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aderechelsea    103

ok ... i officially like this guy.

As other members said before it is unique to view a professional athlete so sentimental and down to earth.

He will have my attention from now on and i will view his bouts with more interest.

Thanks a lot Jonosuke-san for the translations.

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Jonosuke    15

Actually the man who started this and the one recommended Futeno to do this was Nishikido oyakata (former Mitoizumi).

As his has more of everything and not strictly dealing with active sumo, I find it not as interesting though there are a few pics here and there for his fans.

In case you are interested, his latest blog has a pic from their Senshuraku launch party and can be found here.

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Jonosuke    15

[Home] The Natsu Basho report to my late grandpa and other things.

! ! !

Something incredible happened while I have been neglecting to check My Blog...

There were 156 comments sent to me.

So Surprised (@ @)

Thank you very much, everyone.

Futeno is really a lucky man!

I will be doing my best so I can continue to earn your support.

First, to start off from the yesterday's story...

Yesterday, I was invited to a party, held a day after the Tokyo Basho's close for former Nihon Unversity Sumo Club members to recognize their "Achievement" (sponsored by Nihon University Sumo Club manager) in (Tokyo's) Asagaya area.

The members...

are quite a few....

and I will post here a pic I took in secret (laughs)

(note check the website address listed below).

Though he is not looking at this way,

it's Takamisakari zeki

Except for injured Hayateumi-zeki, everyone else came.

The party started at 18:30 and I stayed till around 9


(though it looked like it was going for a while


During the basho, these seniors would become my foes but in a setting like this, we can talk freely while having fun.

Aside from this one we have another get-together once a year.

We also collect a due for other special occasions (Team Nichidai).

I also promised to meet other friends later that night as well so after I met them, I went back to Ryogoku.

And then I came back to my real home.

I realized the air of Kumamoto is sweeter (at least feel that way).

As soon as I arrived back home, I proceeded to report to my grandpa.

Actually it was rather difficult to do as a TV crew from Kumamoto City tagged along ...

After they've left, I did it again to do it properly...

It's really difficult to describe my feeling with words so I won't try to write it here

but there are many things flashed through my mind..


And finally,

"I will do my best again"

these words came out of my mouth.


I will do my best ! ! !

I'd like to send my regards to everyone too.

Starting today I will be planning to spend some relaxing time and enjoy myself fully here at Kumamoto.

On the Sundayy we have a tournament organized by TV Asashi so I am scheduling to go back to Tokyo on that day.

I am now sure yet how often I will be updating the blog while I am off...

Best regards,

I will be finishing off for today.

Please come again.

Edited by Jonosuke

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Jejima    234

Many, many thanks Jonosuke for the Futeno Blog series.

Here is a picture from the above blog. (Any captions to go with it?)


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asa_love    0

omg he actually REALLY blogs online>?????

does that mean if i comment he will personally read it??? wow. wish asashoryu had one.

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Jonosuke    15

(I just decied to do away with different fonts and colors he uses however if you want to see photos he posts there as well as actual "color" fonts, here is his blog url.)

Sunday, June 5, 2005


My first Meeting with Cyberagent's CEO Fujita, Kensho and Official Blog site

Subject: Blog


I will be continuing with this just like before...

The other day I visited the Cyberagent (Blog's host) office in Shibuya.

The purpose of visit was to have this "Dosukoi Diary" into an official site of its own.


I just mentioned it simply but I mean it will be an OFFICIAL SITE...

Everyone, thank you.

CEO Fujita, thank you,

AmeBlo (the host site), thank you.

Team Futeno, thank you.

Me, thank you.

(Well, at least for the storylines.)

So in a couple of weeks, I will be out of the AmeBlo private ranking and then I imagine the look of this page will change too.

I hope the change will bring in more readers and can generate more interest in watching Sumo.

For all that, I have to do much more to get more attention.

Anyway to discuss the details, I visited their office.

