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Day 2 Pics - Hatsu 08

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"I really must do something about this dandruff.. It's getting worse..OTOH, I'm winning for a change, so maybe it's a good thing.. Oh wait - it's not mine, it's Kotoshougiku's.. Kintamayama is losing it..'


Asa: "Eeks!! the dandruff is all over the place!! I nearly stepped on it!!"


"Check out my new late 50s rock and roll hair style.."


Gyoji to Tokitenkuu: "On your mark, get set - the toilet is that a way.."


Chiyotenzan:"What hangs on a wall, goes tick tock tick tock, and when it breaks you buy a new clock?'

Kokonoe: "Oh man.."


Woman: "Look, it's not our TV set after all - the guy REALLY looks like that.."


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