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Day 1 results and day 2 pairings

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Day 1


J14w   Kirinowaka (1-0)	okuridashi	 Ms1e   Kasugakuni (0-1)
J13w   Asofuji (1-0)	   yorikiri	   J14e   Yotsuguruma (0-1)
J12w   Shirononami (1-0)   oshidashi	  J13e   Wakatenro (0-1)
J11w   Daishoumi (1-0)	 oshidashi	  J12e   Otsukasa (0-1)
J11e   Wakakoyu (1-0)	  oshidashi	  J10w   Kyokunankai (0-1)
J9w	Kitataiki (1-0)	 tsukihiza	  J10e   Sakaizawa (0-1)
J8w	Kotokasuga (1-0)	oshidashi	  J9e	Hoshihikari (0-1)
J8e	Kotokuni (1-0)	  oshidashi	  J7w	Kasuganishiki (0-1)
J6w	Kiyoseumi (1-0)	 hatakikomi	 J7e	Okinoumi (0-1)
J6e	Mokonami (1-0)	  yorikiri	   J5w	Ushiomaru (0-1)
J5e	Masatsukasa (1-0)   oshitaoshi	 J4w	Kaiho (0-1)
J3w	Toyohibiki (1-0)	oshidashi	  J4e	Hakuba (0-1)
J2w	Koryu (1-0)		 oshidashi	  J3e	Kasugao (0-1)
J1e	Bushuyama (1-0)	 yorikiri	   J2e	Tosayutaka (0-1)


M15w   Kimurayama (1-0)	hikiotoshi	 M16e   Toyozakura (0-1)
M14w   Shimotori (1-0)	 yorikiri	   M15e   Tosanoumi (0-1)
M13w   Yamamotoyama (1-0)  oshidashi	  M14e   Tamawashi (0-1)
M13e   Chiyohakuho (1-0)   oshidashi	  M12w   Shotenro (0-1)
M11w   Aran (1-0)		  oshidashi	  M12e   Kakizoe (0-1)
M10w   Tochinoshin (1-0)   yorikiri	   M11e   Asasekiryu (0-1)
M9w	Futeno (1-0)		yorikiri	   M10e   Iwakiyama (0-1)
M8w	Kokkai (1-0)		kakenage	   M9e	Dejima (0-1)
M7w	Takamisakari (1-0)  yorikiri	   M8e	Tochinonada (0-1)
M7e	Homasho (1-0)	   oshidashi	  M6w	Toyonoshima (0-1)
M5w	Aminishiki (1-0)	yorikiri	   M6e	Tamanoshima (0-1)

M4w	Yoshikaze (1-0)	 hatakikomi	 M5e	Wakanosato (0-1)
M4e	Takekaze (1-0)	  hatakikomi	 M3w	Tokitenku (0-1)
S1e	Baruto (1-0)		oshidashi	  M3e	Miyabiyama (0-1)
O3e	Kotomitsuki (1-0)   yorikiri	   M2w	Tochiozan (0-1)
M2e	Kotoshogiku (1-0)   yoritaoshi	 O2w	Harumafuji (0-1)
M1w	Kakuryu (1-0)	   oshidashi	  O2e	Kaio (0-1)
O1w	Chiyotaikai (1-0)   oshidashi	  M1e	Hokutoriki (0-1)
O1e	Kotooshu (1-0)	  yorikiri	   S1w	Kisenosato (0-1)
Y1w	Hakuho (1-0)		yorikiri	   K1e	Goeido (0-1)
Y1e	Asashoryu (1-0)	 yorikiri	   K1w	Kyokutenho (0-1)