I was told I'd get to meet Mr. Fujita, their CEO, so I brought along a gift (clothes..material for Yukata) to him.

As he has been apparently seeing more people before me, I had to wait a little bit for him.

When my time came to see him, I walked over to the President's office, then the door opened!

"How do you do...I am Futeno"

...I put out my business card before he did!

(made by

Souun Takeda and


(note: Futeno is using an online business card making service)

You wonder about a rikishi with business card? (actually I believe I am the only active rikishi with one).

Sort of like being out of ordinary??? Yeah, yeah.

Kind of convincing that myself too...

After we finished exchanging our business cards, we began to talk.

First we discussed about my personal blog transforming into an officical site of its own and then we moved onto Kensho prize..

...What (the second time today) !!!

He meant Kensho prize!!!

Like this was even before Mr. Shigematsu of Team Futeno was all ready to start showing him detailed reference material about Kensho...

"OK. Go for it (Kensho)," he said.

Wow!!! That's decided already....

I was just so taken back.

It's not about the money or his position but more like President Fujita's style.

It's like a sense of uniqueness not everyone has, looking ever so cool. I think it has to do with all the things he has accomplished already.

My impression of him? Well he is his own man? Cheerful?

..I guess it may be just my imagination but...he looks like he's always working so hard whatever he does.

(...OK Ok I won't write about him anymore).

Unlike myself, he looked so busy and he spent with me as much time as he possibly couild..

So I handed him the gift and expressed my gratitude.

When I left the President's office, President Fujita came out with me and I wondered where he would be going now then I realized he was just standing by the elevator. I looked at him puzzled and then he said,


Oh yes...You mean you are seeing me off!?

It was such a humbling experience for me from the start to finish.


Tuesday June 7, 2005


Subject: Kasugano and Tokitsukaze Beya Combined Training Session


Since yesterday we've been having a combined training session.

Somehow we seem to have a lot of these now.

Of course I meant the one with Kasugano Beya.

Out of the six bashos, we are doing it four bashos.

Normally we begin around the time of new Banzuke release.

Before we had this combined session, we've been at Tokitsukaze Beya for training until yesterday. Then we had Tokitsukaze's sekitoris visiting us to have the session with us.

So there were eight of us then.

Including Toyonoshima-zeki, Otake Beya's Roho-zeki and Juryo Yusho winner Tochisakae-zeki.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling too well from the morning and I was not in a good condition but I did not want to be rude to sekitori folks visiting us by not training with them.

Initially I couldn't do anything really decent but after a while I got psyched myself enough by keep doing more sessions and I started to respond better.

I figure that out of all the sekitoris who came here yesterday, I've done most training bouts.

But I felt it was easier training than what I have been doing recently even though we only resumed training about a week ago.

I am beginning to feel tired though...perhaps I am getting old now(laughs).

Once I start to feel pains, it's kind of too late so I never take any little aches for granted by making sure I do stretches and massages...I guess it's just common sense.

I like to invest in myself by paying myself more...

(Well it's not just about the money alone...)

I can describe it as a forward investment.


Eating good food

Doing things I like

Buying things I like

Taking supplements that don't taste good

Going through some painful massages

Always searching for things to relax myself...

I am living each day thanking my body that is functioning well and is being built day by day.

So if I hear my blood circulation will get stimulated if I eat

Bananas grown in high altitudes,

well that's what I am eating now (laughs).

Like during a basho,

"(If I feel getting exhausted) OK!!! Let's get a massage from a therapist if I can win the bout today. Let's do our best!"

etc., etc..

I often have a conversation with my body(laughs).

I guess it's a type of self-suggestion.

I am really taking good care of my body

(Well from time to time I do go overboard by having too much sake...)

Tomorrow we have a training session at Kasugano Beya.

Will do the best.


Wednesday June 8 2005


I know it's sudden but it's Futeno's self introduction.


