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Rikishi Talk - Day 10 2009 Nagoya Basho

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Dejima (2-8) losing to Kasugao by yorikiri, 1 min 2.3 sec


(Suffering makekoshi and a distinct possibility of Juryo demotion and/or retirement after losing by yorikiri to Kasugao despite going strong with a moro-zashi.)

"The fact that I could not push him out really makes me mad (underscoring his inability to push out his opponent due to left arm injury.)

"I will be doing my best to go with good tachiai the rest of the basho....We still have a bit more to go so I still have to do my very best.""

Musashigawa oyakata, Dejima's shisho


(His recruit, former ozeki and now 35 years old, as his shisho, does not want Dejima to suffer the humiliation of competing in Juryo after all these years.)

"Personally I have no interest whatsoever for him to endure through all that. I am pretty certain he has no intention of doing so either. Right now we can only watch him quietly from afar as he is still working so hard."

Shotenro (8-2) over Homasho by hatakikomi, 2.1 sec


(Already earning his kachikoshi this basho.)

"I am hitting well and I feel I am moving well as well. So far I don't feel that tired either."

Aminishiki (8-2) over Toyohibiki by oshidashi, 3.8 sec


(Preserving his two loss record by pushing out Toyohibiki.)

"Right. When you are going for oshi-zumo (against Oshi-zumo style Toyohibiki, for instance), it's best to step in the other way (and nodded as if totally convinced himself of this incontrovertible truth, oblivious to all the others who had no idea what he was talking about)."

Kotomitsuki (9-1) over Baruto by yorikiri, 26.3 sec


(On Baruto)

"You'd better believe he is one heavy dude. But once you get his uwate off your mawashi, I like my chances."

(On being in the yusho race.)

"I'll tell you how I feel if I win tomorrow (vs Hakuho)."

Kisenosato (7-3) losing to Kotooshu by yoritaoshi, 3.3 sec


(Letting Kotooshu get into a moro-zashi and easily pushing him out.)

"It's always the same routine. I know I shouldn't just let myself go out like a rocket without thinking it through. "

(Attempted a tsukiotoshi at the dohyo edge.)

"That was so silly. There is simply no point in executing such a move while backing out of the dohyo. You just end up getting injured. I can't believe I was so stupid."

Kotooshu (10-0) over Kisenosato


(Showing the difference in rank, not appearing to even be bothered by Kisenosato's demeanor.)

"All I was trying to do was to go with everything I had."

(On winning his 10th straight.)

"When you get to this point, what's the point of celebrating for winning just 10?"

(Asked about yusho pressure.)

"I really feel great. Whether or not I am conscious of it. my sumo would not change at all."

Sadogatake oyakata, Kotooshu's shisho


(On Kotooshu)

"The big thing about this basho is his knee. The right knee has recovered to a point he can manage tremendous amount of training sessions. He is now able to utilize his knee to his full advantage."

Musashigawa oyakata, Kyokai chairman


(On Kotooshu)

"He is really stepping out hard from tachiai. He is bending his knees and his lower back is down. I think he is in as good condition as the time when he won the yusho."

Hakuho (10-0) over Chiyotaikai by sukuinage, 4.8 sec


(Leading the pack with 10 straight wins with Kotooshu.)

"We still have five more to go. As far as myself is concerned I am only going with my own pace, like I have been doing it ever since from Day 1."

Kakuryu (3-7) losing to Asashoryu by okuritaoshi, 13.2 sec


(Couldn't keep up his offensive thrust till the end.)

"I stopped moving. I should have kept moving forward harder even if I got slapped down."

Asashoryu (8-2) over Kakuryu


(Performed the dohyo-iri ceremony with a taping over his right shoulder but took it out for the bout (usually when injured, a yokozuna does take out bandage and taping during yokozuna dohyo iri ceremony and only to put them back for his bout but Asashoryu reversed the practice). Finally won the bout with an okuri-dashi, it certainly was not an easy win. Asked about his injury.)

"It's actually coming from my neck. I am trying to forget about it but I really can't. Actually I am a physical wreck right now. It was so tough when I was in the losing streak. But you know I am not in a situation where I can keep worrying about something like this forever. I have to do all I can to approach the bout today with all I had as I could not afford to drop this one today."

"But those two (Hakuho and Kotooshu) are really powerful, aren't they? They just don't fall down easily."

"Anyway it rains so much in Nagoya, I can't stand it. What I need is some solar power electricity. What's tomorrow again, the sun something? "

(Told it was a total eclipse of the moon to be observable in certain parts of Japan for the first time in 46 years.)

"I thought if I had lost today, then I would have gone with the sun, totally disappearing from the view. I am glad that I got to see a glimpse of the sun today."

(Obviously not wanting to withdraw or leave with a bad record as there are a couple of important events he is looking forward to attend after this basho. One is a big party in Mongolia to celebrate his being awarded a prestigious medal of honor in Mongolia in June. The other is the first awarding of the Asashoryu Cup for national kids sumo tournament for elementary school age students in Japan. The cup was designed by a graphic designer and Seattle Mariners' Ichiro's brother Kazuhiro Suzuki. The tournament will also be attended by a former Japanese soccer star Hidetoshi Nakata and former Olympic medalist in Judo, the head of Yoshida Dojo, Hidehiko Yoshida. The tournament executives include top national Liberal Democrats and Democrats members and it should alsol attract heavy weight politicians as well just prior to the national election.

The official website is

Yusho Race Board



No loss - Hakuho, Kotooshu

One loss - Kotomitsuki


One loss - Hokutoriki, Wakanosato



Kaio - 1284th Makuuchi appearance (overtaking Akinoshima to become the third most in sumo history)

Harumafuji - 400th Makuuchi consecutive appearance

Migikataaari Watch:


Sd3w Migikataagari (2-3) oshidashi Sd6e Wakayuki (1-4)

(From Doitsuyama's result post)

Attendance: 6000

Edited by Jonosuke

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I love the way you translate these comments. You've developed a fantastic style that really conveys a sense of the personalities involved.

I totally agree

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Me too.

A big (Danpatsu-shiki...) for the fabulous translator.

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I love the way you translate these comments. You've developed a fantastic style that really conveys a sense of the personalities involved.

Thank you and coming from someone, a well known respected teacher and long time Ozumo watcher makes it all worthwhile.

It's as rewarding to be in a community of like minded generous individuals with such extraordinary breadth and depth.

I consider myself fortunate to have found such a place.

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