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Kaikitsune Makoto

Day 2 comments

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Harumafuji went for morozashi like Osh did on day 1 against Kise. Kise himself did go for a decent left arm morozashi block but he just is a bit off all the time now. Good powerful head press though and follow-up before Harumafuji did exactly what one can do in such situation. Neat spin and Kise can blame himself not taking it easier when he had time. In any case Kisenosato has been totally off at the tachi-ai on two days in a row but today survived it and actually produced good stuff.

Kotoshogiku continues his good start by ignoring Baruto's pushes and then digging in as Baruto panicked. Nice footwork by Baruto though at the edge. Both Baruto and Shogun look genki.

It is not a nice thing to say but it was good to see Hakuho giving Hokutoriki some extra twist to show how pathetic sumo he shows again. How can you lose that fast really..oh well Hokutoriki at joijin is bad for sumo.

O3 gave Osh the same treatment Osh gave to Kise. O3 was very smart at the tachi-ai slipping through into good morozashi and dominating the ozeki from there on. O3 looks more powerful now in some ways and the lack of that extra power was his demise last time at joijin. Good to see his physique getting better and better.

YMY also looks robust.

Good basho.

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