Guess Kisenosato's (Hokutofuji's )Aite

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May 2017

Jakusotsu (Y1E 7-8) Y1 Kuroimori (Y1W 6-8-1)
Andonishiki (O1E Kosho) O1 Gernobono (O1W 6-9) 
Gurowake (O2E 7-8) O2    
chishafuwaku (S1E 7-8) S1 orandashoho (S1W 7-6-2)  
Ryoshishokunin (K1E 6-7-2) K1  Jejima (K1W 7-8
Profomisakari (M1E 7-8) M1 McBugger (M1W 3-9-3
shimodahito (M2E 5-10) M2 Tenshinhan (M2W 7-7-1)

Sakura (M3E 6-9) M3 The Kyokai (M3W 6-9)
PhorCillic (M4E 2-0-13)  M4  PawnSums (M4W 3-2-10)

KK line:  6-9
OQ line:  8-7

Yusho:  Jejima (K1W 7-8)
Jun-Yusho: Jakusotsu (Y1E 7-8), Gurowake (O1W 7-8), chishafuwaku (S1E 7-8), orandashoho (S1W 7-6-2), Profomisakari (M1E 7-8), Tenshinhan (M2W 7-7-1)

Shukunsho: Jakusotsu, kuroimori, chishafuwaku, orandashoho, Jejima, shimodahito 
Kantosho: Gurowake
Ginosho:  Not awarded



New banzuke for July 2017

Jakusotsu (Y1E 7-8) Y1 Kuroimori (Y1W 6-8-1)
Gurowake (O2E 7-8) O1 Gernobono (O1W 6-9) 
Andonishiki (O1E Kosho) O2    
chishafuwaku (S1E 7-8) S1 orandashoho (S1W 7-6-2)
                                       S2 Jejima (K1W 7-8
Ryoshishokunin (K1E 6-7-2) K1    Profomisakari (M1E 7-8)

Tenshinhan (M2W 7-7-1) M1 Sakura (M3E 6-9)  
The Kyokai (M3W 6-9)  M2 shimodahito (M2E 5-10)

McBugger (M1W 3-9-3) M3 PawnSums (M4W 3-2-10)
PhorCillic (M4E 2-0-13)  M4  

Yokozuna Jakusotsu is to be commended for taking a share of the Jun-Yusho - although he fell short (as did everybody!) of an OZeki Quality performance.

Yokozuna Kuroimori onjce again just scraped a KK.  It is truly hoped that he will be once again challenging for the yusho in July.

Ozeki Gurowake will be considered for promotion to Yokozuna, if he wins the yusho in July.

chishafuwaku will be considered for promotion to Ozeki with a Yusho or an Ozeki Quality Performance in July.  (Depending on the circumstances, a non OQ Jun-Yusho in July may also be enough for promotion to Ozeki).

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July 2017

Jakusotsu (Y1E 9-5) Y1 Kuroimori (Y1W 8-5-1)
Gurowake (O1E 6-8) O1 Gernobono (O1W Kosho) 
Andonishiki (O2E 8-4-2) O2    
chishafuwaku (S1E 8-6) S1 orandashoho (S1W 6-7-1)
                                       S2 Jejima (S2W Kosho
Ryoshishokunin (K1E 5-4-5) K1    Profomisakari (K1W 6-8)

Tenshinhan (M1E 8-4-2) M1 Sakura (M1W 10-4(Yushowinner...) 
The Kyokai (M2E 1-13)  M2 shimodahito (M2W 0-2-12)

McBugger (M3E 6-1-7) M3 PawnSums (M3W Kosho)
PhorCillic (M4E Kosho)  M4  

KK line: 8-7
OQ line: 10-5

Yusho: Sakura (M1W 10-4)
Jakusotsu (Y1E 9-5)

Jakusotsu, kuroimori, Tenshinhan




New banzuke for September 2017

Jakusotsu (Y1E 9-5) Y1 Kuroimori (Y1W 8-5-1)
Andonishiki (O2E 8-4-2) O1 Gurowake (O1E 6-8)
Gernobono (O1W Kosho)  O2    
chishafuwaku (S1E 8-6) S1 Sakura (M1W 10-4)
                                                  S2 Jejima (S2W Kosho)
Tenshinhan (M1E 8-4-2)  K1    orandashoho (S1W 6-7-1)

Profomisakari (K1W 6-8)  M1 Ryoshishokunin (K1E 5-4-5)  
McBugger (M3E 6-1-7)   M2 The Kyokai (M2E 1-13)

shimodahito (M2W 0-2-12) M3 PawnSums (M3W Kosho)
PhorCillic (M4E Kosho)  M4  


Yokozuna Jakusotsu is to be commended on his Jun-Yusho.  He needs to find that little extra oomph to win the yusho again.

Once again, Yokozuna Kuroimori just scraped a KK.  He is strongly urged to do more keiko, and to aim for Ozeki Quality Sumo in September.

Ozeki Gurowake will be kadoban in September, and will require a KK to keep his Ozeki rank.

Both chishafuwaku and Sakura will be considered for promotion to Ozeki if they manage to claim the yusho, or possibly with just a 'good' Jun-Yusho.

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I seriously and humbly vow to do more keiko, meaning that I will do my utmost to try guessing Kisenosato's aite during his training sessions... :-)

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September 2017

Jakusotsu (Y1E 7-8) Y1 Kuroimori (Y1W 8-6-1)
Andonishiki (O1E 5-5-5) O1 Gurowake (O1W 10-5)
Gernobono (O2E 6-8-1)  O2    
chishafuwaku (S1E 8-7) S1 Sakura (S1W 6-8-1)
                                                  S2 Jejima (S2W 5-10)
Tenshinhan (K1E 6-7-2)  K1    orandashoho (K1W 5-10) 

Profomisakari (M1E 5-10)  M1 Ryoshishokunin (M1W 7-6-2)  
McBugger (M2E 10-2-3 
(Crowned...))   M2 The Kyokai (M2W 2-13)
shimodahito (M3E 3-12) M3 PawnSums (M3W 0-0-15)
PhorCillic (M4E 0-0-15)  M4  

WAKATAKE (mz 7-8)