It's sudden but,

I want everyone to know a little bit about myself so let me tell you all about myself.

o Birthday: August 28, 1980, 24 years old (the Matsuzaka Generation - a pheenom Japanese baseball pitcher)

Real name: Izumi Uchida

My classmates used to call me "Icchan" or "Izumi".

Right now, it's



o Shikona: Futeno Izumi (rikishi)

My father (Takanobu) gave it to me.

The meaning is, if I can simplify it,

"Create havocs in the Sumo World!!!"

That kind of feeling.

Perhaps the next time I will try to write about it more.

"If you get stronger, your name will follow you," my shisho said.

o Handle Name: Let's keep this one SECRET (laughs).

o Home: I grew up in Kumamoto Prefecture, Tamana-gun, Tensui-machi

Father - Takanobu

Mother - Keiko

Older sister - Yumi

younger sister - Hizuru

So there are three kids in the family.

I started doing Sumo when I was in Grade 1 and right now I am doing rikishi (laughs).

I was in Kumamoto until I finished high school and then I went to Nihon Unversity.

Of course, to the sumo club.

While there, I stayed at their sumo compound in (Tokyo's) Asagaya for four years. Right now I am living at Dewanoumi Beya in Ryogoku, Sumida-ward.

It's been my seventh year in Tokyo but I don't know too much about Tokyo.

Favorite singers: Masayoshi Yamazaki, Ringo Shiina, Eminem, Dream Come True, Hikaru Utada etc.

Favorite word: 志 (purpose, vision)

Favorite food: Hmmm..what will it be...if I can eat anything feeling delicious, there is nothing better.

Food dislike: None...probably.

Favorite comedian: Bananaman (Yuuki Himura)

(Just watching him is so funny!)

To be continued...


Friday June 10, 2005


Subject: My introdution~and indoor hobby etc.


o Hobby: Go game, playing on internet

...well basically this is about indoor? (laughs)

Often on


and others.

I play a Go session with those I do not know.

As I really don't have too much time, I can do this only rarely.

The reason I started...

after reading Weekly Shonen Jump magazine's anime, "Hikaru's Go" series.

I like manga too.

If I have someone at the heya who can play Go, I really want to play as I have a Go set which I bought while I was going to the University.

o Personality:

I am calm probably...

I am hard on myself and others...

As it's easier? to be given a tough task, I can really stay focus on it and work really hard at it.

Maybe I am a masochist? (laughs)

o Films:

I like works directed by Giuseppe Tornatore,

"New Cinema Paradiso" and "Malena".

Also,"Good Will Hunting" and "The Usual Suspects".

I will write some more on this one day!!!


Saturday June 11 2005


Subject: Physical Training and Banana

- Team Futeno



I met Mr Yuzo Murata@smileworks

After every basho, I've been sending the video of my bouts to Mr. Murata and he would put that into his original software to analyze good and bad points and we talk about them to help me improve my techniques.

After our discussion, he will teach me a fun training method (not just physical one but also mental training) and exercises to strengthen my weakness.

And I am having so much fun doing all this.

I realize that an approach I am taking to my own body is gradually changing too.

I realize I am where I am because I am being supported by so many people like him.

(Of course there are so many other things too, such as writing this blog so I can get more people to know about Sumo as well as I am trying to level up myself by trying

things like what I mentioned above).

Thank you!

Thank you!!

Thank you!!!

I've feeling these days that by getting to know many different people I can improve myself so much more.


A couple of blogs ago..

About Bananas

(it was a kind of coincidence that I wrote about high altitude grown bananas and Bananaman..)!!!

And today all of sudden, a friend sent me a box of bananas. I was so surprised.

So if I may, I can do it right here...

Thank you.

(Actually I did call him and thanked him yesterday).

There was one whole box...

but already...

we all were able to eat them all and feeling all very much appreciated.

(There is a picture of them with bananas on the page).

Thank you ever so much.

Edited by Jonosuke

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Andreas    0

I dont believe it, Futeno plays Go! I wonder how good he is... I should try to play a game against him in the net. Go is my favourite hobby. Hangame is a korean server i think, i dont have an account there but shouldnt be a problem.

