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A different take on sumo. A few misses (calling the rikishi "sumo"...), but an interesting read, with lots of pics.

Awful lot of misses. Anybody spot any that I missed?

1) Keeps saying 'old people and tourists' -- but as sumo is around 8:40 to 6:00, can any schoolkids or working stiffs manage it on weekdays?

2)' Old people and tourists' waiting for tickets -- but all the windows are closed! where are the tickets going to come from?

3) " A sumo carries his lunch " -- actually he has his mawashi curled up in a furoshiki.

4) Inside the Kokugikan the dohyo awaits -- actually it's charity day with a stage set up and the rear half of the seats empty.

5) "Circled around, the sumo get warmed up for fighting" -- actually these men are singing jinku at a charity event.

6) "...the big guns only fight at the end of the day -- around 6:00 p.m." --ah, you just missed it! that's when the whole thing has just ended. (This one reminds me of the time, at the end of a dampatsu-shiki, when I met a family of foreigners arriving at 4:00 --because their Japanese friends, knowing nothing of sumo except the regular TV coverage, had assured them that nothing happened till four -- the exact time when informal sumo like dampatsu-shiki is finishing.)

7) His comment on throwing salt is inappropriate to the picture which clearly shows lower-ranked rikishi. This guy doens't know that only sekirotori (and in one special case the upper makushita) throw salt.

Did I miss anything, guys?

Orion just back from singing Beethoven in the strangely different Kokugikan

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Did he call sumo dull while implying that soccer is interesting? How come nobody noticed THAT miss?

Edited by Kozaru

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1. A 15 day knockout tournament with the last guy standing becoming the yokozuna. I never realized that was what was happening.

2. Purifying the ring using a water bucket.

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