KK line: 7-8
OQ line: 9-6

Yusho: McBugger (M2E 10-2-3)
Jun-Yusho: Gurowake (O1W 10-5)

Shukunsho: McBugger
Kantosho: Gurowake
Ginosho: Gurowake, Profomisakari, McBugger


New banzuke for November 2017

Kuroimori (Y1W 8-6-1) Y1 Jakusotsu (Y1E 7-8)
Gurowake (O1W 10-5) O1 Gernobono (O2E 6-8-1)
Andonishiki (O1E 5-5-5) O2    
chishafuwaku (S1E 8-7) S1 McBugger (M2E 10-2-3
Ryoshishokunin (M1W 7-6-2) K1 Sakura (S1W 6-8-1)  

Tenshinhan (K1E 6-7-2) M1 Jejima (S2W 5-10)  
orandashoho (K1W 5-10) M2 Profomisakari (M1E 5-10)

shimodahito (M3E 3-12) M3 The Kyokai (M2W 2-13) 
WAKATAKE (mz 7-8) M4  

PawnSums (M3W 0-0-15)
PhorCillic (M4E 0-0-15)

Although he once again missed out on getting an OQ, Yokozuna Kuroimori got a 'good' KK, and is now the top ranked Yokozuna.  He is to be commended for moving his GKA Sumo in the right direction.

Although he managed a KK, Yokozuna Jakusotsu is urged to show better quality sumo in November.

Ozeki Gurowake is no longer kadoban.  In fact, he ended up a good Jun-Yusho.  He will be considered for promotion to Yokozuna with a Yusho, (or a very good Jun-Yusho) in November.

Ozekis Gernobono and Andonishiki both ended up with MKs.  They will both be kadoban in November, and will both require KKs to keep their Ozeki ranks.

Sekiwake McBugger will be considered for promotion to Ozeki, if he wins the Yusho in November.

Edited by Jejima

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November 2017

Kuroimori (Y1E 6-7-2) Y1 Jakusotsu (Y1W 7-8)
Gurowake (O1E 9-6(Bigfish...)) O1 Gernobono (O1W 8-7)
Andonishiki (O2E 3-8-4) O2    
chishafuwaku (S1E 4-11) S1 McBugger (S1W 6-6-3
Ryoshishokunin (K1E 6-9) K1 Sakura (K1W 7-8)  

Tenshinhan (M1E 7-8) M1 Jejima (M1W 6-8-1)  
orandashoho (M2E 5-10) M2 Profomisakari (M2W 5-10)

shimodahito (M3E 4-9-2) M3 The Kyokai (M3W 5-10) 
WAKATAKE (M4E 4-9-2) M4  

KK line:  6-9
OQ line:  8-7

Yusho:  Gurowake (O1E 9-6)
Jun-Yusho:  Gernobono (O1W 8-7)

Shukunsho:  Gurowake 
Kantosho:  kuroimori, Gurowake, Gernobono, Profomisakari 
Ginosho: Jakusotsu, Gurowake 


Banzuke for January 2018

Jakusotsu (Y1W 7-8) Y1 Kuroimori (Y1E 6-7-2)
Gurowake (O1E 9-6)  YO1
                                      O1 Gernobono (O1W 8-7)

McBugger (S1W 6-6-3 S1  Sakura (K1W 7-8)
Andonishiki (O2E 3-8-4)  S2                 
Ryoshishokunin (K1E 6-9) K1   Tenshinhan (M1E 7-8)

Jejima (M1W 6-8-1) M1   chishafuwaku (S1E 4-11)
orandashoho (M2E 5-10) M2 Profomisakari (M2W 5-10)

The Kyokai (M3W 5-10) M3  shimodahito (M3E 4-9-2)
WAKATAKE (M4E 4-9-2) M4  

Gurowake met his pre-basho goal of winning the yusho, and has been promoted to Yokozuna accordingly.  Omedetou!  However it is a requirement than the banzuke has two Ozekis on it.  This means that Gurowake (as the lowest ranked Yokozuna) - will be officially ranked as Yokozuna-OZeki East.  (Have I got this correct?  Some nagging doubt makes me think that it might actually be the highest ranked Yokozuna - so Jakusotsu - who gets appointed to this special rank.  Where to find out?  Please help!)

kuroimori and Jakusotsu both fell short of Ozeki Quality Sumo, which is to be expected of their high ranks, but neither ended up MK.  They are urged to do extra keiko over the holidays, and come back strong in the new year, challenging for the yusho!  

Kadoban Gernobono not only got a KK, thereby saving his Ozeki rank, he also won the Jun-Yusho.  He will be considered for promotion to Yokozuna with a Yusho (or very good Jun-Yusho) in January.

Kadoban Andonishiki failed to get his KK, and so he is demoted to Sekiwake.  He can return to Ozeki the 'easy way' if he manages an Ozeki Quality result in January.  

Edited by Jejima

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January 2018

Jakusotsu (Y1E 8-7) Y1 Kuroimori (Y1W 7-7-1)
Gurowake (YOE1  8-7)  YO1
                                      O1 Gernobono (O1W 5-9-1)

McBugger (S1E 10-5(Bigfish...) S1  Sakura (S1W 10-5(Secondprize...))
Andonishiki (S2E 7-7-1)  S2                 
Ryoshishokunin (K1E 0-1-14) K1   Tenshinhan (K1W 9-5-1)

Jejima (M1E 9-5-1) M1   chishafuwaku (M1W 3-11-1)
orandashoho (M2E 8-7) M2 Profomisakari (M2W 8-7)

The Kyokai (M3E 2-13) M3  shimodahito (M3W 5-8-2)
WAKATAKE (M4E 5-10) M4  

KK line:  7-8
OQ line: 10-5

Yusho:  McBugger (S1E 10-5)
Jun-Yusho:  Sakura (S1W 10-5)

Shukunsho:  Sakura 
Kantosho:  Jejima, Profomisakari
Ginosho:  chishafuwaku


Jakusotsu (Y1E 8-7) Y1 Gurowake (YOE1  8-7)
Kuroimori (Y1W 7-7-1)  YO1
                                      O1 Gernobono (O1W 5-9-1)

McBugger (S1E 10-5 S1  Sakura (S1W 10-5)
Andonishiki (S2E 7-7-1)  S2                 
Tenshinhan (K1W 9-5-1) K1 Jejima (M1E 9-5-1)   

orandashoho (M2E 8-7) M1  Profomisakari (M2W 8-7) 
shimodahito (M3W 5-8-2) M2 
chishafuwaku (M1W 3-11-1) M3 Ryoshishokunin (K1E 0-1-14) 
The Kyokai (M3E 2-13) M4


Kuroimori only just managed to scrape a KK at the Yokozuna rank.  More is expected of him - and it is strongly hoped that he will have a better basho in March.
Neither Jakusotsu nor Gurowake were really challenging for the yusho.  They are also urged to do better in March.