Thanks for the translation, Jonosuke!

Anybody else in this forum interested in Go?

edit: i just took a look at hangame, it looks a bit like yahoo games, just in japanese. Ill register if i find out how to.

Edited by Andreas

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Mattjila    0
I play shogi - am not too bad  (Blinking...) - not the 'hasami' version - the real deal.

I'm not that good at real shogi, but I love tsume shogi. I guess my mind only works for 10 or so moves. Note, I'm not saying I'm very good at it, but I like playing it.

Beyond that, I'm addicted to all the nonogram/sudoku/&c. games that are either Japanese-born or -promoted.

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Zuikakuyama    1

I play Go too. But I suck badly. It was one of those things that my grandfather taught me, but I was never seriously into it.

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Andreas    0

it seems Futeno injured his neck in keiko against iwakiyama... my japanese isnt very good so i dont know how serious it is, but i hope he recovers quickly.

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Jonosuke    15

Friday June 24, 2005


At Dewanoumi Beya

Subject: Futeno's Tsukebito - A dain in the life of Ryuichi Suzuki ("Yan") in an interview format


I'd like to introduce to you one of my three Tsekebitos.

Currently Jonidan rikishi, "Ryuichi Suzuki (Yan)'s Day".

I am not sure how it happened but myself (Futeno) calls Suzuki. "Suzu Yan" or "Yan".

I understand "Yan" calls me "Futen Zeki".

Today I'd like to continue this in an interview format.

So here starts a "Dosukoi" interview ("Y" is Suzuki, "F" is Futeno):

F: Yan, what time do you usually get up?

Y: Around 5:15 AM.

F: It's pretty early.

Y: Yes.

F: OK, first, why don't you talk about your typical day from that time on?


F: Don't stop now.

Y: Yes, sir, I'd polish some more then!

F: (Laughs). Yeah, that's right, start from there.

F: Simply, OK?

Y: After I get up, I clean toilets.

F: Hmmm. And...

Y: Then it depends. I sometimes wash rice or take out garbage.

F: Ah..then.

Y: I'll fold the sekitori's (Futeno) mawashi.

F: And then..

Y: Then I go downstairs and clean the training dohyo area.

F: What time do you finish that?

Y: Well, we start training around 6 AM, so I finish it by then.

F: Is the training hard enough for you?

Y: Yes, it's really tough.

F: I know. I see you are working out real hard too.

Y: Yes.

F: When do you finish your session?

Y: I guess around 9 AM.

F: Yeah, that's right and then you clean my room.

Y: Yes. When I am on Chanko duty, then I will go down to the kitchen.

F: When you are not on Chanko?

Y: Then I just go upstairs to clean your room.

F: Basically you are only doing my room?

Y: Yes as by the time I go up there, they'd usually already finish cleaning the grand room (where non-sekitoris sleep).

F: And then once you finish your cleaning?

Y: Then I go downstairs to prepare a bath.

Saturday June 25, 2005


At Dewanoumi Beya

Subject: Futeno's Tsukebito - A dain in the life of Ryuichi Suzuki ("Yan") Part 2


This is the continuation.

F: Like preparing bath towels, for instance.

Y: Yes.


F: Yes.

OK the bath is all prepared.

Y: Just about then, the training sessions are over (around 10:30 AM).

....I will wait until the shisho finish his bath and then I go call Futen-zeki.

F: You mean the bath duty (help washing the sekitori and senior rikishis).

Y: Yes.

F: You are with me from the time I have the bath and get back to my room, right ?

(I mean by returing to my room is having a meal and getting the mage done ).

Y: Yes.

F: What time do I go back to my room usually?

Y: I guess around 11:30 or so.

F; That's right. It's around that time. After you've done with me, what do you do?

Y: I help around in the kitchen.

F: Ok, ok after that you just wait till your turn to take a bath?

