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Jonosuke    15

Friday September 16, 2005

Day 6 X Yoritaoshi Vs Kotooshu-zeki

Subject: 2005 September Basho

To be honest I feel ...

I haven't been able to get my own sumo in.

It takes two to have a sumo match

but I feel as if I am going along with my opponent's pace.

I personally feel my tachiai isn't that bad..

But I still have a lot to think about,

but then if I think too much...

For instance today.

From the flow I felt he would be coming at me with left uwate...

but from the beginning I couldn't catch up to a henka-like tachiai and I was easily...

If I had any inkling somewhere in my head, I realized there was a possibility he might come over with something like that, and perhaps I could have done something then,

...but a "COULD HAVE" isn't good, is it.

But if I start getting too concerned with it too much and my tachiai gets too lame, it won't be my sumo anymore.

It's really hard, isn't it.

But when all is said and done, the bottom line is I am still not strong enough.

After all I will be fine If I build a physique that can withstand a henka, and if I develop an ability to quickly judge how to counter any unexpected move.

I am still far from it.

Last basho after the Day 6 I had 2 wins and 4 losses, but things are quite a bit different this basho (laughs).

What can I nothing is jumping out of me or I am just spinning in the air.

A bout in the day is the same for everyone, and I will keep writing away if I could win a sumo bout by just complaining about my own bout...

What am I writing about here...I can't stand it.

Tomorrow KOTOMITSUKI-zeki!

I will do my best by refreshing my mind! ! !


(Yes, folks, it's true, it's really KOTOMITSUKI this time. I was just thinking just a day ahead yesterday :-O

Edited by Jonosuke

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Jonosuke    15

Saturday September 17, 2005

Day 7 X Yorikiri Vs Kotomitsuki-zeki

Subject: 2005 September Basho

What a I (laughs

I don't know how I can apologize to everyone who is cheering me on.

Winning isn't everything but then if I don't win .... (laughs




If I write such stuff, you may wonder

But Futenou isn't depressed that much !!!

I am OK...probably (laughs

For myself and for everyone, I will do all my best so please keep supporting me.

Thank you very much to everyone who keeps sending me encouraging messages.

I feel so grateful.

I'd be doing my best to show a good result as quickly as possible.

Tomorrow, I have Miyabiyama-zeki.

Just like always!

I will do my best ! ! !

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Jonosuke    15

Sunday September 19, 2005

Day 8 X Tsukiotoshi Vs Miyabiyama-zeki

Subject: 2005 September Basho

I am not sure how I should be taking all this in...

in other words, as I keep losing

every day I am thinking a variety of things but I have not been able to generate the result.

Today I will go just go as hard as I could ! ! ! for instance,

Today I will try to have some fun with the bout ! ! ! for instance.

I will go with my own sumo ! ! ! for instance....

Every day I have been approaching the bout after doing quite a bit of thinking seaching for answers but

Every day I end up losing..

Honestly how I should be mentally preparing myself for the bout...

I am beginning to think I am just spining in the air every time I think about it.

However in the final analysis whatever it is, the only thing I can trust and depend on is

my own body alone.

I have to believe in myself...

Within myself I still have a feeling that

I have a lot more to go from here.

In many respects

I won't absolutely let it finish as it is ! ! !

This is where I will plant my feet firmly down ! ! !

I will do my best ! ! !


(Ed: You can send Futeno your message/question or just want to cheer him on from this page

Here's how you do it.

1. On the first box, fill in your e-mail address.

2. On the second box, write you message in.

3. And then click the little box at the bottom that says "submit" in Japanese.)

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Jonosuke    15

Monday September 19, 2005

Day 9 X Oshidashi Vs Ozeki Tochiazuma-zeki

Subject: 2005 Aki Basho

I couldn't do anything good.

- The flow from tachiai

- How I moved and responded physically

- The way I tried to stay in that last position

Absolutely nothing good I can say about.

I was constantly trying to defend myself,

but just plain struggling, that's all.

In the last basho, I was able to flow out from tachiai and positioned myself for Hidari-Yotsu sumo.