Gernobono ended up MK this basho.  He will be kadoban in March, and will need to get at least a KK to keep his Ozeki rank.
McBugger and Sakura will both be considered for promotion to Ozeki after March with either a yusho or a good jun-yusho.

I am considering slightly changing the way that I determine the KK line (and perhaps also the OQ line.)  If I do decide to tweak it (them) a little, I will announce it in updated rules before the start of the March basho.

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March 2018

Jakusotsu (Y1E 9-6) Y1 Gurowake (Y1W  Kosho)
Kuroimori (YO1E 6-6-3)  YO1
                                      O1 Gernobono (O1W Kosho)

Atenzan (S1E 8-5-2 S1  Sakura (S1W 10-5)
Andonishiki (S2E Kosho)  S2                 
Tenshinhan (K1E 6-6-3) K1 Jejima (K1W 3-11-1)   

orandashoho (M1E 6-9) M1  Profomisakari (M1W 6-9) 
shimodahito (M2E 7-7-1) M2 
chishafuwaku (M3E 8-7) M3 Ryoshishokunin (M3W 5-6-4) 
The Kyokai (M4E 2-13) M4

KK line:  7-8
OQ line: 9-6

Yusho:  Sakura (S1W 10-5)
Jakusotsu (Y1E 9-6)

Shukunsho:  Sakura 
Kantosho:  Jakusotsu, Atenzan
Ginosho: Jakusotsu


New banzuke for May 2018

Jakusotsu (Y1E 9-6) Y1 Kuroimori (YO1E 6-6-3)
Gurowake (Y1W  Kosho) Y2
Gernobono (O1W Kosho) O1 Sakura (S1W 10-5)

Atenzan (S1E 8-5-2 S1  Andonishiki (S2E Kosho)
chishafuwaku (M3E 8-7) K1 shimodahito (M2E 7-7-1)    

WAKATAKE (M2W 7-8)  M1  Tenshinhan (K1E 6-6-3)  
Profomisakari (M1W 6-9) M2 orandashoho (M1E 6-9)

Jejima (K1W 3-11-1) M3 Ryoshishokunin (M3W 5-6-4) 
The Kyokai (M4E 2-13) M4

Jakusotsu is commended on his jun-Yusho, and his Ozeki Quality Sumo.
Kuroimori is of great concern.  Although it is noted that he was absent for three days with a mysterious injury, his MK is NOT the sort of sumo expected of from a Yokozuna.  He will be expected to do much better in May - or do the honourable thing, if he again fails at his exalted rank.
Gurowake was unable to compete this basho.  We wish him well, and hope to see him in action in May.
Gernobono was kosho this basho - but his losing record in January has not been forgotten.  He will be kadoban once again in May, and needs to turn up to have a chance of saving his rank.  
Sakura met the target given to her of a yusho, and so has been promoted to Ozeki.  We urge her to continue to do her best at this rank.  If she wins the yusho again in May, she will be considered for a quick promotion to Yokozuna.

Atenzan will be considered for promotion to Ozeki with a yusho in May.

(I am still considering slightly changing the way that I determine the KK line (and perhaps also the OQ line.) - but need some time to do it.  If I do decide to tweak it (them) a little, I will announce it before the day 1 deadline for the May basho.)

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May 2018

Jakusotsu (Y1E 10-5) Y1 Kuroimori (Y1W 10-4-1)
Gurowake (Y2E  10-5) Y2
Gernobono (O1E 10-5) O1 Sakura (O1W 12-3
Atenzan (S1E 5-3-7 S1  Andonishiki (S1W 6-3-6)
chishafuwaku (K1E 12-3 
(Secondprize...)) K1 shimodahito (K1W 10-5)    
WAKATAKE (M1E 5-10)  M1  Tenshinhan (M1W Kosho)  
Profomisakari (M2E 8-7) M2 orandashoho (M2W 9-4-2)

Jejima (M3E 6-8-1) M3 Ryoshishokunin (M3W 10-4-1) 
The Kyokai (M4E 3-12) M4

KK line: 9-6
OQ line: 11-4

Yusho:  Sakura (O1W 12-3)
chishafuwaku (K1E 12-3)

Shukunsho:  Jakusotsu, kuroimori, Gurowake, Gernobono, Sakura, chishafuwaku, shimodahito, Ryoshishokunin
Kantosho:  Gernobono, Sakura, chishafuwaku
Ginosho: Sakura, chishafuwaku, shimodahito


Banzuke for July 2018

Jakusotsu (Y1E 10-5) Y1 Kuroimori (Y1W 10-4-1)
Gurowake (Y2E  10-5) Y2 

                                        YO Sakura (O1W 12-3)
Gernobono (O1E 10-5) O1 

chishafuwaku (K1E 12-3 )  S1  shimodahito (K1W 10-5) 
Ryoshishokunin (M3W 10-4-1) K1 orandashoho (M2W 9-4-2)    

Andonishiki (S1W 6-3-6)  M1  Tenshinhan (M1W Kosho)  
Atenzan (S1E 5-3-7) M2 Profomisakari (M2E 8-7)

WAKATAKE (M1E 5-10) M3 Jejima (M3E 6-8-1) 
The Kyokai (M4E 3-12) M4

The three existing Yokozunas, Jakusotsu, Kuroimori and Gurowake are to be commended for getting double digit records.  However, it is noted that they all fell short of achieving Ozeki Quality sumo, and it is hoped that they will all strive to go that one little step further next basho.