Y: Yes. Or I get my hair done or take a bath.

F: Then you eat your meal, right? What time do you start eating?

Y: Maybe 12:20 PM ?

F: Aren't you rather too precise?

...You mean you have a reserved time?

Y: Ah...that's right. (laughs)

F: How many bowls do you eat?

Y: About three bowls...

(Obviously he is not talking about a regular size bowl but a large bowl but STILL ...NOT eating enough!)

F: And then once you finish eating, you've got to wash dishes and pots, right? How many guys help out?

Y: About five.

F: When do you finish that?

Y: About 1:30 PM..

F: After that, do you get free time?

Y: Depends...some days I will need to clean bathtub..wash towles used during training sessions and baths or telephone answering duty or go grocery shopping.

F: Then you really can't take a nap after lunch...but can you do it sometimes?

Y: Yes about once every three days or so but usually I don't really have a time.

F: Well you've got to climb up the banzuke quickly, then.

Y: Yes.

F: Hmmm...that means it's already the time for the 4 o'clock clean up time (most sumo beyas start cleaning their heya building around this time).

Y: Yes, exactly.

F: Then once you finish cleaning up the place, an hour or so, it will be already the time for dinner.

Y: Yes...around 6:30 PM we have our meal.

F: Yeah yeah. I know. Then from that point on, you will be doing the kitchen help and clean-ups. So what time do you finish everything?

Y: Perhaps around 8:30 PM.

F: Well it's a pretty exhausitng day. Thank you every much.

Y:...Don't mention it..

F: Then you finally get a bit of your own free time.

Y: Yes.

F: But you've got to do your own laundry and stuff though. So that's when you do them?

Y: Yes...laundry and a bunch of other chores.

F: You've got virtually no free time of your own then. Are you sleeping enough?

Y: I am doing OK.

F: What time do you usually go to bed?

Y: About 10:30 PM...

F: Again thank you so much.

Y: Yes.

F: WWW......why don't you say it right now?

Y: I WANT to climb up higher on the banzuke so I can be seen on TV (above Juryo ranks).

F: OK then.


F: Let's do our best, then.

Y: OK! Thank you very much.

F: Ah..right. Thank you very much.

For an additional note, I thought of writing about Yan's day off but it just turned out this way.

F: What are you doing on your day-off?

Y: I am sleeping.

Please send a message of encouragment to Yan who's following a pretty hard schedule.

We will be arriving in Nagoya tomorrow.

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Jonosuke    15


Futeno Dosukoi Ozumo Diary

September 9, 2005 Friday


This is the Final Day of Rengo Keiko Training Session. Today I'd appear on TBS TV's News23 program! Team Futeno T-shirts.

Subject: 2005 September Basho

The Rengo session ended.

It's finally over.

Because I rested well the day before yesterday, I was able to do well yesterday.

I had 23 training bouts


won 19!


It's a good feeling.

But I cannot become over-confident.

I figure just about now all the sekitoris are reaching the point of total exhaustion...

Looks like. Looks like.

But what if I am just doing great right now and then I go downhill after the basho starts...

You know prior to the basho I tend to get into a negative feeling thing..."orz".

But the basho won't wait for me!

I will do my best!

Oh yeah.

I had another

TV interview


It's from TBS TV (in Tokyo).

It's to be broadcast today (Septmber 9) from 23:30 to 23:35.

In a sports segment of NEWS23 program.

About NHK TV.

The broadcast time has changed.

"What's On Japan" (BS-1)

Sunday Septmeber 11 from 7:10 to 7:40.

Hope you enjoy it!!!

Folks at Team Futeno have designed a new

new T-shirt for me.

It's designed by Amemiya san and was made by Shiho Kanemura san (former female pro-wrestler).


I'd crush them

Talk to you


September 9, 2005 Friday


Finally the Day 1 is the day after tomorrow!!! And the opponent is...

Subject: 2005 September Basho


The Day 1 Torikumi bouts have been released...

And the opponent is...

