps tendon 1 (Kotonowaka)

Wrist 1 (Musashimaru)

okuritaoshi 16 (+11)

Okuritaoshi was resumed after a abnormally low value in 2003. Asashoryu's

vicious sumo shows in this as he has 4 okuritaoshi wins.

uwatedashinage 16 (-3)

Wakanosato and Aminishiki both master uwatedashinage very well. Wakanosato

does it with power whereas Ami is superb technician in dashinage moves.

All bouts are worth watching:

Day 1 in Haru against Miyabiyama

Day 1 in Natsu against Takanowaka

and cream of dashinage..

Day 15 in Natsu against Tochinonada

sotogake 14 (+5)

Sotogake has won ground from kirikaeshi and is now more common than ever

since 1990 at least. There are basically two main reasons for this peak:

Asashoryu had a good year with 4 sotogake wins and the existence of

Jumonji! Jumonji needs to watch some tapes and figure out why he is so

sotogake-vulnerable rikishi. Out of 14 sotogake bouts in 2004, Jumonji was

involved in 6 of them, always as the losing party! Both Aminishiki's

sotogake came against Jumo as did 2/3 of Asasekiryu's. Old sotogake king

Takanonami also continued his old status as sotogake king by beating

Tochiazuma and Tochisakae with towerly sotogake.

katasukashi 9 (-4)

tsuridashi 9 (+6)

As morozashi favouring yokozuna Asashoryu lifted Kotomitsuki twice out

with tsuridashi. Kotoryu is the lower ranked tsuridashi rikishi with 3

wins by lift-out. Kasugao is prospective tsuri-man too even though he only

won once with tsuridashi but he tends to lift people up in the air on the

dohyo every now and then.

abisetaoshi 6 (+3)

hikkake 6 (+4)

Hikkake peak! Usually seen once or twice per year technique that got extra

attention this time. It was also the technique that finished Musashimaru's

career eventually. Shuzan is the arm yanker but only had one win with


kakenage 6 (+3)

This is a very nice judo throw that has not been seen this many times

since 1990! Kaiho does this with small man's quality. Kyokutenho's

kakenage against Shoryu was one of the highlights of the year from

photographical point of view. Some priceless still photos of the throw

were captured. Aminishiki's kakenage against Takanonami was the highlight

ending of a display of technical stunningness on day 14 in Haru.

shitatedashinage 6 (-3)

shitatehineri 6 (+2)

Shitatedashinage 4 times by Tokitsuumi. Nothing new there...

kirikaeshi 4 (-3)

Kirikaeshi is temporarily diying. Detail from past: Takanohana's yotsu

domination over Kotonowaka had very often a decisive kirikaeshi balance

tipping over procedure! He still is quite kirikaeshi prone as can be seen

from example Kashunowaka's Kotonowaka vs Asashoryu analysis in another

thread. Kirikaeshi had lowest frequency in 12 years.

makiotoshi 4 (-3)

uchigake 3 (+2)

9 is a magic number! All uchigake wins were recorded on day 9 of a

honbasho. Kasugao's return to makuuchi will enhance the probability to see

more of these in 2004. Same goes for Kaiho. Third uchigake winner in 2003

was Takekaze whose uchigake twisted Kotonowaka knee in awkward manner

causing the lateral collateral ligament tear and sick leave.

watashikomi 3 (+1)

hansoku 2 (+2)

Two clear hair grapping hansoku incidents. Strangely these occured in

juryo too so total number of hansoku at sekitori level in 2003 was

bafflingly high.

kimedashi 2 (-2)

Only Nami is left of rikishi who do kimedashi. If he goes down and stops

stacking up wins, kimedashi may be endangered in makuuchi soon.

kubinage 2 (-3)

tottari 2 (+1)

tsukitaoshi 2 (same)

utchari 2 (-1)

chongake 1 (+1) Remarkably well performed chongake by Shuzan against Nami

harimanage 1 (same) Shuzan pulled Nada down with harimanage

kawazugake 1 (+1) Picture perfect by Sekiryu against Jumonji on day 13 in


koshinage 1 (+1)

Wakanosato's little reminder that he indeed possesses some intimidating

horse power. Kaiho is small but not that small...koshinage is one attitude

throw! Day 10 in Hatsu basho. Watch it or be square ( I don't know what

this saying means or rather where does it come from..probably from the

rhiming there or be square..but wanted to use it anyway.

Blind-folded usage). Dale offers.

okurihikiotoshi 1 (-1)

sokubiotoshi 1 (+1)

tsuriotoshi 1 (+1)

Shoryu's Hokutoriki dumping. Shoryu did this in keiko too after losing

twice to Sakke with yorikiri, he wanted to show who is the boss and

dropped Sakke onto his shoulder.

uchimuso 1 (-4)

uwatehineri 1 (-4)

Many nice techniques were increased in frequency in 2003 so I guess there

had to be some decrease in other interesting techniques. These two take

that ambigious role this time.

Techniques that were seen in 2002 but not in 2003.

komatasukui 0 (-2)

ketaguri 0 (-2)

isamiashi 0 (-4)

koshikudake 0 (-2)

waridashi 0 (-1)

sotokomata 0 (-1)

susotori 0 (-1)

okurinage 0 (-4)

tsutaezori 0 (-1)

End. (Waving white flag...)

edited a mistake

Edited by Kaikitsune Makoto

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Wonderfully detailed and only very slightly marred by the Sid Hoare type mistake at the end.(Seen in 2002 but not in 2002?)

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I just have to say thanks again (even though I say that after every time you post your analyses). This is my favorite by far of all the analyses and statistics. Especially the rare kimarite part. Kudos B-) ;-)

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Yes! Reading Kai-zeki posts is always a pleasure, although sometimes also a semantic challenge. It is my honour to be his do-ichimon! ;-)

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(Applauding...) :-D (Showing respect...)

Sometimes these emoticons make it more clear than words :-)

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