With back-to-back yushos, Sakura has been promoted to Yokozuna!  Omedetou!  We look forward to reading your acceptance speech.  However, as we now only have one Ozeki, as the lowest ranked Yokozuna (I hope I have got this correct), she will have to step into the role of Yokozuna-Ozeki to meet banzuke making rules.

chishafuwaku will be considered for promotion to Ozeki with a Yusho or good Jun-Yusho in July.

(As ever, I am still considering slightly changing the way that I determine the KK line (and perhaps also the OQ line.).  If I do decide to tweak it (them) a little for the next basho onwards, I will announce it before the day 1 deadline for the July basho.)

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I have just watched my first full day of sumo live. It's 1:30 am. I'm not up because I want to be. I'm up because my daughter threw up all over her bed (3 loads of laundry). I gave her a new blanket and a bucket and towel. As I was doing the first load, she threw up again in the bucket, but also on the new blanket (another load). She got up and knocked over the bucket over her rug (another load).

I am on load 4 of 5. I want to sleep. 

As  a result my speech will be short.

Thank you. I will endeavour to do my best. It is a fun game. One of my favourites. 

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Sakura, you are amazing !

I hope your daughter and my son (2yrs old) will marry one day.

i really do !!


Edited by Andonishiki

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Now that things are more settled, time for a better response.

Thanks to @Jejima and @Jakusotsu for running the game. Banzuke and torikumi making are the most interesting parts of sumo to me, even more than the bouts themselves. As such I find this game to be a true delight to play, even when I do badly. I wish more people would play this game, but I appreciate that it's a niche game, even for sumo gamers.

I'm honoured to be promoted to Yokozuna and I'll try to do my best.

Thank you.(Bigfish...)

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July 2018

Jakusotsu (Y1E 4-11) Y1 Kuroimori (Y1W 6-9)
Gurowake (Y2E  10-5
(Secondprize...)) Y2 
                                        YO Sakura (YO-W 10-5(Yushowinner...))
Gernobono (O1E 5-10) O1 

chishafuwaku (S1E 6-9)  S1  shimodahito (S1W 1-13-1) 
Ryoshishokunin (K1E 5-8-2) K1 orandashoho (K1W 4-10-1)

Andonishiki (M1E 6-8-1)  M1  Tenshinhan (M1W 6-9)  
Atenzan (M2E Kosho) M2 Profomisakari (M2W 3-12)

WAKATAKE (M3E 0-15) M3 Jejima (M3W 5-10) 
The Kyokai (M4E 0-15) M4

Umizoi (mz 4-10-1)

KK line: 5-10
OQ line: 7-8

Yusho: Sakura (YO-W 10-5)
Jun-Yusho: Gurowake (Y2E 10-5)

Shukunsho: Gurowake, Sakura, chishafuwaku, Tenshinhan
Kantosho: Gurowake, Sakura
Ginosho: chishafuwaku

New banzuke for September 2018

Sakura (YO-W 10-5)  Y1 Gurowake (Y2E 10-5)
Kuroimori (Y1W 6-9) Y2 

                                        YO Jakusotsu (Y1E 4-11)
Gernobono (O1E 5-10) O1 

chishafuwaku (S1E 6-9)  S1  Ryoshishokunin (K1E 5-8-2)  
Andonishiki (M1E 6-8-1) K1 Tenshinhan (M1W 6-9) 

orandashoho (K1W 4-10-1) M1 Jejima (M3W 5-10)   
Atenzan (M2E Kosho) M2 shimodahito (S1W 1-13-1)

Profomisakari (M2W 3-12) M3 WAKATAKE (M3E 0-15) 
The Kyokai (M4E 0-15) M4 Umizoi (mz 4-10-1)

Yokozunas Sakura and Gurowake are to be commended on upholding the rank of Yokozuna.  We hope to see these two battling for the yusho again in September.

Yokozuna Kuroimori did not quite manage to get the OQ line - and it is hoped that he will strive just that little extra bit harder in Septemeber.

Yokozuna Jakusotsu ended up MK.  It is strongly hoped (nay, strongly insisted) that he regains his form of old, and comes back with good GKA sumo in September. ;-)

Sekiwake chishafuwaku will be considered for promotion to Ozeki with a yusho in September.

Just in case I forget again...
The current way for calculating the KK line is to take the average score of players that have entered picks for at least ten days of the basho - but excludes the score of 'The Kyokai' and any mae-zumo players, and then round it to the nearest whole number.

The OQ line is calculated by doing the above, and then multiplying by 1.3333, and again rounded to the nearest whole number.

Edited by Jejima
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September 2018

Sakura (Y1E Kosho)  Y1 Gurowake (Y1W 10-5)
Kuroimori (Y2E 9-6) Y2 

                                        YO Jakusotsu (YO 9-6)
Gernobono (O1E Kosho) O1 

chishafuwaku (S1E 11-4 (Secondprize...))  S1  Ryoshishokunin (S1W 9-6)  
Andonishiki (K1E 10-4-1) K1 Tenshinhan (K1W 6-9) 

orandashoho (M1E 8-7) M1 Jejima (M1W 12-3(Yushowinner...))   
Atenzan (M2E 0-0-15) M2 shimodahito (M2W 6-9)

Profomisakari (M3E 7-7-1) M3 WAKATAKE (M3W 4-11)
The Kyokai (M4E 2-13) M4 Umizoi (M4W 5-7-3)

Ayagawa (mz 4-9-2)

KK line: 8-7
OQ line: 10-5

Yusho: Jejima (M1W 12-3)   
Jun-Yusho: chishafuwaku (S1E 11-4)

Shukunsho: Jakusotsu, chishafuwaku
Kantosho: chishafuwaku, Jejima
Ginosho: Not awarded


New banzuke for November 2018

Gurowake (Y1W 10-5) Y1 Kuroimori (Y2E 9-6)
Jakusotsu (YO 9-6) Y2 

                                        YO Sakura (Y1E Kosho) 
Gernobono (O1E Kosho) O1 

chishafuwaku (S1E 11-4 )  S1  Ryoshishokunin (S1W 9-6) 
                                         S2 Andonishiki (K1E 10-4-1) 
Jejima (M1W 12-3) K1 orandashoho (M1E 8-7) 

Tenshinhan (K1W 6-9) M1 Profomisakari (M3E 7-7-1)
shimodahito (M2W 6-9) M2 
Umizoi (M4W 5-7-3) 
WAKATAKE (M3W 4-11) M3 The Kyokai (M4E 2-13)
Ayagawa (mz 4-9-2) M4 

Atenzan (M2E 0-0-15)

Yokozuna Gurowake is to be commended on being the only Yokozuna to do Ozeki Quality GKA sumo.