(I guess by just having too many "...", you probably figured it out by now.)

you are right


When I found out, I would be Komusubi West this basho, I suspected I'd get the Yokozuna on Day 1 so it didn't come as a total surprise...

like I want to say something like that.

I'd have to face him eventually anyway you know.


That's all.

Right that's all.

Today we had DJ Taro and his team from J-Wave FM

came over to the heya for doing a reporting and watching our Keiko.

And the photos..


Sorry I've forgotton to take them.

I am already in the final preparation stage, I wasn't able to do too much training today...but I feel it gave me a good motivation.

I understand they would report on me further in their program.


I'd have to do all my best for them too.

and that's about it for now as there is only very little time left till the hon-basho, so I would just have to go out and do my best.

P.S. I suggested to Mainoumi san to start a blog...what do you think? Ameblo san? (Ameblo is Futeno's blog service provider).

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Jejima    234

Many, many thanks for the blog!

Wouldn't this basho be interesting if it started like this on day 1.... (Dohyo-iri...)

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Mattjila    0

I want a "Team Futenou" T-shirt. Heck, if he can wear it, it's probably available in my size (something I doubt the generic Japanese T-shirt is).

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Jonosuke    15

I've pretty well decided for myself to go with the Kyokai spelling of shikona names to have less confusion but it's interesting to note that Futeno(u) spells his name with "u" as in Team Futenou.

Hopefully soon the Kyokai will go along with Moti's spelling system.

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This bloq writing hobby is really beneficial for many. Attracts many young fans and Futeno gives a glimpse of oozumo in his articles in interesting ways. Like his keiko-comments in general on that bloq, not just the parts Jonosuke so kindly translated again.

In some keiko pics on his site, one can see some familiar injured rikishi faces too. Those rengo-keiko sessions had Roho and Tochinonada present for instance:

Also present seem to be Buyuzan, Tochinohana, Hakurozan, Kakizoe, Miyabiyama.

Roho was not in that picture but on another rengo-keiko picture. At least he can stand well (Dohyo-iri...)

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Jonosuke    15

Sunday September 11 2005

Day 1 O Yoritaoshi Vs Yokozuna Asashoryu-zeki ! ! !

Subject: September Basho 2005




I have something I want to write but I just can't put them altogether.

Honestly I am happy,

I am excited,

but I am still calm.

It's kind of strange feeling.

Maybe more than myself,

all of you are more Excited.

In today's sumo bout....

I slipped immediately after the tachiai and I almost lost right then

(but it may have turned out to be a blessing !?)

Pic 1

Pic 2

Pic 3

Then the yokozuna stared attacking...

I was desparately trying to stay in...

I was desparately trying to go on offensive...

Kind of.

At the end,

"It's now or never"

or should I say,

"If I don't do it now, I'd be done for!"

and I've done all I could possibly do.

I have done my best!

(And then cushons...)

Pic 4

I am so glad I have been doing this blog all this time!

what can I say,

I mean...


But I won't be crying just yet.

More people have been coming to see this blog,

it is giving me so much more motivation to work harder.

Tha..Tha..Tha..Thannnk YOU !

I really wish to express my gratitude.

But the basho has JUST STARTED !

That's right!

Obviously I'd have more torikumis to go.

I still have a long way to go yet ! !

And in other words,

tomorrow I have

KAKIZOE-zeki ! !

I will do my best so please I appreciate your support again.


Now I am really exhausted.

But I'd be reading your comment now.





I've voted today.

Bye for now ! !

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Jonosuke    15

Monday September 12 2005

Day 2 O Yorikiri Vs Kakizoe-zeki

Subject: 2005 September Basho


Good ! ! !

Yesterday I had the yokozuna and I was so high, I was worried about what would happen today...kind of.


It was good.

It had a different feel compared to the yesterday's Yokozuna bout

(perhaps tension wise)...

But I still had one thing in mind,

and I was able to focus on it accordingly...


To be honest, I am not really sure.

