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Raising bilingual children

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Kintamayama, you might be semi-lingual.

For a guy playing the bass guitar, he appears to be hyper-lingual.

Are you suggesting that I was suggesting that Kintamayama is hypo-lingual?

Well, I wasn't.

Errm... (cough..) I play the bass guitar AND sing at the same time, so I'm actually ultra - C- lingual (100 shekels to anyone who knows what Ultra-C is, and how it connects to this forum and to these days..). Gimme credit where credit is due, sirs!

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Speaking as someone who grew up in Japan, I think that you can do quite a lot at home, obviously, by just having multiple languages alive and well. In my house, both my parents spoke Swedish, my maid spoke English, and then obviously Japanese came from all directions, although I would imagine that any Japanese spoken at home will make it easier for them to learn.

The biggest 'challenge' really will likely come from the choice of school. That usually determines what level of the different languages you will get. I know that growing up in Ashiya, I went to Canadian Academy out on Rokko Island which was a brilliant school, and Osaka International School is also pretty good, from what I know. By contrast, Japanese schools are not in my field of expertise, though I'm sure they do quite well.

My brother just had a baby with his Japanese wife. He assures me that the house will be mostly Japanese, with English and Swedish coming in from around the age of 3. At least that is the plan.

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