This basho I have not gotten the mawashi with my right hand.

Sumo is such a difficult thing you know...

Well it may not be just sumo I guess..

In good times, everything goes well but when it gets bad...

I am the one who created the bad tide.

And I am the one who should change the tide.

I have to be tougher ! ! !

While I am losing so much, perhaps I don't have a right to put something like this here but...

A Good Sumo !

A Captivating Sumo !

I will do my best.


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Jonosuke    15

Tuesday September 20, 2005

Day 10 X Uwatenage Vs Hakuho-zeki

Subject: 2005 September Basho

My head is blanked out.

I want to write something but my fingers don't move.

It's the first time something like this happened..

So I am now writing the play-by-play...



About the sumo content...

Even though I am the one who must go out attacking like that

(Attacking by rounding my upper body)

he executed it instead.

The bad point for this basho is

The balance between the lower body and upper body.

I feel I am correcting it but it's not happening.


In my head, right now,

feeling of pity,



All sorts of emotion are swirling around inside my head.

There are a few things I want to write but I won't write about them now.

I will make an update when I settle down after the basho.

I know I will have to do all I could each individual bout every single day ! ! !

Even spinning around in the air, that is still me !

Even getting beaten, that is still me !

And going back harder, that is still me !




I will do my best ! ! !

Edited by Jonosuke

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Jonosuke    15

Wednesday September 21, 2005

Day 11 O Uwatehineri Vs Kokkai-zeki

Subject: 2005 September Basho


I am relieved.

But I will get keyed up again right away.

I am really happy to escape from the losing streak,

and I feel a little bit reassured.

I am not saying this because I won,

but the quality of my sumo was still not good at all

(though I did endure),

I am not satsified at all

(obviously there is an opponent so it would not be that easy.).

Having said all this, I may be rather pretentious to say this, but from this bout

I want to seize the flow.

One never know if there may be something altered in my mindset,

of course I have no idea how it will turn out...

Regardless I'd do all I possibly could

so please keep cheering for me.

I'll do my best.

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Jonosuke    15

Thursday September 22, 2005

Day 12 X Uwatenage Vs Iwakiyama-zeki

Subject: 2005 September Basho

I lost the bout fair and square, right straight on.

The flow from the tachiai,

and subsequent movement.

All won by Iwakiyama-zeki.

I feel deep regrets over

coming this far without making any corrections to

my bad habit of stretching my upper body backwards,

one of the main reasons I have been losing this basho.

Having my upper body stretching backwards means

I am staying in a defensive position and

in my case I am using my left hand only.

I understand too well in my head,

but in a sumo bout during the basho...

I am sorry..

I can't stand it.

But when all is said and done, it just proves that

I am the final analysis.

If I have a physique that will not crumble

whatever way my opponent comes over to me..

If I have a mental fortitude that can overwhelm my opponents...

I want to get stronger,



Right now in this basho all I could do is to compete on the dohyo with everything I have.

What I am doing now is what I can do til the completion.

I will do my best !

Please keep cheering for me ! ! ! !

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Jonosuke    15

Friday September 23, 2005

Day 13 O Yorikri Vs Kyokushuzan-zeki

Subject: 2005 September Basho


Every day I had a will to go with a good, motivated sumo and wanting to win but with a variety of things started piling on top of another, today I had the feeling stronger than ever.

(But I'd be speechless if you tell me I should always go with the same feeling then..-:)

I was psyched up but

it didn't get me spinning in the air again.


Before the bout, I have been thinking a lot of things like "When the opponent comes this way, I will go this way" (For instance, like I'd adjust to the opponent's tachiai move, and that type of things.)

But in the end where I reached was --- Go Right Straight On ---

it was to hit hard and push forward.

As inept as I am, I have nothing else in the final analysis.

It's a kind of funny way of saying,

"But it's OK if I lost by going right straight on".

I was thinking that way by then.

(I apoligize...I was thinking of losing even the bout started.)

But I was thinking like perhaps that was the most like me.

