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Pics - Natsu Basho 2009, Day 02

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I went to the heya this morning to get all my tickets for the basho. And who else than Takanohana Beya could have items like this, chopsticks in noble design, nearly too precious to eat with them (Help me...).


But before this there was keiko at Michinoku Beya.

Nearly too late to see Sandanme Daigen, he could win his last bout and had intensive keiko judging by the sweat on his body.

Tosa had some bouts with Kirizakura, Ryuho with Kirinishiki. Kirinishiki looked good in this fights and I think he will make the jump to makushita again.

Toyozakura was busy looking around and pumping some iron, Hakubo came late, made only some basic movements.

Jumonji took Kirinowaka, slightly vantages for Kirinowaka. But this little poisoned dwarf wasn't so much engaged in training but in badgering a jonidan guy. I don't know what Wakagawa did wrong but he first was hounded by one oyakata and then all the time by Kirinowaka. The boy couldn't do anything which was right in his eyes. He had to carry weight for minutes, got beatings all the time, was corrected how to carry the towel, was beaten with it. When he offered the towel Kirinowaka wanted him to adjust the mawashi, when he touched the mawashi, the towel was in his face again. A hopeless situation for the young man. He hardly could say the usual "hai" even this could have been a provocation again, worth the next slap in the face.

We were not so amused, but Kirinowaka got his slappings on the dohyo today (Shaking head...)

So here are the pics of

Michinoku Beya

and the pics of

Day 02

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Hi! Fay-san.

I love this one. Is this Okamisan's idea?

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