I got up from the tachiai and I got my RIGHT in and I proceeded...It was like that.

I was just trying not get beaten MENTALLY...

in a way it was the same as yesterday.

and now I will come to..




I will approach it just as usual ! ! !

I will do my best keeping the same intensity level l! ! !

Will do my best ! ! !

I have a news of present from Amelog san (Futeno's Blog provider).

It's a 2005 September Basho Banzuke table with Futeno's emboss.


(It's hard to see but..)

If you'd like one, please enter on the form below..

( Please enter this after checking the blog)


Active Rikshi "Futeno" Dosuko readers present

Amelog will present the Banzuke to the first 50 people who send in the entry form.

It's traditonal Banzuke table with over 250 years of history. It's appreciated as a good luck charm too. This could be Futeno-zeki's breakout basho, it definitely could become a premium item.


Postal Code:




* We will only be using the information above for sending out the prize. Please rest assured that we will not be using it for any other purpose.

Please fill in the above information and write in the subject line: 普天王関 番付表希望

(Futenozeki Banzuke-Hyo Kibou) and e-mail to:

Please note that we will close the offer as soon as we receive the 50 requests. Thank you.

Edited by Jonosuke

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Jonosuke    15

I just want to add that after checking the page, the offer has ended. According to the note that it was over in 10 minutes after today's blog was released. Sorry!

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Jonosuke    15

Tuesday September 13, 2005

Day 3 X Uwatenage Vs Chiyotaikai-zeki

Subject: 2005 September Basho


So it ain't that easy...

In the today's bout I had a feeling Chiyotaikai-zeki would come out head-on.

And it turned out just as I suspected...

Up to the point I stopped his initial burst.

It's just when I stopped his attack, a bad habit of mine surfaced, as I tried to stop his move by using my left hand and I let him get Migi-uwate.

And that is the cause of my loss today.

Since we were both in a yotsu ("Kumite"), the one who got an Uwate would have an advantage (though some prefer a Shitate here).

When you give an advantage to an higher ranked rikshi, you really cannot utilize your strength.

Of course, as in the Yokozuna bout if I pushed forward right away, it could have been all different.

But whatever world you are in, there is no such thing as "as if", it's the result that counts.

Every day is a learning experience.

And this brings us to tomorrow DEJIMA-zeki!

So not to leave any regret, again I will do all I could tomorrow ! ! !


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Wednesday September 14, 2005

Day 4 X Oshitaoshi Vs Dejima-zeki

Subject: 2005 September Basho



I was outdone.


I don't want to try to compromise by saying,

"Can't be helped"....

Actually I am really depressed.

I don't think I had a bad tachiai at all,

and I was able to adjust to his henka.

If I try to come up with where the reason for today's loss lies...


Physical Balance



What I mean by "Balance" is a bad habit of

my upper body stretching backwards....

That is still a lack of strength in my front side.

I suspect that the balance won't improve right away but...concentration...

Compared to the Day 1, it's lacking.

It's totally lacking ! ! !

I shouldn't have anything to get overeager with,

so what I was really thinking then.

How can I apologize to the Yokozuna whom I happened to win against.

I need to concentrate more,

I need to concentrate more.

Tomorrow, I have

Wakanosato-zeki !

I will do all my best to refresh my mind to display a good sumo ! ! !


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Thursday September 15, 2005

Day 5 X Sukuinage Vs Wakanosato-zeki

Subject: 2005 September Basho


I have no words to express.

I am truly pitiful.

Mind and body are not meshing together.

And Tachiai too...

A bout is, a bout.

Whatever I think, whatever happens, happens.

I cannot do anymore than what I have been doing up to now.

I only will be doing all I could possibly do.

Tomorrow I have


I will do my best.

I will do my best.


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Jonosuke    15
minor detail.  He's going against Osh today, not Mickey.

And far no blog yet but it's early.

I must have been suffering a hallucination last night. I should start talking to T'Sakari.

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