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Chiyohakuho: Sumo with a fighting spirit like Taikai

千代白鵬 大海のような元気のある相撲を

2008年7月1日(火) 7時1分 スポーツニッポン (Sponichi)

The Ozumo Nagoya basho (starting on the 13th, Aichi Prefectural Gymnasium)'s banzuke was announced and during Chiyohakuho's makuuchi newcomer interview he put up a target for himself, "the kantosho of 10 or more wins." About the previous basho's 13 wins 2 loss record and the juryo yusho resulting in him becoming a fresh face in makuuchi, Chiyohakuho said, "it's always good to aim high," and besides, my fervent hope is to compete "doing as well as Tamanoshima and Kotoshogiku at the same age." The sekitori who respects heyamate ozeki Chiyotaikai talked about his ambitions, "I want to aim to do sumo with a fighting spirit like the ozeki."


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