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egyption sumo wrestler wants to turn professional sumo in Japan

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i am ajunior sumo player in egypt wants to turn professional sumo in japan and want to know what are the steps or wha can i do to d this >>> ihave played in the world championships in Estonia as of 11/2008 and tak third place (bronze medal) in singles and second place (silver medal) in the team gold

this is some information about me


name : abdelrahman alaa eldin mohamed ahmed

nick name : boody

age : 17

Length : 186 cm

Weight : 140 kg

email :

mobile number : 0020160299904

this is my pic with ageorgian player(who take th frirst place) and i loss this match


my matches :

My Match with Bulgarian

down load

my match with Ukrainian

down load

my match with georgian

down load

If anyone can help me with this please tell me what can i do

thnx so much

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I'm not in contact with any heya (stable) or a have deep insight into international recruiting proceedings, but in case you don't have any information at all, I can provide some basic details and point out the actual situation concerning foreigners and stables.

Generally, every recruit has to be under the age of 23. He has to fullfill height and weight requirements and must pass a physical checkup. Since you are only 17 years old, you'll have plenty of time to get things started. ;-)

The tough part for a non-japanese ringer is to find a place in a heya. Right now, there's a "one foreigner per stable" rule which makes it quite complicated for an international rikishi to get into Ozumo.

The total number of current stables is 52 and the following officially don't have a foreign rikishi at the moment:

Magaki, Matsugane, Otake, Isenoumi, Nakamura and Takadagawa.

Isenoumi and Nakamura have never had a non-japanese ringer, so we can assume that their stablemasters don't have any interest in recruiting foreigners at all.

The stables Magaki and Otake recently had troubles with their non-japanese rikishi (they got fired for drug abuse) and it will probably take some time until these two will accept new foreign recruits, but that's just my personal guess.

At the moment, it's hard to say what Takadagawa's policy is, as the stable got a new master a few weeks ago. The previous master did recruit form foreign countries, so that one might be an option.

Matsugane stable currently is without a non-japanese rikishi because their previous one retired due to injuries. But the heya has had a few foreigners in the past and probably will accept a new recruit, even in the near future.

There might be another two stables, which might be allowed to accept foreigners, but their status isn't that transparent at the moment: Dewanoumi and Kasugayama.

A forum member posted, that Dewanoumi's Mongolian rikishi will retire due to injuries, but he isn't officially out yet. This might change after the November basho, when the retirees will be announced.

Kasugayama's Korean rikishi Kasugao has obtained Japanese citizenship a few weeks ago, so normally there should be an open spot as well. But I'm not sure about that one.

The majority of the stables is willed to accept rikishi from other countries. Sometimes it takes only a few weeks until an open spot gets filled up.

So generally:

You should try to set up a connection with scouts from professional Sumo. Maybe your local sumo club or the Egyptian Sumo Federation can help out there.

I guess you'll take part in the Egypt Sumo tournament on the 19th of December. So you should approach officials and associations with your idea and ask, if they know any scouts or stable affiliated staff, that could pass over some details on you to Ozumo coaches. If there's interest into your person, you' ll probably get an invitation for a try-out.

As long as I've been following Sumo (mostly via this forum), I have developed the feeling, that it's mostly about talent and connections(!), whether a foreigner gets into Ozumo or not. Try to set up as many as possible.

I hope I could help you a little bit. As I said before, these are just basic information and I hope I didn't make any errors. Hopefully other forum members will correct me, if I got anything wrong.

Good luck with your plans!

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thnx Raishu 4 u information and u advice and i will train hard to do this and i hope from any one can help me to help me>>how can i make acommunication with the sumo professional federation

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I fear those heya which do not have a foreign rikishi now... do not want any... (Shaking head...) Magaki might...well, the Oyakata is very sick, but his daughter who is kinda running the stable now, is not.

Matsugane is cool, so he probably would...Nakamura is also a very nice guy. I don't think that he generally has a problem with foreigners - he helped me very much because he answered my survey. His wife also wrote a book on Sumo and earned a University degree with that...

I also do have some contacts, we can try.

Send me a PM.

Please check your E-mails. :)

If there is a way, we will find it- if you want it hard enough to happen! :)

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OH MY GOD I can't believemy man Oosunaarashi has an account here. Given his performance in the most recent basho, safe to say he found a good heya.

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what a beautiful initial posting, and replies

what a beautiful outcome, so far

10 or more wins, boody

we love you


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For those of you who haven't seen it!

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