Yokozuna Kuroimori once again fell short of the OQ line. More is expected of him in November.
Yokozuna Jakusotsu did manage a KK, which is an improvement on July, but he did not manage to reach the OQ line. He will therefore be under close scrutiny, once again, in November.
Sekiwake chishafuwaku just fell short of the target set for him for promotion to Ozeki. However, he will be given another chance in November. If he manages to win the yusho, or obtain a good jun-yusho, he will be considered for promotion to Ozeki.

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November 2018

Gurowake (Y1E 8-6-1) Y1 Kuroimori (Y1W 8-7)
Jakusotsu (Y2E 8-7) Y2 

                                        YO Sakura (YO 12-3 (Bigfish...)
Gernobono (O1E 0-0-15) O1 

chishafuwaku (S1E  6-8-1)  S1  Ryoshishokunin (S1W 9-6) 
                                         S2 Andonishiki (S2W 9-6) 
Jejima (K1E 7-7-1) K1 orandashoho (K1W 4-8-3) 

Tenshinhan (M1E 9-6) M1 Profomisakari (M1W 3-12)
shimodahito (M2E 6-7-2) M2 
Umizoi (M2W 8-7) 
WAKATAKE (M3E 3-12) M3 The Kyokai (M3W 2-13)
Ayagawa (M3E Kosho) M4 

KK line: 7-8
OQ line: 10-5

Yusho:    Sakura (12-3) 
Jun-Yusho: Ryoshishokunin (9-6), Andonishiki (9-6), Tenshinhan (9-6)

Shukunsho: Sakura
Kantosho: Sakura, Ryoshishokunin, Tenshinhan
Ginosho: Sakura


New Banzuke for January 2019

Sakura (YO 12-3) Y1 Gurowake (Y1E 8-6-1)
Kuroimori (Y1W 8-7) Y2 

                                        YO Jakusotsu (Y2E 8-7) 
Gernobono (O1E 0-0-15) O1 

Ryoshishokunin (S1W 9-6)   S1 Andonishiki (S2W 9-6)  
Jejima (K1E 7-7-1) K1 Tenshinhan (M1E 9-6)  

Umizoi (M2W 8-7) M1 chishafuwaku (S1E  6-8-1)
shimodahito (M2E 6-7-2) M2 orandashoho (K1W 4-8-3)

Profomisakari (M1W 3-12) M3 WAKATAKE (M3E 3-12)
Ayagawa (M3E Kosho) M4 The Kyokai (M3W 2-13)

Yokozuna Sakura is to be commended for a fantastic 2018, which she ended on a very high note. She is a shining beacon that all GKA rikishi should try to emulate.

Although the other Yokozunas all managed KK records, none of them managed to show Ozeki Quality Sumo this basho. It is hoped that they will strive to go the next step in January.

Ozeki Gernobono recorded a 0-0-15 record. He will be kadoban in January. He will need a KK record to keep his rank.

Sekiwake Andonishiki will be considered for promotion to Ozeki with a yusho, or good jun-yusho equivalent in January.

Edited by Jejima

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January 2019
Sakura (Y1E 10-5 (Secondprize...)) Y1 Gurowake (Y1W 12-3 (Yushowinner...))
Kuroimori (Y2E 9-6) Y2 

                                        YO Jakusotsu (YO 7-8) 
Gernobono (O1E INTAI) O1 

Ryoshishokunin (S1E 9-6)   S1 Andonishiki (S1W 0-2-13)  
Jejima (K1E KOSHO) K1 Tenshinhan (K1W 8-7)  

Umizoi (M1E KOSHO) M1 chishafuwaku (M1W 9-6)
shimodahito (M2E 7-7-1) M2 orandashoho (M2W 8-7)

Profomisakari (M3E 6-9) M3 WAKATAKE (M3W 5-10)
Ayagawa (M4E 0-0-15) M4 The Kyokai (M4W 2-13)

TillerTheChiller (mz 1-0-14)

KK line:  8-7
OQ line: 11-4

Yusho:  Gurowake (Y1W 12-3)
Jun-yusho:  Sakura (Y1E 10-5) 

Shukunsho: Gurowake 
Kantosho: Gurowake 
Ginosho: Gurowake



New banzuke for March 2019

Gurowake (Y1W 12-3) Y1 Sakura (Y1E 10-5)
Kuroimori (Y2E 9-6) YO Jakusotsu (YO 7-8) 
Ryoshishokunin (S1E 9-6)   S1 Tenshinhan (K1W 8-7)   
Jejima (K1E KOSHO) K1 chishafuwaku (M1W 9-6)

Umizoi (M1E KOSHO) M1 orandashoho (M2W 8-7)
shimodahito (M2E 7-7-1) M2 Andonishiki (S1W 0-2-13)

Profomisakari (M3E 6-9) M3 WAKATAKE (M3W 5-10)
The Kyokai (M4W 2-13) M4 TillerTheChiller (mz 1-0-14)

Gernobono (O1E INTAI)


Ayagawa (M4E 0-0-15)

A great basho by Gurowake who showed why he is a Yokozuna. It is hoped that the rest of 2019 will continue as it started for him.
Although she came up slightly short of Ozeki Quality sumo, Sakura did very well to get the jun-yusho.
Yokozuna Jakusotsu greatly disappointed with his MK. He will be watched closely for improvement in March.

