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Making Norizo Cup banzuke

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NC banzuke making

At first,

The result written 13-2,12-3,......,2-13.

But in making banzuke, it is subdivided 0.25.

8-7 players who nearly 9-6 go up much.

8-7 players who nearly 7-8 go up little.

For example,

player A gets 550 point, and player B gets 510 point.

They are written same "8-7".

But A are treated 8.25 win 6.75 lost.

B are treated 7.75 win 7.25 lost.


In Makunouchi players go 1 rank up/down for 1 win/lost over than lost/win.

(sorry my funny English)






In Juryo 2 rank up for 1 win over than lost.





In makushita 3 rank up for 1win over than lost.





So in makunouchi it is difficult to big jump up.

The other side in makushita it is easy to big jump up.

My intention is newcomers jump up rapidly.

It is a general rule.

Every basho some exceptions happen.

So Lucky and unlucky often occur.

8-7 is no guarantee of going up.

Many 9-6 or 10-5 players exist just under you, you maybe down.

For example,pleyer who seen 8-7(treated 7.5-7.5) M5w ->M6e.

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NC banzuke special jump up.

1,Yusho(total champ)

Hiramaku or Juryo -> Sekiwke

Makushita -> Komusubi

2,Yusho(every rank)

Makunouchi -> Sekiwake

Juryo -> Komusubi

Makushita -> Makunouchi

3,12 wins(or more)

Hiramaku -> Komusubi(or Sekiwake)

Juryo -> Makunouchi

Makushita -> Juryo

4,Sekiwake and Komusubi

8-7 or more -> not down

9-6 or more in Komusubi -> Sekiwake

5,Jump up to Komusubi(or Sekiwake)

M1,2 : 9 wins or more

M3,4 : 10 wins or more

M5,6 : 11 wins or more

It is general rule. Some exceptions happen.

For example, you are lucky,you maybe 8-7 jump from M4 up to Komusubi.

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NC Ozeki promotion

1,Total Yusho in Komusubi

2,Makunouchi Yusho or total 2nd place in sekiwake.

3,30 wins or more in Sekiwake in continuous 3 basho.

needed all "Kachikoshi"(8wins or more)

needed 10wins or more the last basho.

If in Komusubi counted 1win decreased. (9-6 -> 8-7)

If in Hiramaku counted 2wins/rank decreased. (M1:-2,M2:-4,M3:-6,......)


Sw8-7 -> Sw11-4 -> Se11-4 O

Ke9-6 -> Sw12-3 -> Se10-5 O (8+12+10)

M2e13-2 -> Sw10-5 -> Se11-4 O (9+10+11)

Ke11-4 -> Se12-3 -> Se9-6 X (Not 10 wins last basho)

Se12-3 -> Se7-8 -> Sw12-3 X (include "Makekoshi(7-8)")

4, 2 continuous Yusho(every rank)

Ozeki demotion

1,4-11 or less

4-11 -> Sekiwake

3-12 -> Komusubi

2-13 or less -> Makujiri(lowest Makunouchi)

*return(only once)

Sekiwake 11 wins or more

Komusubi 12 wins or more

Makujiri 13wins or more

2, 2 continuous Makekoshi(7-8 or less)

demotion to Sekiwake

*return(only once)

10 wins or more

**return Ozeki demotion again,can't return 1 basho.

needed 30 wins in Sekiwake in 3 basho.

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Ozeki demotion

1,4-11 or less

2, 2 continuous Makekoshi(7-8 or less)

I forget another rule.

I add to demotion

3, 3 or more Makekoshi(7-8 or less) in last 6 basho.

Ex)ex-Ozeki GONZABROW (2007.5 ~ 2008.3)

9-6, 6-9, 9-6, 6-9, 9-6, 7-8

He demoted to Sekiwake in 2008.05.

So NC Ozeki is needed 4 or more Kachikoshi in every 6 basho.

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