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Kaikitsune Makoto

Fukuoka and Dewaotori

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Fukuoka is 23 years old and will be a shinjuuryou in Haru basho. He has been a prospect and was 7th in 2006 and 6th in 2007 "10 top prospects list". The fundamental frame of his with 190cm height and originally 120kg weight at debut made him a big hope as he also knew sumo. He has been accused of being too docile and grey though. However, his weight gain has been favourable throughout the years:

3/2006: 118kg

3/2007: 125kg

3/2008: 134kg

He also has a quite decent 19-5 record in his 24 basho. Of those 19 kachi koshi, he has now had 6 in a row since Haru 2008:

Haru 2008: 5-2 Ms33

Natsu 2008: 5-2 Ms18

Nagoya 2008: 4-3 Ms9

Aki 2008: 5-2 Ms7

Kyushu 2008: 5-2 Ms1

Hatsu 2009: 4-0 Ms1

He was injured before the basho with a leg injury and couldn't do much keiko at all. Yet he has beaten all his foes very strongly. Dairaido, Sagatsukasa, Tokusegawa and Nakanishi are no walkovers so he has earned his place in juryo. Who knows, maybe he will get his first ever yusho on the way. In my opinion Fukuoka could become a classic "once out of makushita, juryo success will be good"-rikishi. At 23, he has plenty of time and at 190 he has plenty of tools. Very interesting newcomer for sure in juryo in Haru basho.

Wins of Fukuoka

yorikiri 32

uwatenage 15

yoritaoshi 12

shitatenage 11

oshidashi 10

sukuinage 9

hatakikomi 4

katasukashi 3

abisetaoshi 1

hikiotoshi 1

kotenage 1

okuridashi 1

oshitaoshi 1

sotogake 1

uwatedashinage 1

Dewaotori is also 23 and even younger than Fukuoka but he has been forgotten long ago. Strong rikishi upon arrival and heaviest juryo rikishi at a time has become much smaller since and weighed 148kg in 3/2008. Since then he has dropped even more weight. He was a rikishi who could compete well with makuuchi rikishi in yotsusumo but has now dropped all the way to Sd49 without ever missing even one bout during his professional career. He had shoulder and back problems but it is not known what is his problem nowadays. Drastic drop in weight and power is suspicious. He was 2nd in 2005 and 4th in 2006 "top 10 prospects"-list (Baruto was 1st in 2005). Now he is a real shadow of his former self. I can't recall any spesific news about why has he become so weak and small but it is definitely similar drop as Chiyotenzan had at one time.

He is now 3-0 at Sd49 but even at Sd3 in Kyushu basho he suffered an ugly 1-6 makekoshi.

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Thanks for the interesting and thorough analysis sensei!

Actually I was a little disappointed that you did not have any insight into Dewaotori's struggles. It was his shikona in the title that grabbed my attention.

Still your presentation of Fukuoka was terrific. I look forward to his Juryo debut almost as much as I look forward to your next observations.

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