We have only little of the basho left so my thought of finishing the basho with not having any regret left, maybe that thought contributed to my will to fight on, .....that and everyone's support.

Everyone, thank you always.

Everyone, thank you always.



We only have two days left now.

Of course I'll do all I could tomorrow.

I will do my best.

Please keep cheering for me!


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Jonosuke    15

Sunday September 25, 2005

Day 14 O Yorikiri Vs Takamisakari-zeki

Subject: 2005 Aki Basho


Consecutive wins in a long long while (laughs


Following the yesterday, I was able to go forward by staying offensive and get a win.

Lately I may have gotten out with a good tachiai but

often I couldn't finish off by moving forward so

when I could go with a moving-forward sumo I feel happy.

But a Tsukebito said to me,

"You went out (at tachiai) a little too high"...

I think today's bout had elements of good and bad.

Whether I win or lose, I ask my Tsukebito,

"How did I do today?"

They'd point out things I was not aware of and stay objective

so their point of view is really convincing.

When I thought "I had a good sumo today" , often it was not exactly the case.

That's why every single day is a learning or lose.

Now we all have left is the Senshuraku this basho.

This basho turned out to be an extraordinary basho in a variety of ways (laughs

I intend to show a sumo that I feel close to my heart on the Senshuraku,

so please keep cheering for me!

I will do all I can ! ! !


Sunday September 25, 2005

Day 15 X Hatakikomi Vs Kyokutenho-zeki

Subject: 2005 Aki Basho

I approched the Senshuraku, hoping it to be the "Grand Compilation" of this basho but...

It was a Henka move right out of tachiai.

(In a way it may have been the basho's grand compilation...)

I can't stand it...

because I couldn't catch up to it.

Can't stand it.

because I am unable to execute a sumo that I am thinking of.

There is probably nothing to do but more training....

Challenges are piling up...

More rigor,

More speed.



After the basho I am planning to take a plenty of rest.

so that I can prepare for the future...

I am really exhausted.

this basho.

Dear Reader:

I'd like to sincerely expresss my appreciation for your unwavering support this basho.

Because of you I have been able to do my best till the end.

I will be doing my best from now on.

Please keep cheering for me.

Thank you very much.

Best regards.


Monday September 26, 2005

My true feelings at the time of my eight bout losing streak (Day 10) & Mr Furuta (of Yakult team of Japanese Baseball League), thank you for introduing my blog.

Subject: 2005 Aki Basho

This is Day 10.

*I am releasing what I wrote in my diary at the time of my eight bout losing streak.

(which I edited on a later date.)

It has becoming really brutal to keep writing.

Earlier in the losing streak, I was still moving well and I wasn't feeling that badly

but as the losses kept mounting, I wasn't able to move as I wanted anymore.

Going out thinking "Doing my best!" is somehow turning around to getting me to spinning in the air instead.

While knowing I have to get tougher myself to face all the adversity, I start to feel like I'd rather want to throw away everything...

I did not want to write too much...during the basho as I did not want to show myself becoming all pessimistic to everyone who was supporting me as well as I did not want them to know about it.

What if I said, "I've given up", when people are supporting me so much....

Absolutely that is not possible

...but actually was an instant but I did think about it.

I've been expressing my feelings about winning and losing in the blog but that is not really everything as I am also a human being.

There were times I could not express my true feeling or trying to appear tough while feeling desparately anxious or times I want to depend on someone to come through for me...

I even tried to do something stupid so I can avoid facing the reality.

To be honest, when you accumulate that many losses, you start thinking "I wish the basho will end quickly".

For all this I apologize.

But even then I am still doing all I possibly could do...

At least what little I could do at the moment!

I hear from many people and some said that I "do not need to continue with Blog now" so that I could focus solely on sumo....But I will still keep writing it!

To be honest it's so difficult to keep writing in the midst of such a horrendous losing streak!

Really I am running out of things to write and saying "What do I do now?" with a deep sigh while staring at my PC monitor.

Why do I write!


Because by sharing my current feeling now, I want everyone to know more about Sumo (Rikishi) and

with it I want to connect further.