Edited by Jejima

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March 2019
Gurowake (Y1E 11-4) Y1 Sakura (Y1W 12-3 (Secondprize...))
Kuroimori (YOE 10-5) YO Jakusotsu (YOW 13-2 (Yushowinner...)) 
Ryoshishokunin (S1E 10-2-3)   S1 Tenshinhan (S1W 11-3-1)   
Jejima (K1E 10-5) K1 chishafuwaku (K1W 11-4)

Umizoi (M1E 8-4-3) M1 orandashoho (M1W 8-5-2)
shimodahito (M2E 6-7-2) M2 Andonishiki (M2W Intai)

Profomisakari (M3E 10-5) M3 WAKATAKE (M3W 9-5-1)
The Kyokai (M4E 2-13) M4 TillerTheChiller (M4W Kosho)

Jaakunakunshu (mz 10-5)

KK line: 10-5
OQ line: 13-2

Yusho: Jakusotsu (YOW 13-2)
Jun-Yusho:  Sakura (Y1W 12-3)

Shukunsho:  Jakusotsu
Kantosho:  Gurowake, Sakura, kuroimori, Jakusotsu, Tenshinhan
Ginosho:  Jakusotsu, chishafuwaku


New banzuke for May 2019

Jakusotsu (YOW 13-2) Y1 Sakura (Y1W 12-3)
Gurowake (Y1E 11-4) YO Kuroimori (YOE 10-5) 
Tenshinhan (S1W 11-3-1)  S1 Ryoshishokunin (S1E 10-2-3)   
chishafuwaku (K1W 11-4) K1 Jejima (K1E 10-5)

Profomisakari (M3E 10-5) M1 Umizoi (M1E 8-4-3)
orandashoho (M1W 8-5-2)  M2 WAKATAKE (M3W 9-5-1)
shimodahito (M2E 6-7-2) M3 The Kyokai (M4E 2-13)
TillerTheChiller (M4W Kosho) M4 Jaakunakunshu (mz 10-5)

Andonishiki (M2W Intai)

Jakusotsu clearly took the criticism for his previous MK to heart, and had a very fine basho. It is hoped that he continues to shine for the remainder of 2019.
Sakura once again did not disappoint. Although she was slightly short of Ozeki Quality sumo, she had a fine Jun-Yusho.
Kuroimori's 10-5 record is a little misleading, as it was the lowest score possible for a KK.  It is hoped that he performs to a higher level in May.

Edited by Jejima

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May 2019

Jakusotsu (Y1E 9-6) Y1 Sakura (Y1W 10-5 (Yushowinner...))
Gurowake (YOE 10-5 (Secondprize...)YO Kuroimori (YOW 9-6) 
Tenshinhan (S1E 6-8-1)  S1 Ryoshishokunin (S1W 8-5-2)   
chishafuwaku (K1E 10-5 (Secondprize...)) K1 Jejima (K1W 8-7)

Profomisakari (M1E Kosho) M1 Umizoi (M1W 9-6)
orandashoho (M2E 8-6-1)  M2 WAKATAKE (M2W 5-8-2)
shimodahito (M3E 7-8) M3 The Kyokai (M3W 3-12)
TillerTheChiller (M4W 0-0-15) M4 Jaakunakunshu (M4W 5-4-6)

Andonishiki (mz 6-3-6)

KK line: 8-7
OQ line: 11-4

Yusho: Sakura (Y1W 10-5)
Gurowake (YOE 10-5) and chishafuwaku (K1E 10-5)

Shukunsho: chishafuwaku
Kantosho: Jakusotsu, Sakura, Gurowake, kuroimori, chishafuwaku, Jejima, Umizoi
Ginosho: chishafuwaku


New banzuke for July 2019

Sakura (Y1W 10-5 ) Y1 Gurowake (YOE 10-5 )
Jakusotsu (Y1E 9-6) YO Kuroimori (YOW 9-6) 
chishafuwaku (K1E 10-5) S1 Ryoshishokunin (S1W 8-5-2)   
Jejima (K1W 8-7) K1 
Umizoi (M1W 9-6)
Profomisakari (M1E Kosho) M1 orandashoho (M2E 8-6-1)
Tenshinhan (S1E 6-8-1) M2 shimodahito (M3E 7-8) 
WAKATAKE (M2W 5-8-2) M3 Jaakunakunshu (M4W 5-4-6)
The Kyokai (M3W 3-12) M4 Andonishiki (mz 6-3-6)

TillerTheChiller (M4W 0-0-15)

Yokozuna Sakura goes from strength to strength, as she wins yet another yusho. 
Yokozuna Gurowake did very well too, as he only lost the yusho due to rank.
Sekiwake chishafuwaku will be considered for promotion to Ozeki after July, if he wins the yusho, or gets a very good Jun-yusho.

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July 2019

Sakura (Y1E 9-6 (Secondprize...)) Y1 Gurowake (Y1W 9-6 (Secondprize...))
Jakusotsu (YOE 8-7) YO Kuroimori (YOW 8-6-1) 
chishafuwaku (S1E 11-4 (Yushowinner...)) S1 Ryoshishokunin (S1W 8-6-1)   
Jejima (K1E Kosho) K1 
Umizoi (K1W 1-0-14)
Profomisakari (M1E 7-8) M1 orandashoho (M1W 8-6-1)
Tenshinhan (M2E 8-7) M2 shimodahito (M2W 9-6 (Secondprize...)
WAKATAKE (M3E 4-11) M3 Jaakunakunshu (M3W Kosho)
The Kyokai (M4E 1-14) M4 Andonishiki (M4W 9-6 (Secondprize...))

Chickystar (mz 5-10)

Hakuhonofan (mz 2-0-13)

KK line: 8-7
OQ line: 11-4

Yusho: chishafuwaku (11-4) 
Jun-Yusho: Sakura (9-6), Gurowake (9-6), shimodahito (9-6), Andonishiki (9-6)

Shukunsho: chishafuwaku 
Kantosho: Gurowake, kuroimori, chishafuwaku, Ryoshishokunin, orandashoho, Tenshinhan, shimodahito
Ginosho: Profomisakari   

New banzuke for September 2019

Sakura (Y1E 9-6)                     Y1 Gurowake (Y1W 9-6)
Jakusotsu (YOE 8-7)              Y2
Kuroimori (YOW 8-6-1)
chishafuwaku (S1E 11-4)       O1
Ryoshishokunin (S1W 8-6-1)  S1 shimodahito (M2W 9-6)   
orandashoho (M1W 8-6-1)     K1 Jejima (K1E Kosho) 

Tenshinhan (M2E 8-7)            M1 Andonishiki (M4W 9-6)
Profomisakari (M1E 7-8)        M2 WAKATAKE (M3E 4-11)
Umizoi (K1W 1-0-14)              M3 Jaakunakunshu (M3W Kosho)
The Kyokai (M4E 1-14)           M4 Chickystar (mz 5-10)
Hakuhonofan (mz 2-0-13)     M5

chishafuwaku won the yusho by a two-win margin, so easily met the target set for him, and he is therefore promoted to Ozeki.

chishafuwaku will be considered for promotion to yokozuna with a yusho in September.