Day 2


J14e   Yotsuguruma (0-1)				  Ms2e   Jumonji (1-0)
J13e   Wakatenro (0-1)					J14w   Kirinowaka (1-0)
J12e   Otsukasa (0-1)					 J13w   Asofuji (1-0)
J11e   Wakakoyu (1-0)					 J12w   Shirononami (1-0)
J10e   Sakaizawa (0-1)					J11w   Daishoumi (1-0)
J9e	Hoshihikari (0-1)				  J10w   Kyokunankai (0-1)
J8e	Kotokuni (1-0)					 J9w	Kitataiki (1-0)
J7e	Okinoumi (0-1)					 J8w	Kotokasuga (1-0)
J6e	Mokonami (1-0)					 J7w	Kasuganishiki (0-1)
J5e	Masatsukasa (1-0)				  J6w	Kiyoseumi (1-0)
J4e	Hakuba (0-1)					   J5w	Ushiomaru (0-1)
J3e	Kasugao (0-1)					  J4w	Kaiho (0-1)
J2e	Tosayutaka (0-1)				   J3w	Toyohibiki (1-0)
J1e	Bushuyama (1-0)					J2w	Koryu (1-0)


M15e   Tosanoumi (0-1)					M16e   Toyozakura (0-1)
M14e   Tamawashi (0-1)					M15w   Kimurayama (1-0)
M14w   Shimotori (1-0)					M13w   Yamamotoyama (1-0)
M12e   Kakizoe (0-1)					  M13e   Chiyohakuho (1-0)
M12w   Shotenro (0-1)					 M11w   Aran (1-0)
M10e   Iwakiyama (0-1)					M11e   Asasekiryu (0-1)
M10w   Tochinoshin (1-0)				  M9w	Futeno (1-0)
M8e	Tochinonada (0-1)				  M9e	Dejima (0-1)
M8w	Kokkai (1-0)					   M7w	Takamisakari (1-0)
M6e	Tamanoshima (0-1)				  M7e	Homasho (1-0)
M6w	Toyonoshima (0-1)				  M5w	Aminishiki (1-0)

M4e	Takekaze (1-0)					 M5e	Wakanosato (0-1)
M4w	Yoshikaze (1-0)					M3w	Tokitenku (0-1)
S1e	Baruto (1-0)					   M2e	Kotoshogiku (1-0)
O1e	Kotooshu (1-0)					 M2w	Tochiozan (0-1)
O3e	Kotomitsuki (1-0)				  M3e	Miyabiyama (0-1)
S1w	Kisenosato (0-1)				   O2w	Harumafuji (0-1)
O2e	Kaio (0-1)						 K1e	Goeido (0-1)
K1w	Kyokutenho (0-1)				   O1w	Chiyotaikai (1-0)
Y1e	Asashoryu (1-0)					M1w	Kakuryu (1-0)
M1e	Hokutoriki (0-1)				   Y1w	Hakuho (1-0)

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Terrific start for Kotooshu and horrible sekiwake debut for Kisenosato. This kind of total failures prevent Kise from making more impact at the moment. He did go for right uwate but was totally opened up from the left side too making it easy for Osh to dig in and get overwhelming morozashi with ease. This particular bout doesn't give any hint how good shape either. Still this kind of instability is awkward. Nothing went well for him and Osh had a perfect bout.

Gotta love Kotomitsuki's grip breaking maneuvre. He does that move very often and is highly successful in it. Solid start despite giving O3 the advantage early on. Mentally seemed to be a big relief too to have this good winning start for the basho.

Harumafuji's loss against Shogun is not exactly surprising. Shogun has a difficult body for Harumafuji and has been dealing with Haruma well before too. Rather squeezed morozashi without good leverage and Shogun sure did make sure there was no pause in pressure. Good reading of Haruma's edge moves and manly finish. Good start for the 1-99 keiko man and definitely a nice confidence booster after Hatsu melancholy.

Homasho had a wounded foe but at M7 he has a duty to return to joijin to bring his beef to torment sanyaku. His wrist healed and hunger unsatisfied, he will soon bloom and brings more variety and nebari stickiness to prime time sumo. He says his tachi-ai has improved, that along with functional wrist should make his package better than ever before.

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M2e Kotoshogiku (1-0) yoritaoshi O2w Harumafuji (0-1)

It's because Harumafuji was wearing that silly silver mawashi.. He's gotta get "Back in Black!" And now that I think of it, maybe he should listen to AC/DC before his matches too... ;-)

Edited by Washuyama

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