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Kaikitsune Makoto

Day 4 comments

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Chiyohakuho and Tosanoumi was filled with action of non-stop nature. Chiyohakuho is sharp a rikishi with extra mean look. Some rumours suggest he may be extra mean for real too. Today a good example of hitting sumo although some pull attempts included. One of the most entertaining ones for sure.

YMY hasn't been tested at all yet. All his foes have been caught or cornered and he is very powerful in forward going sumo and also when he gets a good hold of his foes. None of his foes so far have managed to circle much and the mobility aspect is stll unknown. Nobody has gotten inside either but in general YMY looks better and better.

Homasho has been quite disappointing in his last two bouts. Wakanosato and Tochinonada are good solid rikishi but Homasho has looked oddly helpless against them. Nothing to offer in yotsu in either bout and no real defensive stickiness either. No expectation value in joijin with sumo like that. He looked just weak.

Kisenosato has now done similar sumo as in keiko. Solid, powerful and spirited. When he doesn't get all morozashied at the start he looks more and more menacing. Miyabiyama was light creature to him as Kise pummeled him out with the help of left ottsuke and pushes. Miyabiyama fell off the dohyo in spectacular manner for the second time in Haru basho (shonichi was first).

Nasty angle Baruto's arm had when U twisted him down. Partly bad luck that Baruto's arm was caught there. Good tactics at the tachi-ai by U and kotenage reaction when Baruto's arm was nicely in package. U is still quite a wreck but at least can give some traditional distal humerus massages.

Chiyotaikai did his attack but Goeido was firmly in the bout from the beginning due to a successful tachi-ai. It is worrysome how Taikai is caught but Goeido looks much better now than on 2 opening days.

Always nice to see face first dohyo contacts. The illusion and peculiar rumour that Asasekiryu's knee is somehow very bad is still surprisingly prevalent. He uses it very much and puts pressure on it well. Kakizoe didn't like to lose and looked pissed and pissed.

Kotomitsuki's uchimuso is always a pleasure. Nobody knows what is his rea shape. His losses didn't really give such a good idea of that so far.

Tenho's twist was so Tenhoish that it is moving. Tenho's trademark super timing twist.

Aran is Aran, the anticlimax man.

It has been a long time since any active sekitori died on the dohyo or off the dohyo. Over 10 years.

Has anyone seen live Baruto vs YMY keiko?

Takanonami recovered well from his stroke.

The often problematic spot in the spine is the Th12-L1 area due to transition role and I bet many rikishi have locks and dysfunction there and chiropracticians (cult members or not) treat those and earn good money. Simple treatment method. Yep.

Nobody says shit about juryo division.

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Nobody says shit about juryo division.

Nice report, but that's not quite true. NHK had a longish part starring Okinoumi, nothing about juryo there?

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