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Ami's Knee

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The right knee that Aminishiki re-injured last basho is still bothering him. "At this point, it's a matter of what kind of sumo I can do on shonichi," he told a reporter. "It's whether I can get on the dohyo in the best possible condition. Rather than worrying about how many wins to aim for, that would be the paramount concern."

The injury was sustained when he lost to Asashoryu by yori-taoshi on Day 3. The knee still needs to be heavily wrapped

and he is concerned about the approaching Natsu Basho. Nevertheless, he continues to do keiko regularly. He has been working out at the heya with sekiwake Ama and juryo-returnee Asofuji, who happens to be his elder brother. Last week, just prior to Banzuke Announcement Day, he went for de-geiko at Miyagino Beya, where he did moshiai with Ama and Ryuo in addition to some butsukari with yokozuna Hakuho.

The day after injuring his knee against Ryu, Ami was scheduled to face Hakuho. However, when he went to the keiko-ba in the morning, he couldn't even lend his chest for butsukari. His knee had been injured before, but this time the pain was in a different spot. "Ow, it hurts too much," he said to himself. "I may have to go kyujo."

However, he decided to gut it out. Since he couldn't put any weight on the right leg, he came up with a plan to shift to the left at the tachi-ai collison. The yokozuna was completely fooled and fell on all four. "I didn't want to win like that," Ami said later. "But it still is considered a kin-boshi, right?"

"It doesn't have to be right away, but I want to return to the sanyaku ranks." That will all depend on his right knee.


Ami and his problematic knee.

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