Edited by Jejima
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September 2019

Sakura (Y1E 13-2 (Bigfish...))           Y1 Gurowake (Y1W Kosho)
Jakusotsu (Y2E 8-7)              Y2
Kuroimori (YOW 11-3-1 (Secondprize...))
chishafuwaku (O1E 10-5)       O1
Ryoshishokunin (S1E 7-8)  S1 shimodahito (S1W 7-6-2)   
orandashoho (K1E 4-5-6)     K1 Jejima (K1W 6-9) 

Tenshinhan (M1E 8-7)            M1 Andonishiki (M1W 5-9-1)
Profomisakari (M2E 6-9)        M2 WAKATAKE (M2W 10-5)
Umizoi (M3E Kosho)              M3 Jaakunakunshu (M3W 0-0-15)
The Kyokai (M4E 1-14)           M4 Chickystar (M4W Kosho)
Hakuhonofan (M5E 5-6-4)     M5

KK line:  8-7
OQ line:  11-4

Yusho: Sakura (13-2) 
Jun-Yusho: kuroimori (11-3-1)

Shukunsho: Sakura
Kantosho: Sakura
Ginosho: Sakura


New banzuke for November 2019

Sakura (Y1E 13-2 (Bigfish...))           Y1 Kuroimori (YOW 11-3-1 (Secondprize...))
Jakusotsu (Y2E 8-7)              Y2
Gurowake (Y1W Kosho)
chishafuwaku (O1E 10-5)       O1

WAKATAKE (M2W 10-5)       S1  Tenshinhan (M1E 8-7)   
Ryoshishokunin (S1E 7-8)      K1 shimodahito (S1W 7-6-2)  

Jejima (K1W 6-9)                   M1 orandashoho (K1E 4-5-6)
Andonishiki (M1W 5-9-1)        M2 Profomisakari (M2E 6-9)
Umizoi (M3E Kosho)              M3 Hakuhonofan (M5E 5-6-4)
The Kyokai (M4E 1-14)           M4 Chickystar (M4W Kosho)

Jaakunakunshu (M3W 0-0-15) 

Yokozuna Sakura is truly a Dai-Yokozuna of this game. I do not think that I am in any position to comment on her performances - ever. (Iamnotworthy...)

Yokozuna Kuroimori's performance was also of a very high standard, and is highly commended.
Yokozuna Jakusotsu barely scraped a KK. This is of some concern. It is hoped that he will up his game for the next basho, and thereby challenge the other Yokozunas. 

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November 2019

Sakura (Y1E Kosho)           Y1 Kuroimori (Y1W 4-10-1)
Jakusotsu (Y2E 6-9)              Y2
Gurowake (YOW 6-8-1)
chishafuwaku (O1E 7-7-1 (Secondprize...))       O1

WAKATAKE (S1E 6-9)       S1  Tenshinhan (S1W Kosho)   
Ryoshishokunin (K1E 9-6 (Yushowinner...))      K1 shimodahito (K1W Kosho)  

Jejima (M1E Kosho)                   M1 orandashoho (M1W 6-9)
Andonishiki (M2E 6-8-1)        M2 Profomisakari (M2W 6-9)
Umizoi (M3E 0-0-15)              M3 Hakuhonofan (M3W 6-5-4)
The Kyokai (M4E 3-12)           M4 Chickystar (M4W 0-0-15)

Houmanumi (mz 3-7-5)

KK line: 6-9
OQ line: 8-7

Yusho: Ryoshishokunin (K1E 9-6)
Jun-Yusho: chishafuwaku (O1E 7-7-1)

Shukunsho: Ryoshishokunin 
Kantosho: Ryoshishokunin
Ginosho: Jakusotsu, Gurowake, Ryoshishokunin



New banzuke for January 2020

Jakusotsu (Y2E 6-9)            Y1 Gurowake (YOW 6-8-1)
Kuroimori (Y1W 4-10-1)          Y2
                                                   YO Sakura (Y1E Kosho)

chishafuwaku (O1E 7-7-1)       O1

WAKATAKE (S1E 6-9)       S1  Ryoshishokunin (K1E 9-6)
                                              S2  Tenshinhan (S1W Kosho)   
orandashoho (M1W 6-9)     K1 shimodahito (K1W Kosho)  

Jejima (M1E Kosho)                   M1 Andonishiki (M2E 6-8-1)
Profomisakari (M2W 6-9)        M2 Hakuhonofan (M3W 6-5-4)
The Kyokai (M4E 3-12)              M3 Houmanumi (mz 3-7-5)

Umizoi (M3E 0-0-15)
Chickystar (M4W 0-0-15)

Yokozuna Jakusotsu once again barely managed to scrape a KK, which is of concern. Yokozuna Gurowake also barely managed to scrape a KK too. But at least those two both got KKs, which is more than can be said of Yokozuna Kuroimori. But at least he turned up, which is more than can be said about dai-Yokozuna Sakura ;-). It is to be hoped that all four Yokozunas will do hard keiko between now and January, and show why they are deserving of this great rank. :-)

chishafuwaku will be considered for promotion to Yokozuna with a Yusho in January.

Edited by Jejima

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uuuhhh... shouldn't this be posted in "Guess Hokutofuji's aite"? 
If this thread is supposed to list the banzukes of "X's aite", then perhaps renaming it wouldn't be a bad idea. "Guess the Aite" would have my vote then.
After all, Kisenosato is Araiso now.

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It is the historical name....

I would rather not change it, unless I am clearly in the minority.