By getting connected, after going through difficult times, I can truly enjoy fun times more.

(and of course I will be doing my best to make it fun).

For my future...

The reasons I started this blog were things like I want to get people to "know more about sumo" or "more interested in sumo".

Having good time or winning isn't everything.

Because you know the regret when you lose, there is more joy when you win.

By someone reading even a little bit of my blog, I am hoping it will lead into a trigger to watch sumo.

I am keep writing with the hope every day.

I cannot estimate how much the person who reads this blog will want to watch sumo and it may all vary by individual taste. But by sharing my feelings at my most difficult moments will get more people to understand more deeply, then what I am going through in writing this is simply insignificant.

That's why I will keep writing. Because I want everyone to know more.

That's why I write my feeling

That is why.

While mentioning I cannot write everything, I have written a lot....I am sorry.

By starting this blog, I believe I am growing in many ways.

And for everyone who keeps reading this for a variety of reasons, I wish I could grow together with you.

I will be doing my best from now on but if you can discover more about sumo and can enjoy it more, then I will feel really grateful and gratified.

Everyone is on their stage and I myself will be on my stage.

let's do all our best together.


The above is what I wrote on Day 10 though I have edited bits here and there.

But when I read it back now, I feel somewhat embarrassed.

Even now after the basho is over, I feel like I will becoming "blue" again.

This basho has been a great experience for me in a variety of ways.

I will learn from all the experience from the basho and I will be training so it will lead into the next...definitely.

As I wrote yesterday,

I'd like to express my appreciation for sending me warm messges till the Senshuraku.

Best regards.


On this basho's Day 2, Furuta-san of Yakult Swallows introduced my blog to his readers. I wanted to express my appreciation right after the basho and now I am doing it today.

Furuta-san! Thank you very much ! ! !

I believe I gained quite a few readers.

Though what I can do is a little, I'd like to introduce to you Furuta Player's Blog (

I was aware of his blog as I happened to come across a website that lists well known personality's blog and immediately I realized his as Furuta-san's "Fu" and "Fu" of Futeno were next to each other. Kind of ...

I don't know too much about baseball but I was able to enjoy reading it regardless.

Please give it a check.

My best regards to Furuta-san.

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ilovesumo    12

Thank you so much Jonosuke! :-O

彼は人情味のあふれる男だ........ (You are going off-topic...)

Edited by ilovesumo

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Jonosuke    15
彼は人情味のあふれる男だ........  (You are going off-topic...)

No update on the blog today.

I am beginning to wonder if you are turning Japanese (Sign of approval)

Wow "人情味あふれる"!

That is truly a Japanese expression.

Before I know it, you may be listening to Enka songs over Handel.... but then again these days I think Kiyoshi Hikawa has the same hair color as you do :-O

Edited by Jonosuke

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Jonosuke    15

Thursday September 29, 2005

Morinage Milk Caramel and Takamisakari-zeki and with Ai Kawashima-chan

Subject: About myself

Pic 1 - A Kensho from Morinaga Confectionery Co Ltd

Lately I have been getting behind on uploading (Neener, neener...)

This time I am thiking of putting more pictures up! ! !

The Kensho offered by Morinaga Confectionery is based on the fan voting...and it even has an extra gift like this.

Pic 2 - Morinaga Milk Caramel

As this Kensho is generally put on the Yokozuna bout, I wonder if the Yokozuna is getting the Caramel every time (a mystery).

In my previous note, do you remember about this,

"I've done a stupid thing too".

Well here are the pictures:

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5


(I had my face wrapped around with a spongy thing and had the face drawn on)

It's stupid.

But the whole heya was in a sea of laughter, and at the time I laughed so hard too.

There is a regular Nichidai Sumo Club party on the Monday after the Tokyo Basho.

Pic 6

And here is a scene from senior, just like always.

And then yesterday!!!

I had a dinner together with Ai Kawashima-chan!!!

Pic 7

Pic 8

Someone recommended me a book by Ai-chan and that led us to this gettogether...

