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Sadogatake Asageiko February 15, 2009

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No keiko at all for Sado sekitori? They are there but no bouts, no butsukari? Same with Azumazeki pictures, no Sakke in action or so. Is this picture taking bias or why is there no pictures of them in action?

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Well I am still posting pictures to the album for this one now...

in fact here is part 3

This is finally getting to the sekitori.. :)

Couple of points..

Takamisakari only did two or three bouts the other day. Not sure why. It was almost all Ushiomaru only.

At Azumazeki there was a point where the young guys started butsukari and it got a little no make that very rough and the Oyakata instructed me to stop taking pictures at that point.

I wasn't sure what point I could take pictures again...

logically the minute the scary time was over but I was afraid to take the camera back out. I missed a lot and didn't start taking more pictures until he left.

Next time I would stop taking pictures on my own maybe at the rough part and then start again later. Anyway that was kind of a weird feeling and so I missed a lot of pictures that day.

Also still learning to use my friends DSLR camera and the lens is entirely too big for keiko! He's an airplane photographer so he has three huge lenses. I've been trying to get what I can with it but I need something that goes smaller and I need more practice. I took 2000 pictures at Sadogatake but not nearly that many came out.

When I'm in the black I'll buy a lens of my own to use with his camera. :) I was hoping that would happen before Osaka! In any case he just gave it to me to try from the middle of the Hatsubasho so it is still very new to me!!! That is why so many pictures are blurry :(

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