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(In jonokuchi...): I can't edit my profile?
(A yokozuna...): You have to have at least one approved post before you can edit your profile. The'>Member Introductions subforum is a good place for your first post.

(In jonokuchi...): How can I change my user name?
(A yokozuna...): Users cannot change their display or login user names. You'll have to contact an administrator.

(In jonokuchi...): Can I have a custom user title instead of "Jonokuchi"?
(A yokozuna...): You can change your user title when you have reached 200 posts (upon reaching Juryo on the forum).
You'll find the setting in My Settings -> Profile Settings.

(In jonokuchi...): What is the difference between Active Users and Regular Users?
(A yokozuna...): Active users have a larger PM quota, more image upload space and are protected against account deletion. Active forum contributors become Active Users after a certain period.

(In jonokuchi...): I have a question that wasn't answered above. What do I do?
(A yokozuna...): Create a new thread in the'>Public Feedback subforum.

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