(Tomorrow I am going to see her live's my very first live concert).

My impression after reading the book was..

she is such a nice kid I can't even begin to describe with words...really.

How can I put Pure or like Innocent...

It's like you want to squeeze her with a nice big hug.

Even seein her in person, I had exactly the same impression.

In other words..well, you will understand if you read her book! Try reading it!

Ai Kawashima

The Final Word (Saigo No Kotoba)

Oh, yeah, she has her blog too !!!

Let me introduce it to you too.

Ai Kawashima Blog

Please send her my regards (Clapping wildly...)

The time-off has entered into the final stage.

About refreshing my frame of mind, I feel it may take little bit longer.

I only have little time left of my holiday.

I will be having fun as much as I can.

See you again, everyone.


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Jonosuke    15

Saturday October 1 2005

Real Challenge!

Subject: On myself

It's Futenou@littledrunk

Well---the holiday was over too quick---& I may have drunk too much,,,orz

Training sessions will start tomorrow!

I will be doing my best!

And today we had the retirement sumo event for Musoyama-zeki.

I received a great deal of guidance from Fujishima oyakata (Musoyama-zeki) during his active days and for that I am really grateful.

His sumo was "Straight head-on, holding nothing back" sumo, a model of sumo I am precisely aiming for. He was a rikishi I am aspiring to be.

I had a privilege of calling him "Muso-zeki" but now

(well he is Fujishima oyakata now so...).

Thank you for all you have done for us, Muso-zeki ! ! !

I will do my best !

And just before the start of the Retirement Sumo Ceremony, I must admit,

in the dressing room, I have done Stupid again...

I was talking to Toyonoshima-zeki who was sitting next to me at the dressing room and for some reason, our conversation turned to a topic of "who is more handsome" and then we ended up agreeing that we'd put "our pictures on the blog and ask our readers to vote for one of kidding"

So here we are (plus Taichi(Dewaotori))...

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Pic 4

Pic 5

Pic 6

Pic 7

Pic 8

Pic 9

Please take a time to vote for one of us


Oh yeah, yesterday I went to Ai-chan's " On the Street Collection Number 1 Release Commemoration Live"

Actually I wanted to write about it yesterday but I had a few other things going on...

My impression of listening to her on live...

I felt chills going up on my spine.

Because as I have already known her from the book,

how can I describe it,

it's like...I got so emotional.

She has a beautiful voice...

I am sorry if it sounded pretentious coming from an amateur like me (Whistling...)

I particularly like a song called "...Arigatou..." ("Thanks")

(Actually this song is not in the CD)

From "On the Street Collection Number 1" ("Rojo shu Dai Ichi-go",

I especially like "Melody of Angels" ("Tenshitachi No Melody") and

"Me in the Glass" (Garasu no naka no Watashi").

I really wish everyone can go out and listen to her music.

Of course before you listen to her music, I'd like you to read her book as well (Arguing...)

So there, now you have my introduction of her.

Please check her music and book!

Ai Kawashima "Rojo-shu Ichi-go" (On the Street Collection Number 1)

Now the training sessions start from tomorrow!

Just like always I go with my own pace!!!

I'll do my best!!!

Edited by Jonosuke

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Jonosuke    15
NHK News just reported that Futeno is going on kyujo due to a right ankle injury he suffered in the Kaio bout yesteday.

His opponent, Kotooshu, will get a Fusensho win today.

This should put a little pressure off Kotooshu.


This was posted prior to the announcement:

Sunday November 13, 2005

Day 1 X Yorikiri vs Ozeki Kaio

Subject: November Kyushu Basho 2005

Day 1....

All through it has been the Ozeki's pace.

From the tachiai, it developed into a form in which the Ozeki could have exerted his pressure most and that was the reason for my loss today.

I am still not there yet..

Tomorrow, Kotooshu-zeki!

I will buckle up mentally and do my best tomorrow!



Saturday November 19 2005

Day 7 X Oshidashi vs Chiyotaikai-zeki

2005 November Kyushu Basho

While I was away, I felt frustarted but somehow I now feel refreshed...