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January 2020

Jakusotsu (Y1E 8-7)            Y1 Gurowake (Y1W 9-5-1)
Kuroimori (Y2E 9-5-1)          Y2
                                                   YO Sakura (YO 12-3 (Yushowinner...))

chishafuwaku (O1E 9-6)       O1

WAKATAKE (S1E 7-2-6)       S1  Ryoshishokunin (S1W 11-3-1 (Secondprize...))
                                              S2  Tenshinhan (S2W 10-5)   
orandashoho (K1E 6-7-2)     K1 shimodahito (K1W 8-7)  

Jejima (M1E 8-7)                   M1 Andonishiki (M1E Kosho)
Profomisakari (M2E 7-8)        M2 Hakuhonofan (M2W 9-5-1)
The Kyokai (M3E 2-13)              M3 Houmanumi (M3W 6-7-2)

Oshirokita (mz 11-4 (Secondprize...))
Joaoiyama (mz 10-5)
Andreas21 (mz 7-8)
DrunkCat (mz 0-1-14)


KK line: 9-6
OQ line: 12-3


Yusho: Sakura (12-3) 
Jun-Yusho: Ryoshishokunin (11-3-1), Oshirokita (11-4)

Shukunsho: Sakura, Oshirokita
Kantosho: Jakusotsu, kuroimori, Sakura, chishafuwaku, Ryoshishokunin, Tenshinhan, Oshirokita, Joaoiyama
Ginosho: Sakura, chishafuwaku, Oshirokita



New Banzuke for March 2020

Sakura (YO 12-3)                      Y1 Gurowake (Y1W 9-5-1)
Kuroimori (Y2E 9-5-1)              Y2
Jakusotsu (Y1E 8-7)
chishafuwaku (O1E 9-6)          O1

Ryoshishokunin (S1W 11-3-1)  S1  Tenshinhan (S2W 10-5)
Hakuhonofan (M2W 9-5-1)      K1 WAKATAKE (S1E 7-2-6)   
shimodahito (K1W 8-7)            M1 Andonishiki (M1E Kosho)
Jejima (M1E 8-7)                      M2 orandashoho (K1E 6-7-2)
Profomisakari (M2E 7-8)         M3 Houmanumi (M3W 6-7-2)
The Kyokai (M3E 2-13)            M4 Oshirokita (mz 11-4)
Joaoiyama (mz 10-5)              M5 Andreas21 (mz 7-8)
DrunkCat (mz 0-1-14)              M6

Dai-Yokozuna Sakura once again shows why she is the greatest ever player to play this game.
Yokozunas Gurowake and Kuroimori barely got their KKs. More is expected from them. We hope to see better in March.
The last time that Yokozuna Jakusotsu showed Ozeki Quality sumo was back in May of 2019. In the bashos since, he has gone MK or scraped a KK. We will set him a challenge of showing why he is worthy of the Yokozuna rank by displaying Ozeki Quality in either (preferably both) of the upcoming March and May bashos. 
Having won the Yusho in November, and a share of the Jun-Yusho this basho, Sekiwake Ryoshishokunin will be considered for promotion to Ozeki with a mere KK in March.

Edited by Jejima

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13 minutes ago, Jejima said:

The last time that Yokozuna Jakusotsu showed Ozeki Quality sumo was back in May of 2019.

March, to be honest. (Blushing...)

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March 2020


Sakura (Y1E 12-3 (Yushowinner...))                      Y1 Gurowake (Y1W Kosho)
Kuroimori (Y2E 9-5-1)              Y2
Jakusotsu (YO 10-5)
chishafuwaku (O1E 12-3 (Secondprize...))          O1

Ryoshishokunin (S1E 10-5)  S1  Tenshinhan (S1W 10-5)
Hakuhonofan (K1E 11-3-1)      K1 WAKATAKE (K1W 8-4-3)   
shimodahito (M1E Kosho)            M1 Andonishiki (M1W 7-5-3)
Jejima (M2E 10-5)                      M2 orandashoho (M2W 7-5-3)
Profomisakari (M3E 4-10-1)         M3 Houmanumi (M3W 2-6-9)
The Kyokai (M4E 2-13)            M4 Oshirokita (M4W 10-5)
Joaoiyama (M5E Kosho)              M5 Andreas21 (M5W Kosho)
DrunkCat (M6E Kosho)              M6

Katsunorifuji (mz 0-1-14)

KK line: 9-6
OQ line: 12-3

Yusho: Sakura (12-3)
Jun-Yusho chishafuwaku (12-3)

Shukunsho: Sakura, chishafuwaku
Kantosho: Sakura, Jakusotsu, chishafuwaku, Tenshinhan, Hakuhonofan, Jejima, Oshirokita
Ginosho: Sakura, chishafuwaku, Hakuhonofan



New banzuke for May 2020

Sakura (Y1E 12-3)                      Y1 Jakusotsu (YO 10-5)
Kuroimori (Y2E 9-5-1)              Y2  Gurowake (Y1W Kosho)
chishafuwaku (O1E 12-3)          O1 Ryoshishokunin (S1E 10-5)

Tenshinhan (S1W 10-5)  S1  Hakuhonofan (K1E 11-3-1)
Jejima (M2E 10-5)      K1  Oshirokita (M4W 10-5) 
shimodahito (M1E Kosho)            M1 WAKATAKE (K1W 8-4-3) 
Andonishiki (M1W 7-5-3)               M2 orandashoho (M2W 7-5-3)
Profomisakari (M3E 4-10-1)        M3 Houmanumi (M3W 2-6-9)
The Kyokai (M4E 2-13)            M4 Joaoiyama (M5E Kosho)
Andreas21 (M5W Kosho)              M5  DrunkCat (M6E Kosho)
Katsunorifuji (mz 0-1-14)              M6 

Sakura continued to show why she is the dai-Yokozuna.
Jakusotsu did a little better than a KK, but did not meet the target of an OQ. He will be asked to show OQ in May, to prove why he is deserving of the Yokozuna rank.
Kuroimori has been 'coasting' of late. He will be asked to up his game in May, otherwise he may too be set targets in the future.
Gurowake's absence is of concern, we really (real world really) hope that he is fine, and hope to see him competing in May.
chishafuwaku will be considered for promotion to Yokozuna with a Yusho or good Jun-Yusho in May.
Ryoshishokunin met the target set, and has been accordingly promoted to Ozeki. Omedetou!

Edited by Jejima

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