Despite losing...

As long as I get back onto the dohyo, I know I have to execute with my own my own way.

As best as I can at the moment.

A bad habit of mine (my upper body arching back) resurfacing wasn't good ....

My writing is getting a bit pessimistic...

But we've still have a long way to go !!!

Tomorrow is the Yokozuna bout!

I will do my best to have my own sumo!!!


Edited by Manekineko
merging of Futeno blog threads

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Jonosuke    15

From Futenou's Blog:

Thurday December 1, 2005

Futenou at home Resting!?

As the foot injury is not compeletely healed yet...right now I am surfing the net and doing other stuff at home.

But as you can imagine I can't stay home all day all night long, I am going out for a bite or two occasionally.

Obviously since during the last basho I haven't had any drink..and I can't find ANYTHING TO DO !!!

So I am spending every day reading books and playing games.

I am exercising a little bit but I am really itching to do some work out....

Right now I am realizing how wonderful to be healthy...

It's been a long while since I had this much free time during a basho break.

But until I get better..until...until...

I wonder if I ever will be OK at all...

( The December issue of SPOPRE (a free sports magazine available at ampm and Hub etc), there is a Futeno interview on Page 2. Please take a look. It's the one with Sharapova on the cover. )

Edited by Jonosuke

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slt    7
But until I get better..until...until...

I wonder if I ever will be OK at all...

This is pretty sad to read... He sounds pretty depressed. He really needs a good winning record in January, to get back on track.

I hope the japanese speakers are sending him some supportive emails -

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ilovesumo    12
This is pretty sad to read... He sounds pretty depressed. He really needs a good winning record in January, to get back on track.

I hope the japanese speakers are sending him some supportive emails -

;-) Not so easy after one year of studying Japanese......but I try....

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slt    7

This is pretty sad to read... He sounds pretty depressed. He really needs a good winning record in January, to get back on track.

I hope the japanese speakers are sending him some supportive emails -

;-) Not so easy after one year of studying Japanese......but I try....

がんばって !! (Which is about the extent of MY japanese...)

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Jonosuke    15


Sunday January 8, 2006

Day 1 Loss - Uwatenage Vs Kisenosato-zeki

Subject: January Basho


I could not respond to his throw.

But then again I believe the cause was I just let him get the migi-uwate before that.

Personnaly I am feeling I am not in a bad condition I think the rest is up to what I can bring in mentally.

I can't afford to keep thinking it's only Day 1.

Tomorrow I will face Toyonoshima-zeki!

One bout, one day, I will do my best!


Monday January 9, 2006

Day 2 Win - Yorikiri Vs Toyonoshima-zeki

Subject: January Basho


I believe it's the same way with every sekitori that

we all want to get the first win in as quickly as possible.

Fortunately today I was able to get a win.

I faced the same Hidari-yotsu (Migi-uwate) opponents two days in a row but today I was able to get the uwate first myself and initiate my attack first.

Thank goodness...

Tomorrow I will have Kyokushuzan-zeki!

Going forward, forward.

I will do my best again tomorrow not to let him get going first!


Tuesday January 10 2006

Day 3 Loss - yorikiri Vs Kyokushuzan-zeki

Subject: January Basho


Within myself I was moving well physically but

... I was unable to respond to his offensive moves.

And I just couldn't stay in there too long after getting attacked...

Once he initiated his moves, I went into all defensive mode.


If I start thinking too much, I feel like I'd explode so...I decided to summarize the bad points and correct them after the basho.

Tomorrow I will have Dejima-zeki!

I will go as hard as I could ! ! !


Wedensday Januar 11 2006

Day 4 Win - yorikiri Vs Dejima-zeki

Because physically I am in good condition,

I feel the basho is moving on much quicker..well pretty quick maybe..

I hope I can go on feeling it's moving quickly like this.

Perhaps the good point for today's sumo was I didn't lose out at the tachiai...I think.

But I am not really going after him hard...

To be honest I really can't recall too well about the today's bout.

Like how I managed to get the left in ....

Or what happened after the tachiai....

But I am really happy that I was able to win...

That fact alone is etched hard on me...

Really relieved.

But I've still got a lot to go.

Tomorrow I will have Takamisakari-zeki!

I will do my best as usual ! ! !

Since yesterday MSN site has my interiview. Please take a look.

"My internet technique - Net Life : Futenou san"

( )



Thursday January 12 2006

Day 5 Loss - uwatenage Vs Takamisakari-zeki

Subject: January Basho



Can't stand it.

Personally I am feeling pitiful.

So sloppy quality.

Even getting into "hidari-yotsu"

I definitely did not want to go to "yotsu" like that.

I wasn't using my rigth hand and I was all too high.


It doesn't matter how much I think about it, a loss is a loss.

All I could do is go out as hard as I could.

Tomorrow I will have Kasuganishiki zeki.

How I set my mind is the most important.

I will re-group and do all my best!

( )

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Jonosuke    15

Friday January 13 2006

Day 6 Win - yorikiri Vs Kasuganishiki-zeki

Subject: January Basho



X => O => X => O => X

As I have been doing one loss and one win up to now, I really wanted to win today.

Huh? What is this?

Yesterday I had an opportunity to speak to someone and got really spurred on.

And today I felt extra intensity.

So do it every day!

I realized that having a proper mental attitude is extremely important in quite a lot of areas.


In today's bout I was able to hit hard at tachiai and got into my favorite yotsu form so I could go onto offensive moves well.

I am really pleased with it.

Tomorrow I will face Ama-zeki.

I will do my best.

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Jonosuke    15

Saturday January 14 2006

Day 7 Win - yorikiri Vs Ama-zeki

Subject: January Basho


I am exhausted...

It's been a while I had such a long sumo. My left arm is so pumped up.

It would have been great if I could have gotten to migi-uwate much quicker but

you do have your opponent in sumo obviously...

It just illustrates the fact that I have to get stronger..

Anyway right now I just have to do as best as I can this basho.

And that brings us to tomorrow,

I will face Hokutori-zeki

One bout at a time, I will do all my best.

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Jonosuke    15

Sunday January 15 2006

Day 8 Loss - oshidashi Vs Hokutoriki-zeki

Subject: January Basho


I couldn't keep going after hm and I ended up staying defensive.

My back was too high too...

I felt I went in really intense but..

I can't stand it...

A loss is a loss.

I know it won't turn into a win regardless of how long I keep thinking about it...

One bout, one day.

Tomorrow I will face Wakanosato-zeki.

I will come back refreshed and will do my best.


Monday January 16 2006

Day 9 Win - yorikiri Vs Wakanosato-zeki

Subject: January Basho


The best thing was that I did not lose consecutively.

By power aspect, I believe I am still yet immature so of course I went after him thinking I'd have him "lend the chest" for me.

In the bout I thought the fact that I was able to get into "Hidari-Yotsu" was good but once again I was going in from left.

In my head I know I have to go in "from right, from right" but I cannot do that.


I still have a lot to learn and master.

Anyway for this basho, what I have to do is to take care of one bout at a time.

Tomorrow I will face Tochisakae-zeki.

I will do my best to go with my own sumo ! ! !

( )

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Jonosuke    15

Tuesday January 17, 2006

Day 10 Loss - tsukiotoshi Vs Tochisakae-zeki

Subject: January Basho

There are times I'd rather want to forget ...

Being unbearably disheartened....

Yes, I want to forget ...

And I am little bit drunk now too.

Today I went in, taking along all my Tsukebitos (normally three but I had four today.)

And an utter defeat.

When it's not going well, it doesn't work whatever you do, however you are willing to do your best.

I wanted to win so badly today too.

But a lot of things gone wrong...

I feel for some reason or another so uncomfortable going against him.

As always I am still going thinking one bout, one day at a time but I get all negative.

As a result my sumo became defensive.

Only things that stand out today are all bad when trying to find something positive.

Tomorrow I will try to go with a good sumo ! ! !

I will do my best! ! !

( )

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